Hilole Website Reviews – Is it Safe to Buy Women’s Clothing Items?

Online companies offer to supply numerous items at discounted costs, but most of them are scams nowadays. The easiest way to avoid new online stores is to conduct some research before making any purchase from a suspected website. Most new online businesses either fail to provide the things they sell or sell completely different or inferior stuff.

Hilole.com is a well-known website among American customers. However, before making any purchase on a website, we recommend that our readers read this post to learn more about the reality of this website Hilole.com.

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hilole website review

What is Hilole and How Does It Work?

The website is an online store that offers a broad variety of women’s clothing items to customers. Users should be aware that the site offers the most up-to-date collection of designs and products. Along with this, we can observe that customers receive a lot of discounts on the site’s various items. The materials and quality of these items vary.

Denim, tops, scarves, ties, jackets, dye skirts, maxi dresses, bracelets, and other items are offered on the website. We also notice a distinct section of new arrivals on the site where we can locate the latest trends and updates. There are a few more things you should know about this website before making it your purchasing destination.

Is Hilole a Trustworthy Company? What are the Signs?

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These factors can be used to validate the website’s authenticity. These are:

  • Domain Age: The website has been online since 07/05/2021, which implies it is two months old.
  • Trust score: The site’s trust index is 2%, which indicates that it is low.
  • Customer feedback: The portal contains no feedback from actual consumers.
  • Ranking: There is no Alexa ranking available.
  • Policies: The company’s policies appear to be suspicious.
  • Social media accounts: There are no social media sites associated with the site.

Who is the Owner of Hilole.com Domain?

hilole.com owner

The site does not contain any information regarding the owner which makes it suspicious. Hilole.com is without a doubt a fraud site with no identity of its own.

What is the location of this business?

hilole address on google map

Its official location is 1247 Central Ave Suite C, Los Alamos, NM 87544, United States, as stated on its Contact Us page and at the bottom of the website. However, no company named Hilole has been identified on or near this address on Google Maps; instead, other companies have been mentioned. As a result, we cannot rely on this website for online purchasing.

What Hilole Discounts Are Available?

It, like other similar scam companies, sells a large number of products at unrealistically low prices without offering any specific categories on its website to display such items. You won’t be able to discover those goods by browsing or searching their websites. Those products can only be accessed by following the links provided in the promotional posts.



  • Designs are unique and highly remarkable.
  • Product quality is good and easily accessible.
  • Buyers can access product information on the site.
  • The entire shipping and delivery procedure is provided.
  • All orders are also eligible for returns.


  • No Actual Customer Reviews
  • No Contact Information
  • No Exchange Details

Hilole.com Customers Reviews 

Checking customer reviews is an essential aspect of determining the validity of a website. According to the website’s material, it claims to offer the finest accessories and apparel goods. However, there are no reviews on the website or the internet. The site has just been up for two months. It was just lately that it was registered. This demonstrates that shopping for items on a website this young is improper.

Final Thoughts

We find that the website sells clothes to its visitors online. We wouldn’t suggest it because we couldn’t discover any Hilole reviews or ratings regarding the site. Therefore, We do not recommend it because of the low trust rating. For the time being, the website seems questionable.

5 Reviews

  1. I was looking to buy a chicken coop and the Hilole site came up with one. https://hilole.com/products/metal-6-5-d-h-resistant-walk-in-w-with-cage-chicken-weather-uv-coop–pen-9–pawhut-run-12-galvanized-cover
    normally this coop costs around 350-400 elsewhere and Hilole wants $95. I was suspicious of the price and wanted to see what other products they sold. To my surprise they sell clothing!! I did a search on their site for chicken coop and nothing showed up. Very strange…. I will def pass on this coop. Price is too good to be true.

      1. I also was scammed for a deep freezer is there anyway to get our money back?

  2. I bought something relatively cheap just to see if they were legit. This website is a SCAM. Luckily they do their payments through PayPal, so it was easy to get a refund. I got a tracking number and it wasn’t even to my address or my name.

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