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People love buying trendy clothes at low prices. And that is the reason roselinlin clothing website is getting high traffic on their website.

But you must be wondering: is Roselinin authentic or scam?

Well, read on this roselinin review to know whether or not you should shop from this site. And does it actually live up to its claim to provide classy yet affordable clothes?

What is Roselinin and How Does It Work?

Online shopping is always risky, and you always feel nervous about whether or not you are making the right choice.

Nowadays, you will notice many online e-commerce stores with attractive clothing lines, accessories, shoes and handbags etc offering significant discounts.

roselinlin on google ads is also an online clothing store that usually appears in your Google ads section and captures the customer’s attention because of its apparently cheap and chic clothes and other accessories like shoes, bags etc.

roselinlin discount offers

Now, when you click on the website, you will be delighted to know that all of their products are on 10% off… I mean wow, affordable and classy clothes on sale? You wouldn’t want to miss that chance.

And let me tell you that the whole layout and the overall look of the website are professional enough to make you think that this is an excellent site, so you just want to place your order without a seconds delay.

And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, they fool you with their pathetic tactics.

Roselinlin is not an authentic site, and we do not suggest you make any kind of a monetary transaction with them at all. Different scam expose sites like trustpilot and are filled with roselinlin scam reviews and how people were robbed out of their money by this fake site.

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Is Roselinlin a legitimate company? What are the Signs?

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Many times, we get asked as to how one can determine whether a site is fake or authentic and what are the alarming signs. Here I am going to expose the fraud of roselinlin and talk about the hints that are always there with scam sites, and you can notice them easily if you look for them.

What country is Roselinlin from? Where is Roselinlin?

First and most importantly check out the address of the website. In roselinlin about us page, the listed address cannot be found on the Google maps. Scam alert!please follow the below screenshot. about us fake address

For Reference:

Secondly, there is no phone number listed on the contact us page of the site. Yup, that’s right. Only an email address is given. A genuine company will always have a dedicated customer services phone number because customer satisfaction is a motto of an authentic business.

For Reference:

Moreover, there is no live chat representative on the website to help customers with their queries. So basically no way to contact them apart from an email address? Sounds fishy, eh?

There is no transparency on roselinlin site. You won’t find the owner’s name or something that actually tell you that a genuine person with real identity is running this site. Most scam sites tend to camouflage their identity like this so they can’t be traced.

They don’t have any Facebook or instagram page, so once you make a purchase, there is no way you can contact them except for an email. 

These sites take your sensitive financial information and use it for cyber-attack through which your bank account and even your computer system can be controlled.

Most importantly, whenever you find something at a price that is “too good to be true“, well that’s it, and it mostly is a scam. Also providing discounts on every product is another trap to lure innocent customers.

Who is the Owner of Domain?

After digging more deeply we have found some shocking information about the registrant name of domain on godaddy, please look below screenshot. registrant name

So What Should We Do?

I would personally recommend you to steer clear from these type of sites. There is no doubt that roselinlin is a scam site with no identity of their own. They have numerous red flags through which you can quickly tell that they are here to fool the customers.

Roselinlin Reviews by Actual Customers

If you are fond of online shopping, be sure to search page reviews on Facebook, Google or any social media platform. There are staggering numbers of negative roselinlin reviews on the internet because this notorious website has scammed so many people.

Trust pilot and Sitejabber alone have many negative reviews where people share their experience of receiving damaged or low-quality clothes.

One customer, Dorothy Connery shares her experience:

EXTREMELY poor quality fabric &sewing. When you try to return it, they tell you you’d have to return it TO CHINA & the shipping would be very expensive, but they can offer you a 15% refund. I think they also sell the same clothes under other company names, so be careful. Huge rip-off!!!

Another customer, Jennifer wrote:

I made an order with this company received only a portion of the lawhavereached out with no real answer!No refund lost $$ with no product. Do not order from this company ever again! So disappointing!!

And this is not all. Many people are complaining about their horrible return policy that turns into a nightmare.

They do not even refund or exchange the items. This is a Chinese company so returning any item is even more expensive and time-consuming.

The Bottom Line

We have now established the fact that Roselinlin is a scam Chinese site that works via a third party and rob innocent customers by offering a discount of cheap clothes.

There is absolutely no credibility to their site and purchasing something from them can be risky, and they can misuse your financial information.

The online customer reviews are evidence enough that roselinlin is a scam and various red flags mentioned above make it even more evident.

We hope that our roselinlin review has helped you clear any doubts you might have about this site. Do not hesitate to share the link with your friends and family to save them from being scammed by these fake sites.

Latest Reviews

Roselinlin is a scam!!

2.0 rating
March 22, 2021

They only shipped a partial order and what they sent would never fit a human body. They offered 15% money back “to use to alter the cloth”. I’m out $60.00 of my hard earned money with nothing to show for it. Please don’t get caught in the scam too.

Keely McFarland

122 Reviews

  1. Roselinlin is a scam company. They will send you any junk they are trying to dump (not what you ordered) and if you want to return it AT YOUR expense they will have to approve the return OR they will refund you 15 % of the price. Unfortunately neither one of these options work on their website. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

  2. I was suspicious that such nice looking clothing was being sold at such low prices. I searched for the country of origin and that search led me to this site. So, thanks to all of you for submitting your reviews! I I was going to be cautious by ordering just one dress, but instead, I found your reviews and haven’t lost a cent. I’m so sorry for all of your losses. I wish there was a way to compensate you. Do see the reviews that recommend talking with your credit card company. They may be able to help.

    1. I purchased $500.00 worth of clothes and received nothing! After trying to contact them for months, I gave up!
      Scam scam scam!!! How do they sleep at night?

  3. These sites always have American / English looking models as another way to fool people. My question has always been that these web sites and they are many, are recognized as SCAMS, why are they allowed to advertise. Who is policing these websites?

  4. Has anyone noticed on their invoice all items have the words common product?

    when i look that up I get this: Sample 2. Common Products means Hazardous Substances typically used in, and in quantities necessary for the day-to-day operation of, the Company Facilities, and which are commonly used in other similar facilities, including but not limited to cleaning fluids, insecticides and medicines.

    How can they get away with this

  5. I ordered from this company not seeing these reviews. It was a very important purchase. I paid through ebay. Since I never received the dress I opened a request through ebay and requested a refund. I do not have my money or my dress.
    I am older and don’t understand a lot of this online purchasing however, I’m learning g the hard way. I’m on a tight budget so I need my money back.

    1. Won’t ever purchase from Roselinlin again. The items look good however, they don’t fit right, the fabrics are cheap and the return policy is absurd. I ordered a top that was supposed to be embroidered, the design was printed not embroidered but will I return it (to Honk Kong) or accept 15%, NO i just learned a lesson and I will donate the tops. Beware of this site.

  6. Wish I’d found your review on Roselinlin before I bought. Nothing I ordered fit. One large was too small, and the rest of the larges were too big…fit like a Plus size 2x. Couldn’t figure out how to return, as I did not establish an account. DO NOT buy from Roselinlin!

    1. I discover your site after I spent over 700 on clothes that were not as stated on the website all the clothes I got was made from poor material did not fit the description they were terrible horrible if I only knew that these people were not really we’re located US websites stated they were located in the United States when I called them a week later asking them for tracking number I discovered that it was been shipped from China. So MAD please stay away

  7. Hi
    This is my second post on this site as I have now received my items
    The quality of the items is shocking if I had seen them in a store on the High Street
    I would have not purchased them even if they where offered at a quarter of the price or infact offered for free.
    The only way to put this organisation out of business is not buy from them
    Ina Cohen

  8. I recently purchased three tops . After two weeks I went to check on shipping status and found the goods had been despatched from China
    I believed from the website that I was ordering from the US
    I then proceeded to do a search on the company and found all the negative reviews
    Because I had been misled I felt my debit card had been compromised so contacted my bank to cancel the card
    It has been very disappointing and please buyer be aware I don’t believe this company is transparent so will never buy from them again

  9. Addendum: A Class Action lawsuit is an excellent idea. Apparently we have no protection for consumers against companies like this. They should be stopped from doing business in the US.

  10. Another dissatisfied customer. Bought a few dresses which when they arrived were of inferior quality. The dresses were supposed to be a size 16-18, but were so small that my skinny granddaughter couldn’t wear them. It was a hassle to get clear, simple info to return the dresses to customs in China. Return postage was $44, almost half of my refund! The return pkg was sent on May 6, 2021. USPS tracking confirmed receipt of the pkg by customs in China. It is now October and I still have not received a refund.

  11. BUYER BEWARE! Total scam website. First, they ship the wrong size. Then, when I ask to return, they tell me the return address is in CHINA (although shipped from California). Scam al the way.

  12. After a couple of weeks, I became suspicious…I am short and now you’re going to see that my patience is too.
    With all these people saying essentially the same thing, we may join forces and institute a class action against a no class company

  13. Their stuff looks so cute! In the height of the Pandemic last year, I wanted to treat myself for having spent 4 months holed up in my house. I doubted buying 6 summer dresses online but reviews on their site were really good! You should see the crap I received for my $114! I carefully picked out things that said cotton, cotton blend or linen. I think the closest way I can describe this sh!t is flag material! Returns were due back 14 days after receipt (my order only took a month). The email they list comes back as an error…even if you use the link on their site. There are no phone numbers anywhere. The best way I can describe the entire experience is $114, gone, for good.

    1. You can go to your credit card or bank to get your money back.
      Tell them that the quality you received is poor, and you can’t get in touch with them.
      I used PayPal and got my money back. I think you have 90 or 120 days to file, not sure.
      It’s worth a try.

    2. Same! In 2020, I ordered over $100 of pants, shirts and dresses. The linen pants I had ordered in Medium but although they had “M” labels sewn into them, they were children-sized M, not adult. The Blouses and dresses were not made of the material pictured in the ads. They were really bad knockoffs. I had bought thru Paypal but even Paypal let me down. It was going to cost too much to return it all to china for only a 15% refund. Paypal also did not refund my money. It was a total lose-lose situation. I gave it all to Goodwill. Interesting that the clothing label sewn into the items reads “Misslook.” It should have said “Mistake,” but they even got that wrong.

  14. Buyer Beware. ROSELINLIN has a return/refund policy that raises red flags. You are required to pay to return your merchandise to Guangzhou, China but many people are being scammed. Their package doesn’t arrive at the destination, losses, no cash refund. Google words use Better Business Bureau to discover unfortunate folks who were given ROSELINLIN’s approved return shipping address which is invalid. My ROSELINLIN Order arrived, Not as Described, not cotton, not linen but acetate, and wrinkly, including, poor workmanship (ie. uneven seams, does not hang well, uncomfortable). No as expected… Interior lining for the pockets were hanging past the hem of the shirt.
    I do not want to be scammed, returns shipped to China address is fake. Many other people are being scammed by ROSELINLIN returning items to their China address comes to a dead end. Resolution: I recommend you contact your financial institution and dispute the transaction. Take action against ROSELINLIN —don’t get scammed.

  15. I too fell victim to their scam. I ordered from NoraNora. The dress I received was made of some kind of very strange material. It was like a very heavy plastic. Workmanship very poor, So I began my unpleasant journey for a refund. I can’t remember all the excuses they gave me. The one that stands out was to give the dress to a friend. That would save me a lot of money as it is expensive to ship to China! I could not believe all the ridiculous excuses they gave to me. Around this time I had just had colon cancer surgery. I did buy the dress for an uplift for what I had been going through. I sent an email to them about my surgery and my surgeons phone number. They sent the prepaid return label. When they received the dress my money was credited back! Unbelievable. It was nice to see that they are not totally heartless. The lesson to be learned for me is to thoroughly check out every business online before buying.

  16. I’ll add my comments to the others. DO NOT ORDER from this company!!!! They misrepresent their clothing, for instance a cotton linen blend item turned out to be of the cheapest polyester fabric possible. In fact, everything I ordered was junk.
    Trying to get your money back appears to be impossible as well. Despite encouraging you to accept a 15% refund to avoid return shipping expenses, I have yet to receive a cent.

    1. Totally agree. After waiting 2 months for a delivery which tracking showed my parcel never left Sydney, I’m in FNQ, I was advised by email my parcel was returned to China because I was not home to sign for my delivery. The courier company can’t be reached by phone neither does this brand offer a complaint line. Then I received an email offering that my parcel be redelivered from China at my expense. Do not buy anything from this company. An expensive lesson learned. How can we as a consumer place a formal complaint???

    1. Form your Credit card company or bank about the issue and see if they can help you. I think all CC and bank accounts have money-back guarantee for such scammer. That’s how I got my money back.

  17. these people are thieves , they took my money £148, and have refused to refund. items were so so sososssssssssssso bad, no one in uk can waer them in public. please dont buy from these people

  18. This company should be sued for false advertising. Nothing about it is authentic. Buyer beware! The items you think you are ordering is absolutely NOT what you will receive! JUNK, JUNK, JUNK! LIES, LIES, LIES!

  19. I wish I have seen these reviews. The pictures are nice but what I received was so bad quality that I had hard time to believe I ordered what I received. Sent several emails To receive the return approval code, the email kept bouncing back, when finally got to contact customer service they responded that I was over the 15 days allowed to return the clothing, I am donating all the clothing as they are horrible quality. I hope I learned the lesson. Please check feed back before making my same mistake. There is no Integrity at all in this company.

  20. I ordered several items from Roselinlin but they were either the wrong size or unsuitable material. I tried to return these items but no one answered my emails and when I re-emailed them, I was told it had been too long and they refused to take the items. I will NEVER again order from any online site except an American based company: Amazon, Macys, etc.

  21. Scam! This is China junk!
    Do Not Order from these leaches ~ save your money!!
    Shipping takes 1 1/2 to 2 months to receive in pieces. The cost to return to China costs more than the items received. They offer a refund but you have to return in 15 days. They do not respond to refunds. They do not respond to removing you from their email distribution.
    Do not order from this site. It needs to be shut down!!!!

    1. AGREE… ZERO stars. You will wait MONTHS for this garbage to arrive… and it is NOTHING like what you see on their website. It costs hundreds of dollars to return items to China, as they require for a return, (even though the package originally comes from San Francisco.)
      How convenient for their bank account.

      1. Why is our government allowing these companies to conduct fraudulent business transactions in Canada? Millions of dollars wing their way to China every day instead of buying locally. If a Canadian company tried this kind of fraud they would be prosecuted. What drives Chinese business owners to rhetorical ustomers. Naive but rhetorical question: for dollars $$$$ GREEDY people cheat their own people with impunity. And all the rest of us. Wasn’t it wonderful before the internet?

  22. My experience with this company: I wish i read some of the comment before ordering 3 items on one order first of all they will send it one at the time. coming some village from China i think coming with boat , took 3 months for the first one and 4 months for the next. the quality very cheep it worth $5.00 not more than that. If you want to send it back they offer you %25 to keep it , so let say you go to mail it first of all the ask you to send it one at the time and they ask for tracking number. you go to mail it with tracking number cost you for only one of them $65.00.
    The items i received very cheep fabric and not even close to the images you see on and the other one was ripped .
    I wish someone has a power to shut this business this is the big scam company from China.

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t check this out sooner I ordered yesterday and now I’m afraid they will take advantage of my debit card should I get my debit changed and forget the whole order


  24. Poor. Horse thief etc. we sure got taken just add me along with the rest of us fools. Hope they get my package. Second part that is refused it not paying to send to China.

  25. I also ordered from and had to send everything back since their clothes is way too small and poor quality. They got the package, for which I paid $85.00, and now I email to them every day asking to issues a refund. It seems that they are not going to do so. I opened a dispute case with my credit card. THEY ARE A SCAM! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM! BE SMART!

  26. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent. After this experience, I feel really dumb. I placed an order with Roselinin in July. Their website does not disclose that they are not an American company and I did not look at their return policy.
    I have e-mailed the company numerous times and get the same response, “shipping is delayed due to the virus”, which bye the way they had no problem sending to country. A tracking number that ends at a location near my home but, I believe this information to be false as the company refuses to help track down the package or tell me what the shipping facility is so that I can track it down.

    Although I did make my purchase thru Amazon, I can not believe that Amazon is still hosting this “company” on their site.

  27. what you see on the pictures, are probably stolen from original designer, what you get has nothing to do with it.the fabric the colors and style and, the worse is the size. either they 2 feet longer on the dress or 3 feet shorter .
    then when you send back they make you send it on your expense to China !!
    so you need to pay the same amount to send the carps back to China. they really should be closed down and convicted for fraud an misleading the poor public!
    Speared the word, and let everybody know about them.

  28. Oh Boy!
    How I wish I had taken a closer look before ordering from this company! You have provided such great information and I hope it will help many people in the future! Thank you for the investigation!
    In May I ordered a pair of sandals and as of this writing still nothing! When I could not get any information from the tracking number I was sent I reached out to them. I’ve contacted them twice already and both times received a reply back with assurances that my order was processed and shipped with the statement that shipping from overseas combined with the current situation would attribute to delays.
    I’ve reached out to them again with a request for a refund, letting them know I will contact small claims court and post a negative review on their site. I also included copied excerpts from your article calling out their behaviour.
    I reality, I do not expect anything to happen that will solve my concern, and truly the sandals were not a lot of money. But it is the point that these companies have so little regard and their actions impact people’s decisions about ordering from good and legitimate companies.
    Buyer be Very Aware!

  29. I ALMOST clicked to send my debit card info and thought better of it. Went to look for contact info. Seeing none, something told me to look for reviews. It’s sad that scammers are in the world and waiting to relieve us of our money. Thank you so much for this site. You’ve saved me a headache, too!

  30. Roselinin advertised cotton and linen clothing. What I received was sub-standard fabric that I can’t even describe – chintzy, scratchy and certainly not made in America. I spent over $130.00 to purchase 6 items along with a pair of shoes that were supposed to be leather, and looked more like plastic. I was truly looking forward to this new clothing, and now they have ripped me off with my Facebook account, but have sent items I would be embarrassed to give away. Won’t even bother to mention the size – because I didn’t unwrap several items after the first that would have fit a slim 12 year old. HELP…. where to start, what to do please?

    1. Hello! I am going through the same thing with them. Call your credit card company right away and dispute the charges. I am working through Paypal on a claim. I can’t even go into all the trouble and time I have spent with this fraudulent “company”. What a scam!

  31. NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER order from this company over 2months and still have not received complete order . Their tracking system is useless…………..Save your money DO NOT ORDER anything from ROSELINLIN……

    1. I am with all of you. Am an elderly handicapped woman who can only shop in catalogues or on line. The items I received from Roselinlin had armpits that would not fit anyone and were too small for plus size. Cannot even give them away. Class Action A? Sign me up.

  32. I too ordered from this company. I did receive all items and found two out of five to be wearable. Those items were marked “professional dry clean recommended”. When I attempted to utilize the return policy, Roselinlin gave me the same 15% cash back offer. I responded respectfully to a full refund on one of the items instead. I used PayPal, and they would go to bat for me but wanted this over. Hopefully, they will respond positively and the refund will be received. The shipping label is from San Francisco, where warehouses distribute the shipments from China. True, the return address is in China and may never be received, even with tracking.

  33. Very bad company they kept on telling me my order was being shipped out never was shipped out they said they would refund me the money have not received it contacted my credit card company to take off my bill. This company should be investigated and taken off online as a company.

  34. The clothing is poor quality and doesn’t fit. Returning the clothing is no guarantee that it will be received by them, as they state if the package gets “stuck in customs” it’s my responsibility to retrieve it. What a scam!! It was going to cost $60 in shipping fees would be added to the cost I paid for the clothing. I decied to take their 40% refund…what a frigging rip off. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

  35. Thank you for providing this service. I didn’t know you existed and yes I, too got scammed. I placed an order over a month ago and haven’t received any of the items I ordered and paid for. I do almost all of my shopping online and have never had a problem. However, I will look for the things you pointed out in the future. Wish I would have known about your site sooner! I will share this info with everyone I know. It’s sad that things have come to this!

  36. Please take me off your f—– mailing list. I never ask you to contact me. Regards Fred

  37. SCAM! I am disappointed that our government is doing nothing to protect consumers against fraudulent vendors such as Roselinlin

    I placed my order more than 1 month ago, received nothing!

  38. Ordered back in May. Didn’t realize they were in China. Shame on me. But I still haven’t received my order. Have contacted customer service and they just tell me due to COVID things are slow. They also refuse to refund my money.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Once they have your money, you’re stuck. I told them I would return the items but told me if the package got “stuck in customs” it would be my respnsility to retrieve it. The cost to return the package was $60 so I decided to take their offer of a 40% refund…ugh! I had no idea the company was in China or I would not have purchased from them. Good luck.

      1. I made a very nice selection on Roselinlin. I was about to pay via paypal but I changed my mind when I saw the delivery time: 10 to 15 days … It put me on the alert and I decided to take a little tour horizon on the charming roselinlin and I am happy to have discovered the pot aux roses!

  39. I ordered in May under the name of Coralinlin. that is nowhere to be found now. I guess Roselinlin is its new name.. I paid through PayPal – over $100. I have received all kinds of emails, some go to spam. Telling me strange things. Finally they refunded me 47.00. I tried to get PayPal to help with the rest of the money owed me (I long ago gave up on getting anything from them that I had ordered). They said they couldn’t help. I learned from this to carefully get the information about the people I try to buy from on the internet. They are still advertising all over the internet. Also I kept getting emails from Caralinlin and also several other strange named places, some of the emails going to spam. Sometimes they would say they were sending things then next say Coronavirus is keeping them from getting their merchandise. All very strange.

  40. This is a flim flam company, you pay a good price for what is advertised
    and they send you a piece of junk from a $1.00 store.
    do not buy from this company, I was charge $39.00 for a piece of junk
    that was worth $1.00. came apart after one wash, and it took 5 weeks
    to get it. it looked terrible when I took it out of the package.

  41. My credit card was charged on May 15, 2020, and it is now 7 weeks later and no merchandise. It is somewhere in the U.S. (San Franciscso) according to tracking, but hasn’t moved from there (I’m in L.A.). Customer service keeps saying to “wait a little longer.” Seven weeks???
    I’ve asked my credit card company to reverse the charges, and if the package ever arrives, I’ll keep it and let Roselinlin figure out how to get it back to them.

  42. I thought I was smart enough to not fall for such a scam. Shame on me.
    I HATE China!!!!

  43. If i could put 0, I would. Garbage merchandise and incredibly undersized. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

  44. I placed a order as well. Unfortunately, did not see this sight first. I did check for delivery info and the usps tracking number is legit. so far, so good. Thank god I ordered thru Paypal. will keep you posted. I ordered June 20 and it says everything except 1 pair of pants has been shipped.

  45. I sure wish I would have read all these reviews before I ordered a summer dress that I ordered 6 weeks ago and I also ordered two cute tops for Christmas presents. Haven’t received anything. Not very happy about this. I have never had this happen but I guess I’ll talk to the bank tomorrow.

  46. Unfortunately, I Just placed an order without checking this site first. I figured it was China or Indonesia when I saw the Foreign Country Fee added by Paypal 🤬

    i ordered a top In the spring, probably the same company under a different name and actually received it. So, I am hoping for the best and will post another review if and when I receive my order. The clothes on their FB page are gorgeous, so I am sad to read all these discouraging reviews. But mostly, I am pissed that FB isn’t as quick to shut this site down as they are about certain other groups, i.e. Christians And I’m really pissed that it is coming from the Coronavirus Capitol.

  47. I was on another legitimate site – planned to use their credit card – and picked out a dress. When I attempted to use the card there was a error and they asked me to try again or use another card. I logged off. I then began receiving emails asking me to complete my order. The emails were from Roselinlin. I had no idea that my purchase had been switched to Roselinlin when I was on another site. The other site does offer different brand names so I had no idea that Roselinlin was not just one of their brand names. It seems like they infiltrated a legitimate site. I think it is a form of bait and switch. Anyhow, I did attempt to cancel the non-existent order. I have no idea if I succeeded.

  48. Its a scam. They just change their name after awhile and post pretty pictures. They will take your money and never send you the product or its so cheap you will not wear it. Something needs to be done about these people. They are also from another country.




  50. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! so much for the warning about the SO CALLED online clothing company ROSELINLIN!…after reading these reviews I went right back to my cart on their site and emptied it before buying anything from them!…Fewww! Deciding to do a quick google company check/review and bumping into your ONLINE SCAMMING companies page saved me a lot of money before hitting “place order!.” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!…From now on, unless it’s a reputable company I actually know, I will first google review them all. I can’t thank you enough, I’m overjoyed right now…lol The high quality pictures and odd low prices made me feel a little uneasy, it goes to show that you should always listen to your gut….Taking a little time to review anything now days, certainly doesn’t hurt!

    I hope everyone finds out about you ROSELINLIN, from now on, I will certainly do my best to run the word about sites like YOURS!..

  51. This is NOT a fake review… Here is my order number. LEA84635874.
    I ordered four shirts and a necklace. It took approximately 5 to 6 weeks to come. They give you a tracking number that does not work.
    When I finally did receive my package, none of the four shirts I purchased looked anything like the pictures that were posted online. They were not made out of the same material and would not be something I would ever buy.

    Now I am trying to return them and in the middle of Covid when I so patiently waited for their package to get here, they refuse to extend the same courtesy because more than 12 days has gone by.

    I wanted to give fair warning, the pictures online will most likely be an inaccurate representation of what you will actually get. In addition, you will have to wait a very long time for it and customer satisfaction is not a priority. On top of all of that you will receive a ridiculous amount of spam

  52. I GUESS I WAS SCAMMED, AS WELL! I ordered on May 5th and still have not received my purchase. I will dispute with my credit card and make sure this company cannot charge it, again. Thank yo for all of the information on this BOGUS BUGGERED company!


  53. I feel like a fool!!!! I never really shop online and decided to purchase a few things. Yes I did email them and they did respond with no definite answer of when and where the order is. I emailed them many more times and by the time I mentioned I would report them I finally received a tracking number. What happens next? ITS NOT A VALID FREAKING NUMBER!!!
    I just called my bank and we are disputing it. So much for ordering clothes online. If anyone has suggestions with a legit clothing site please reply..

    1. Cat! It’s magic! quick delivery and good quality. But you have to spent a lot of time to have what you want.

  54. Wish I’d investigated before ordering from them. Glad that American Express gladly reversed the charge when Roselinlin ripped me off. What a piece of junk I was shipped (finally arrived weeks late). Had nothing to do with the photo or description of the item I ordered. SCAM!

  55. Wish I’d known about sites like this before ordering–a big order. The first three articles just came and the 3 other dresses are being sent in 3 separate shipments. In what I received, the top was excellent. I love it. But the first dress was supposed to have an empire waist shown in the pic as being directly under the bust. It’s not–it cuts right across the bust so the dress doesn’t fall correctly. The second dress was so horrible in styling, so off from the pic that there are no words to express how terrible it is. Also, the size charts are wrong. Yes, they’ve sent the letter offering me 15% credit or return the merchandise–at a cost that may exceed what the dresses cost. I’m going to be contesting the charge with the Credit card company. But I want to wait to make sure the other dresses are of as poor quality as those I received in order to be fair. I’ve just received an order from another company, Ruby Rd. It is located in the US and the warehousing is in the US, so shipping is relatively fast. The quality and fit of those clothes were outstanding. I bought everything at the Memorial Day sale and got unbelievably great prices. So there are other sites out there that have great things, especially if you hit a sale. I will follow your suggestions and check out everything in the future.

  56. This is the worst mail order company ever. I have waited over 3 months and still do not have my complete order. It took over a month to receive the top which was to be an extra large and it is a snug medium. The pants are yet to arrive after several correspondence. I have asked to just credit my account for the pants, once I saw the quality of the top. All I get is a run around and a note asking me to wait longer. This company is not worth my time and aggravation. Do not allow the look of the clothing line to fool you. You would be better off going to a thrift store.

  57. First and foremost, i had to wait almost 2months and received partially.
    The fabric is rubbish so i was going to return them, Roslinlin customer service said had to send them to China, so it would cost a lot of shipping cost. etc……… so much hassel and caused a lot of trouble..
    i should read the review before i purchased.. DON’T BE FOOLED!!!

  58. I always want to ask a company how their workers are treated, even if the materials used in the clothing are created in environmentally safe ways and in ethical ways.

    So…I was suspicious of Roselinlin for a variety of reasons as I could not find a way to ask that question.

    It’s good to know that others are suspicious too. However, don’t ever consider a good buy to be something that is so cheap you know that someone had to be harmed in its manufacture.

  59. I also had high hopes for the ‘linen’ items I was hoping to receive. Like others have said, the material was cheap polyester/rayon garbage and poorly sewn. Don’t waste your money.

    1. I placed an order May 17/20for tree pieces that looked gorgeous and now after reading the comments definitely have my doubts that maybe I got in the trap too. I will be posting the results.

  60. Thank you for the information…These scammers should be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt that they are. I’m so glad I looked into this before making any purchases with this company. Here’s the thing…some of the pictures they use are of some really great looking clothing…Does anyone know where to find the actual clothes that are found in the pics? Aren’t they gorgeous?

    1. Pattie. I have been asking this same question for a couple of years. WHERE are these clothes! LOL. I am SO in love with this style, the colors, the flowiness. I would pay the actual value for them if they were legit, easy to contact company, easy to return, and the quality that is shown in the photos.

      SOMEONE made all of these clothes. WHERE did they make them? WHERE are they being sold? Anyone?

      1. Marie I can do them! It’s really my style too! If I was sure to find a niche of interested girl like you I would go for it! I promise, it would be quality made in Canada! I would start with the beautiful white puff sleeve blouse that is on the site!

        1. Thank you for this information. I wish I looked into it before I ordered. This company has ad slots on Google under a variety of names (Noracora is another), so you also have to figure that out. The way to tell is that they use the same models and have similar products and ad lay outs, just a different name. I tried to cancel my order, and was able to get an email response. They cancelled the order, but kept the money. My biggest concern is that they have my information. What I really want to know is why Google is allowing scam companies to plaster their stuff all over websites, that dont even belong to Google. This is presumably the punishment for not allowing Google to violate user privacy to target you for “more appropriate” ads. I shouldn’t be seeing something like this because I’m reading a NY Times article in “Google News.” Maybe the real solution here is to boycott Google News, chrome and search engines/bars. If they are going to harvest our data to make money off of us, they should at the very least be responsible for the content they are allowing to be pushed on users (an add every other paragraph). You can also let Google know this is a bad site by clicking on the ad preferences, but I’m not sure they’d care. The days of consumer protections appear to be over. Shame on Google.

  61. I had a feeling which is why I googled ‘roselinlin reviews’. Thanks for posting this and I appreciate everyone’s reply. I truly wish some authority could shut these websites down.

  62. Thank you, so much for the thorough research you have done. I was so tempted by the beautiful flowing fabric and wonderful price. So glad I questioned the authenticity!

  63. Dont sign up for aggravation and pay too!
    Inferior quality coarse badly woven printed cloth fabric some with flaws. No true recourse for,exchange will offer impossible conditions that leaves you tossing the product you purchased. Refund offered if you ship item back to Guangzhou China at your expense or may offer you a 15% refund of cost of product in lieu of shipping. Replies only via e mail signed by names like Medicine, Shimmy,Nadia . No exchange even!

    1. I have been dealing with a different scam clothing site and I also go replies from Medicine and Shimmy. I find ‘Medicine’ particularly ridiculous as a name.

  64. Very glad I have a suspicious mind. Noticed the pictures of items showed 2 different types of garments, leading me to believe, I would probably receive the cheaper looking version. I am soooooo glad I checked here first. Thank you.

  65. I wish I had read this prior to ordering clothes from them and after spending so much money for dream clothes. First I got scammed by Amazon and now Roselinlin. I can handle never shopping on line again but just knowing that these people can keep getting away with this and can gain excess to every cent you work hard for while they sit on their…… push keys, make me wish someone would release an EMP pulse and eliminate electronics all together. I can make those clothes I just got lazy I guess. Sorry to rant, but under the circumstances I am upset at myself for not checking into it and being so gullible to have wasted money I can’t afford to do on a dream

    1. If you also look at the reviews…they are from men saying the bikini they just purchased shows of their curves. There are many clues that shows it’s a scam.

    2. I shop online all the time and never got scammed. As with everything, you have to spend time learning how. to do it and practicing discernment.
      Remember that old adage…when too good to be true…

      1. We keep talking about things being too good to be true === clothing should NOT cost as much as we pay in the US. So finding a basic very “plain” dress for under $50 is not too good to be true, it’s what it SHOULD be priced. We’ve just become accustomed to inflated pricing in the US

    3. Me too Bonnie. I got 2 items of 5. I wish I had known to check here before I ordered. They have my credit card number, and it is one that I seldom use. I shop a lot on line because I am not able to go out to shop anymore. This has taught me how to run a check before shopping online!!

    4. I know what you mean, I still have a full shopping cart over on Roselinlin, thought they were so cute and wanted some tees. This really shouldn’t be allowed, now I see all of the advertising everywhere I go so you know they’ve got to be making money hand over fist. Upsetting and annoying, I can’t afford to give scammers my financial information, that’s the real kicker.

  66. I steer clear of these bargain clothing sites. I ordered from Noracora and the items I ordered were cheap imitations of the displayed clothing and shoes. I would have been embarrassed to wear them. One dress I ordered never came. That was 8 months ago. I learned my lesson and always check for legitimacy of the company before ordering. I also believe that any positive review is written by the company.

  67. I had a hunch this site was a scam, mostly because it sells the same “clothing” as another site I actually did order from, called Noracora. I learned my lesson from them, waiting months for my order to arrive, only being able to email the company with my complaints about receiving no merchandise, and receiving my order several weeks later, after threatening to sue them.
    I received the order only after going back through my emails and producing, for them, my original order receipt! They couldn’t even go through their computer system and find my order through my name and other identifying info, including, I assume, my payment information! I was horrified when the order arrived. Everything was jammed into a gray plastic bag and NOTHING was as described or expected. Not a single item was Linen. Almost everything was straight up low quality polyester, ugly, poorly sewn, and only worth the bargain basement (sale) prices I paid. I should have known better. Buyer beware: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  68. This is a scam. Order never arrived and despite continuing to send emails they have never delivered any product and do not respond to requests for a refund.

    1. I think that is what is going to happen to me. It has been 3 weeks. When I check the tracking, it just keeps changing with no progress to even getting close to my address. Out $120!!! So angry.

  69. Thank you! I have found this so helpful! I’ve been tempted by that website, but I’m so glad I checked here first.
    Thanks so much for helping people.

    1. I always check to see if there is a customer service number and the location of the company. If these two things are missing- I do not touch. The clothes that are shown are beautiful and too good to be true.

      1. Somehow I found a number. I called it and I got disconnected. They called me back, and asked me to log in to a website to “fill out a form” in order to get a refund. It was a phising website and when I told them I knew it was a scam, he hung up right away. I will have to dispute my charges with the bank.

    2. OMG was hunting for this site to order thank you so much for the update damn you just saved me from losing my money which is not easy to come by again thanks I hope everyone See’s this SMH.

  70. I have never ordered clothes online and boy was I dupped by the horrible quality of roselinlin fabric. One dress photo featured exquisite embroidery down the front which turned out to be a cheap digital print of original. I dont even want to open packages. The company used my banking info and I discovered three unauthorized deductions on my bank statement.

    1. Try to buy same on Amazon. Or, always use Paypal ! Good luck.
      Always try to get reviews online. i did not do that one time, and it wasn’t pretty.

    2. I ordered over a month ago and no merchandise yet. They didn’t reach out via email either. It was so hard finding contact info. I finally found contact info and left a message. Probably to no avail I just went on and disputed it through my bank. Waiting.

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