Jet Body Board – Ultimate Fun & Performance in the water?

3ccase jet body board review

Water sports enthusiasts love surfing and playing on the waves. Surfing is rapidly gaining popularity across the world.

The adrenaline and adventure that comes from riding a body board is something that every surfer craves now and then.

Surfers are always on the lookout for perfect waves on which they can ride their board and play with the mighty waves. However, nature is not always in one’s favor.

But with nifty and useful products like motor and electric body boards, surfers can now have fun anytime, anywhere.

With the rise of water sports, you will find plenty of surfing board options in the market.

However, Jet body board stands out in the saturated market because of its speed, extended battery power, and outstanding performance.

In this article, we will discuss in detail if you should invest in a jet body board or not? Whether it is worth your money or should you stay far away from this product.

And more importantly, what are the main features of this product?

What is a jet body board, and How it works?

A jet body board is a type of surfing board equipped with an engine and comes with a battery.

Powered by a battery, the jet body board can move on the water without any effort and much power.

Jet Body board is a unique board because it is an electric surfboard. It comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery which you can charge.

The fantastic thing about this board is that the battery power is impressive, and it can let you enjoy the waves for up to 3-5 hours.

The jet bodyboard is an innovative surfing board that lets you ride the waves in style.

It comes in 4 beautiful colors, and you can choose anyone you like. These cool colors include yellow, white, orange, green, and pink.

According to the manufacturer, It is made in the United States. We don’t have any affirmation of this claim, though.

You can buy this jet bodyboard from anywhere in the world, and the great thing is that shipping is absolutely free.

The incredibly affordable price of this jet bodyboard sets it apart from other surfboards in the market. The combination of quality and the cheap price tag is worth every penny spent.

What Are The Features

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The speed of the surfboard is directly dependent on many factors. All these factors mutually contribute to the rider’s speed when he is riding the water.

Factors such as the rider’s weight, riding conditions, and water conditions are some of the most critical requirements.

The jet Body board can easily hit 13 miles per hour if the rider’s weight is 200 pounds.

The jet body board doesn’t come with fast charging feature as the battery life gets reduced in this case, which is not a desirable outcome for any surfer.

An additional free battery is provided with the jet Body board in case you need an emergency backup.

Empowered with a lithium-ion battery, Jet body board can give you a prolonged ride and let you enjoy the water ride for 3-5 hours. There are two battery settings: maximum and reserve settings.

The maximum setting is when your battery is fully charged, and the body board is running on its full speed. In this mode, you will ride at 13 miles per hour.

And when the battery drains out, the alternate mode turns on. This mode enables the rider to fall back to the shore as it allows him to run 50 extra minutes at 3 miles per hour.



  • Jet body board comes with an extremely affordable price tag.
  • You can get it in many cool colors.
  • A jet body board is an electric body board, and you can charge it quickly.
  • The manufacturer is offering a free battery.
  • They can refund your money in case you are not satisfied with the product.
  • They are offering worldwide free shipping.


  • Not enough data is available to prove that this product is credible.
  • There are no real customer reviews of this product anywhere on the internet.

What are the customers saying about the Jet body board?

Whether a small item or big item like this jet body board, you should always check customer reviews whenever buying any product.

Customer reviews are one of the most trusted sources to know if the product is legitimate or not.

When we started the hunt for feedback on the jet bodyboard from the real customers, we got disappointed because there is no review available on the internet.

We dug deep and scoured social media channels, but still, we couldn’t find anything at all.

So what should I do? Is it worth buying?

Yes, the product does have many exciting features and an affordable price tag. According to the manufacturers, it is the best product in the market.

We simply cannot take their word for it. Everyone claims that their product is a worthy one, but a customer’s feedback makes the product a genuine one.

Due to this reason, we cannot consider this product as legitimate and credible.

Wrap up

So we are done with the jet body board review. We tried our best to provide you with complete information, features, and pros and cons of this product to make a purchasing decision easily.

Because of the serious customer reviews shortage, we cannot recommend this product with 100% assured.

Although the price range is undoubtedly attractive, however, such discounted offers always reek of a scam.

Based on all the information mentioned earlier, we cannot recommend this jet body board to our readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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22 Reviews

  1. I also ordered two body jet boards and after almost three months I received a pair of blow up kiddy floats. I emailed the 3 whatever company and they said if I want to send back it will cost me more than 25.00 to do so and they will send me something else I might like. I said to the I wanted my body boards or money back. Still have not heard anything. SCREWED AGAIN BY ONLINE SHIT. THIS COMPANY SHOULD HAVE TOFACE CHARGES FOR THEIR THEIFT OF PEOPLES MONEY. I WILL FILE. CHARGES ON MONDAY MORNING.
    Vikki porter
    Very unsatisfied no longer customer.

  2. These boards from 3ccase are a SCAM. I filed a complaint with PayPal and after three months I received children’s inflatable raft to which PayPal denied my claim because I did receive some thing from FedEx yet it was the wrong product. Their website is also now down and they’re only payment option is PayPal to which your receipt is from a Gmail account in Chinese information.

  3. I ordered on June 17, 2020 received on September 12,2020 and I paid express shipping. What a disappointment, I received 2 blow up floats. I was mad that it took so long to received I did get a refund from credit card. But this is fraud do not purchase…..

  4. It is a scam!
    I got 2 blow up rafts in the mail today after waiting almost 2 months for it to arrive!
    I want my money back!
    I could have bought these rafts at the dollar tree!

  5. Ordered mine 07/18…yes starting to think this is a scam and plan to report to Paypal if nothing in next couple of weeks.

    PS…customer service phone does not accept calls any service email has yet to respond to my shipping inquiry.

    Has anyone received one yet?

    Sucked in by another Facebook store…

  6. I ordered two on July 19th… still no word. I have emailed them and still waiting!!

  7. I would like my money back. $135- (Australian) because I paid for one of these Electric Surf Boards BUT I got a $10- blow-up surf mat. NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!

  8. ITS A SCAM. Good luck but you will most likely receive a completely different item if anything at all.

  9. Ordered 2 on 7/20/2020 paid for Express shipping. I have emailed them every day asking why it’s not here yet or if they haven’t shipped I want my $200. Refunded. They haven’t answered one email. Any suggestions on how to get my money back? I paid with pay pal and they havent returned my emails either

    1. Agree.. scam. I ordered 2 on 7-19-20 and haven’t heard a thing. I have emailed and even disputed charge with my bank. Whoever is behind this scam, SHAME ON YOU!! Ppl work hard for their money and you obviously don’t. Karma is a bitch and you should be very scared!!

  10. I also ordered this. I emailed a question about the express shipping details and haven’t heard back. The website said that they are overwhelmed with orders (probably because of the cost) worldwide, so I expect to hear something soon. 7-14 days to process means theres only a few people in the company to manage the workload.

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