Maddle Paddle Board Reviews: Are They Safe To Use?

Maddle paddle board

A Maddle is an inflatable paddle board. These paddleboards help to explore the coastlines, lakes, and rivers connecting you with nature. It provides a rhythm with water making you feel alive and grounded.

If you are an explorer or dreamer, paddle boards are best for you. You can connect to nature, feeling content and happy. They are made in various designs and colors.

What is the point of paddle boarding?

Paddle boarding is the best adventure when out at sea. It helps you gain stability in the ocean. It lets you take a relaxed stroll along the water to enjoy the outdoors. Stand-up paddle boarding is also known as SUP. It is a popular water activity in which the athlete is above the water. Unlike other sports, you can quickly learn it.

About Maddle paddle boards.

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Maddle Paddle Board is an online company set up by nature lovers. They have uniquely designed paddleboards for your weekend getaways. They launch a new collection every season depicting art. You can choose from the dreamer, thriller, or free spirit that fills your personality.

This company aims to build a community of creative spirits. If you want to explore rivers and oceans, paddleboards are the right choice.

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The equipment that comes along with the board

You do not simply get on board when ordering paddleboards. Instead, they come with a complete accessory set listed below.

  •  Foldable Paddle: It has a lightweight aluminum shaft with a nylon blade that matches the board color. The length of the paddle is:  72’’ to 86” and the weight of the paddle is 3-4 lbs.
  •  Leash to provide safety: The leash is a simple cord with one end attached to the board’s rear and the other to your ankle. It has a length of 10’’.
  • Pump to Inflate: Our dual-action hand pump is efficient enough to inflate your board. It has a height of 24. “
  • A bag pack: You can pack the accessories in our backpack to take them on your adventures.
  • The total weight of everything on the board is 24 lbs.

Do you pump up a paddle board?

Yes, you have to pump your board to increase its psi. The paddle is smoother if it has a higher psi than water. It is recommended to inflate up to 20 psi.

Is there any discount going on?

Yes, you can get a fantastic discount with a coupon code. You use the code ­ “SUMMER50” at checkout. It will apply a 50% discount and free shipping as well. They also give a 20% discount on accessories if you customize your order.

They are also offering a gift bag that contains cleaning accessories. It is valid until August 3. However, they may increase the date.

How can you clean your Maddle paddle boards?

Proper cleaning equipment is needed to clean the boards. SUP protection by Maddle Kit is also available on the website. It helps to clean, protect, and make your board shine.

What do customers think about Maddle paddle boards?

The official website shows good reviews about the board. One client says that maddle paddle boards are pretty conscious of customer satisfaction. Their delivery was fast, and he is happy with the purchase. Gabriella has only tried it once. She is also content with the design and colors.

YouTube reviews show a chance that this website is a scam. Their price offers, and fantastic deals make them fishy.

Trust pilot has zero ratings and reviews for the website. However, we even went through their social media pages. Facebook has only 4K followers, and not much traffic is seen on the page.

Are the prices reasonable in comparison?

You can get paddleboards with complete equipment set at half the price compared to Amazon has various sellers offering paddle boards in the range of $200 to $250. However, Maddle paddle boards cost you up to $500 on sale.

These maddle paddle designs and colors are more vibrant, but why waste a lot of money only on the colors?

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Is the Maddle paddle board legit?

Maddle paddle board legit or scam

You all may be feeling if this website is authentic or not. They are offering good deals, but feedback is only available on the official site. There is no other review we can find. Their social media followers also say otherwise. Thus, it is hard to trust them completely.

How can you contact them?

They have provided their contact information on the website in case of any query.

1-888-8-MADDLE is the phone number.


Final verdict

We have listed all the points for our maddle paddle board review for our readers. No matter, the website is well organized with fair discount offers. The most crucial point is the client’s satisfaction. We couldn’t find any reviews anywhere other than on the official website. It is your own choice if you want to trust them or not.