– Online Fashion Store that Offers Trendy Clothing or Just a Scam

kenwebs reviews - is kenwebs legit is getting more popular as the days pass by! The question on everyone’s mind, however, is ‘Is kenwebs legit or a scam?’ It’s definitely a scam because you can see obvious proof of their existence here: but what about being 100% legitimate? Let’s find out together in this article. If at any point during my review your doubts grow stronger please leave me a comment below so we can discuss them further.

All right let us proceed with our Kenwebs Review to find out if they are Legit or Scam.

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Kenwebs is a popular online fashion store that offers trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories. On the website, you can find similar outfits that celebrities have worn in any public event, but this website not only holds women’s dresses but also has elegant heels on them. Besides that, the available collection includes tops, swimwear, dresses pants skirts, etc. They have a wide selection of items to choose from, which are inspired by the latest trends, kenweb designs, and colors.

How to Order From

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The website works in a similar way like other online stores that sell different types of products; you create an account, add items into your cart or wish list (if you’re ordering for someone else), go through the shopping process by providing necessary information about address and payment method, then wait for kenwebs confirmation email after the purchase is done successfully.

What are the Return Policies and Shipping?

Kenwebs has return policies that vary depending on the item. The usual shipping and delivery time is within a week, but sometimes it can be ten days or more before you receive your package. They also have express shipping for $25 plus tax per order so you can get your kenwebs items faster than normal if needed.

Some of their coupons will apply to this as well such as free worldwide shipping with orders over $100!

Returns accepted only for defective products or wrong shipment – Extra care must be taken when kenwebs is concerned – Their returns must be made within 14 days of receipt.

kenwebs will refund the total amount less any shipping and handling charges for items returned in their original condition, unopened and unused.

If you wish to exchange an item instead of receiving a refund, They do not pay extra costs such as return or re-shipment fees would do so by request only.

For further information about kenwebs policies please refer to:



  • The website has a wide range of items for sale
  • It also offers free shipping on all orders over $100 or more (international customers pay $20).
  • Additionally, there is no cost to return items if unsatisfied with your purchase within 30 days.


  • Having limited sizing options in-store compared to traditional retailers.
  • Additionally, customer service is only available by phone Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm – 11:59 pm EST (-12 GMT), Saturday N/A

What do Customers Say About Kenwebs? Find out below.

Kenwebs is a Chinese wholesale company that offers an online platform for customers to source. When it comes to the quality of products, there have been mixed reviews from Kenwebs customers.

Some say they received their shipment several weeks late and some even mentioned receiving defective items upon delivery. Others said that there were no issues with shipping or goods received.

Some say customer service representatives are nice but they seem inexperienced and confused about how to help with issues.

As this is the new company, so we cannot find a lot of real customers reviews. Technical Review

  1. It is an ordinary website built on the Shopify platform.
  2. Website design is not professional.
  3. Unbelievable prices
  4. SSL is active for security
  5. No contact numbers published on website, just an email address given,
  6. This business/website has recently started so no reputation

Should I Order From

It is important to be wary of any website that demands payment upfront before receiving the product.

If you’re not sure if a site is legit, look for reviews on their products and services online. The lack of information about Kenwebs leads us to believe this company may be scamming people out of money with no intention to deliver anything in return.

We recommend staying away from websites like these or else risk losing more than just your hard-earned cash!

Our Conclusion is a fake website, do not buy anything from them! This company has been accused of scamming people out of their money and it seems like they are still at it today. 

You may think you’re getting lucky when you notice all these great deals but there is actually nothing available on the site because it’s just one big marketing ploy to get your credit card information… Trust 🙂

5 Reviews

  1. This Com is so fake ,I ordered a TV in November of 2021 still I haven’t received my TV. yet.Please don’t let them take your hard earned moneyThey are just slesey rip off..

  2. The web site appears to be gone now.
    Suckered everyone into Black Friday shopping, took their money and ran?

    1. I got suckered too. But I paid with PayPal and after not getting any tracking just saying shipped, I contacted PayPal and put in a claim. They got a hold of the seller and got a tracking number 2 days after is was supposedly delivered. I luckily have a Ring security camera with history. I reviewed the footage from the time stated on the tracking and no activity at all. No USPS truck or person for hours before or after the time stated in the tracking information. I contacted the local post office and they told me it was a scam and that the tracking number was for a different address in my city. The post office said scammers are doing that little trick. I sent all the information to PayPal and they are issuing me a total refund. They are also watching Kenweb and going to suspend this account so they can no longer use PayPal as a method of payment. I hope they prosecute this jerk. Stay away from this scammer. I hope this helps anyone with a problem. I found this site attached to Best Buy.

  3. Yes I was on Best buy, then got sent to this site for a phone at half the price. I will not push buy. Too good to be true!

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