Review – Is Noracora Legit or Another Fraudulent Shop?

noracora reviews

Are you fond of buying clothing items online? or are you looking for a legitimate clothing shop that offers mammoth discounts and promo codes. If you are a woman and looking for an exotic summer collection then you have come to our very fascinating Noracora Reviews page.

If you are interested then how about getting a dress at your doorstep? Most of the women in the united states, Canada, and the United Kingdom are very curious to know more about Noracora Reviews.

If you want to buy the best clothing items at reasonable rates then don’t miss a chance to have a glance at Noracora shop. But in doing so, first please have a look at Noracora Reviews. So let’s get started.

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NIC+ZOE Women’s 4 Way Lightweight Cardy
Splendid Women's Vintage Whisper Tank Dress
Splendid Women’s Vintage Whisper Tank Dress
Helly-Hansen Women's Thalia Summer Dress
Helly-Hansen Women’s Thalia Summer Dress
Vince Camuto Women's Elbow Sleeve Tie Front a Line Dress
Vince Camuto Women’s Elbow Sleeve Tie Front a Line Dress

About Noracora Website?

Based in the Hong Kong, Noracora is an online web portal selling trendy women’s outfits and a huge variety of other women’s wear such as shoes, clothing, jewelry, bags, jumpsuits, leggings, and much more at very cheap prices. Noracora also serves as an international online B2C fashion shopping portal. The domain of the Noracora website was created on 2014-10-19 according to WHOIS data analysis.

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Specifications of Noracora

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  • Web Portal URL:
  • Selling Products: Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Shoes & Women Accessories
  • Office Address: Unit 507,5/F, New East Ocean Centre, No.9 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, HK
  • Payment Options: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard & American Express
  • Newsletter Service: Available
  • Order Cancellation Feature: Available within 24 hours of order placed
  • Customer Support Email ID:
  • Contact Number: Does Not provide phone service
  • Delivery Time: 8 to 15 Business Days
  • Shipping Charges: $ 12.99
  • Shipping Module: USPS or FedEx
  • Refund Policy: Fast refund within certain days
  • Return Policy: According to Noracora reviews, items except swimwear, bags, panties, and underwear can be returned within 30 days of the purchase.

Let’s see some Pros & Cons of buying from Noracora Reviews



  • Valid HTTPS connection
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Huge discount offers and promo codes available
  • Get 15 % off on the first signup
  • Get 3 % off on the First Order of Noracora website
  • A trendy and large variety of Noracora items available online
  • Social Media presence on famous and reliable platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest
  • It has Noracora reviews App on respective app stores of IOS and Andriod Platform
  • Positive customer reviews


  • A cancellation fee of 15% applied on canceling an order
  • Free shipping is only available on orders above $ 109
  • It does not provide phone service
  • Some of the product pictures are copied
  • The Return Address is based in China

Is Noracora Legit & Safe?

Check out the below pointers to determine the legitimacy of Noracora Reviews:

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  • Secure and Valid payment methods.
  • The domain creation date conflicts with what is written on the official website, which is confusing.
  • It has a good trust index of 75% which is a good sign.
  • It has an active social media presence on reliable and famous platforms of Facebook and Instagram. Noracora reviews have 19K likes on its Facebook page.
  • Most of the customer reviews are positive and trustworthy.
  • You will find a great variety of items available at the cheapest price available.

Best Items On Amazon

NIC+ZOE Women's 4 Way Lightweight Cardy
NIC+ZOE Women’s 4 Way Lightweight Cardy
Splendid Women's Vintage Whisper Tank Dress
Splendid Women’s Vintage Whisper Tank Dress
Helly-Hansen Women's Thalia Summer Dress
Helly-Hansen Women’s Thalia Summer Dress
Vince Camuto Women's Elbow Sleeve Tie Front a Line Dress
Vince Camuto Women’s Elbow Sleeve Tie Front a Line Dress

Noracora Customer Reviews

To conclude the legitimacy of Noracora Reviews, we have constructed a full-depth analysis of Noracora Customer Reviews. We have found mostly positive customer reviews over the internet. Most of the buyers are satisfied with their purchase and write reviews on authentic sites of and Trustpilot. So we can trust these reviews. But some of the buyers are not happy and most of them are complaining about late delivery and sizing problems.

Wrap Up (Noracora Reviews)

Wrapping up these Noracora Reviews we can say that this website looks shady. but they have great customer service available for customers to answers their potential inquiries. Please do proper research before you buy from this Chinese company.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this product from their website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like AMAZON.

112 Reviews

  1. DO NOT…. I …. REPEAT…. DO NOT…. ORDER …FROM …..THIS COMPANY. The item you see online is not what you will receive. You will receive polyester material outer wear, polyester dresses, polyester pants, and polyester blouses. You will not wear these items in public maybe when you need to do some painting, or clean out your garage, or repurpose for whatever you want in polyester. I was so disappointed when I received the items I ordered. I should of just went to Target.

  2. Wish I had seen site before I ordered. Used discover card and when I called them Discover is taking all money off my account. I have found Discover has your back all the time. That is why it is the only charge card I have. This was the first time I ever used a online purchase and the last.

  3. Thanks everyone, I was about to order six items, but something told me to check out the reviews first. No way now!
    Ladies please do not order from Lunawigs, also in China. Their wigs looks gorgeous until you finally receive it. The pretty wig I ordered was not the wig I received. The wig look like a wig my great Grandma would wear. However, I got my money back through my bank. So I hope this information can be helpful to you guys. You learn from your mistakes, DO NOT even order a dog’s bed from China.

    1. I would never order from this company again. I spent over $100 on order that I never received and they want me to spend money to get my $ back. They have no one that you can call and talk to. I need to report them!!!

      1. Same thing happened to me. I’m furious. I’m only getting a “partial refund” because the items weren’t delivered to ME giving them the wrong address which isn’t true.

      2. The exact same thing happened to me. Except I did receive one very cheaply made dress, that did not fit me right. They’ve no phone number, but there is a chat line. The chat line said that they could give me 30- 40% of my order price refunded to my bank account. Which should have been 40 to $50. Instead they refunded me a little over $29 !!!
        I’m donating that one dress, and never ordering from this company again!!!
        I read good reviews on this company before I ordered, it must be a setup by the company.

      1. Good to know I had already got cheated when I ordered and paid for shoes from a facebook advertisement. The company said they were located in CA, which was misleading. Product pictured appeared as if the material was constructed of leather, and suede; took over 4 months to arrive (from China not CA), and made of cheap plastic. I have no idea how they took a picture for the ad that made them look so different! The company said I couldn’t return them unless I had sent them within 30 days of having ordered them, even though the tracking clearly showed I just received them. My further requests and disputes went unanswered.

        1. I also found out the price of returning something to china is so outrageous, you will never do it. They know this. When they ship here from China, they do it in bulk, so it’s cheap, but the reverse is not true. That’s happened to me only one time. I make sure and do my due diligence to make sure that the store I’m buying from has no ties to friggen china.

      2. Amen on thT! Ibwasnt paying close attention. But This is a FRAUDULENT company!! It slipped into my last order I thought I was placing through Amazon!!!

    2. You are wise. I have shopped on several of these type of websites that are all based in China. If you like the product, things can turn out find. But try getting a refund for a damaged or inaccurate item. I found I received nothing but the runaround. Worse, if you use payment services like PayPal, I found that PayPal was of no help whatsoever in getting the refund returned. We simply are not protected from such merchants in the U.S. There is literally no one to defend us. The deal is not as good as it looks. Thank you for providing information on the cons of these types of deals.

    3. Same thing happened to me with a wig from China, horrible quality and return shipping is a fortune! Thank goodness I only spent $30! I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll stick with Amazon

    4. I saw these beautiful sweaters on Pinterest that looked so nice and unique I recently bought them from Norachic. There was what looked like a false tracking that said it was delivered but it wasn’t. I was nearly at my door step that day. They responded but only once so far. I think these shops beginning with Nora or have Chic in them are scams. If you want clothes from China go to Ali Express they protect their customers. Shein and Romve are also legit and deliver fast. I’m still obsessed with these beautiful sweaters. I suspect they were originally from a pattern site. Brickbats to Pinterest, they are the main exhibitors of these sites. I hope PayPal gives me back my money. I was scammed a few years ago and got a refund. Sad the dress was very beautiful but the photo was ripped off from Magnolia Pearl.

  4. We ordered 3 items from NoraCora. The sandal shoes looked nice but are hard and hurt her feet. Rather than return them we decided to donate them to charity. The second item, a very nice looking sun dress was unacceptable as it was so thin and would require an undergarment which would be to warm. Our return request was accepted but we had to pay the postage which was almost half the cost of the dress. We will wait and see if we truly receive a refund. Refund information is very confusing.The third item, a blouse is OK, but not great. I do not recommend doing any business with this company. It is just to burdensome and confusing. Great marketing but the items we ordered are not so great. 2 out of 3 items not acceptable.

    1. Ive ordered from them. First time I received all my items and was happy with them. Then I ordered a second time same thing. I was happy. Third order I just placed and awaiting items. It has been only a week been got notified they shipped. I have not had any problems and unless I do I say they are a cute shop and you should buy. Items are nice.

  5. I sure wish I would’ve have read these posts before I placed an order with Noracora. The order arrived in different packages, sizing was WAY WAY off, and the fabric was of terrible quality. I had checked their website about returns and didn’t see anything about having to pay international rates for returns. And of course I saw the favorable reviews. They offered me a 15% refund and when I balked they offered 40%. Having said that, to date they’ve only credited one item. I wrote to them AGAIN yesterday and they’re now asking me if I want a refund on all items. That was my understanding. I have told them to rethink their business model because my Internet search brought up a number of complaints about them. (Too late for me.) I feel guilty even donating this garbage.

    1. You are SO RIGHT!!! I ordered seven tops, very cute on the ad but when I opened up my packages they were humongous the craftsmanship was awful and the fabric was even worse!! I just tried to start the return process and it has been a painful experience waiting for almost 30 minutes hearing nothing but” let me look into this“ I would never recommend this site to anyone ever

      1. where did you get a phone number for these crooks. will you give it to me please?

      2. where did you get a phone number for these crooks. will you give it to me please?

  6. BEWARE!!!!
    Items sent are GARBAGE! You are drawn in but the hard to resist prices and with pictures advertising what appears to be good quality merchandise. This couldn’t be further than the truth! Out of the 9 items I ordered they were ALL garbage. The material is horrible and the designs and prints are nothing like those pictured on their website. Even at the discounted prices they offer, the quality of their merchandise is so poor that these prices are over inflated. They claim that returns are easy, they are NOT!!! They will approve your return with this notification-
    “Your return request has been approved. If you decide to return it, please send it back within 15 days, and then click the link below to fill in the tracking number. Overdue return request will be automatically canceled” – This message is then followed by a 2nd message – “ Sorry that you are not satisfied with the item(s).
    Our return center is located in Guangzhou, China. According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and any other related return charges (including possible custom fees).Your refund will be processed after our return center receives and inspects the return package.
    Since International returns might result in long waiting times and incur substantial return costs on your side, we recommend some alternative methods to resolve this issue. We would like to offer you a 15% cash refund 【for the item(s) in question as compensation】 instead of returning the item(s).
    If you still want to return the package, you should email us for a return label as soon as possible. You can check the return policy here:”.

    After requesting a return label all further responses are stalled as a tactic to achieve their 15 day return policy when the return period expires.

    1. Agreed! I bought 5 or 6 items from them a couple yrs ago. I was quite surprised when I opened them because I didn’t recognize any. They looked absolutely nothing like they appeared in the online catalog. Fabrics & colors were different. They were all unbelievably ugly! In addition, they quality of them was horrific. I didn’t even try to return them. I just donated them to Goodwill. Save your money to buy from a reputable & known site!

    2. I had the exact same experience. Items received were not correct to size. Returns are not accepted despite what they claim. They make it ridiculously difficult and tell you to pay return shipping plus customs to return to CHINA, not the U.S. where items ship from. If you decline, they only offer 15% of your money back. SCAM!!

    3. i know its an awful return policy. im going to charge back and never fall for this again!

  7. DO NOT order from this company. I was charged over $350 for two orders that I never received. When I contacted them, i was told that I could reorder or only get a 50% refund!!!!!!! I was told it could be weeks before I get a partial order or a credit. These clothes are the same on several other websites, so just chose another company. The clothes are cute. It is such a shame that Nora Cora has such bad business practices.

    1. This company is unbelievable, I ordered $180 worth of clothing fir my daughter for Christmas. It’s now April and we only received one sweatshop? They then contacted me and said they put my billing town in instead of hers. I didn’t worry much because the sweatshirt made it and all other info including zip was correct. Long story short, still nothing. I’ve been in contact with them and now they say it hot lost and they can offer me a 30% refund. What? Fir no merchandise. After emailing back and forth they are only offering me a 50% refund for no merchandise. I’m contacting bbb today. I’m done. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

    2. Omgosh I’m Soooo sorry to hear…. I have been scammed by them too… Same amount but I kept getting my order has been returned to sender … I have been trying to get a refund for months …. 😱😢 Riff off hey…. Xoxo

    3. I wish you all of the best and get in your orders and also kindly be aware that due to Covid in the United States there are major shipping ports including in the city of Los Angeles where items are shipped from China that are on back order they arrive at the port but are on back order for about 3 to 4 months so hopefully you will not have any problems in the future. Any time I look at some clothing that seems too good to be true, I automatically go to the website to look up reviews. I’m so happy that I did not order anything from them. Me personally, I prefer going to the Goodwill store. Best of luck.

  8. This is a terrible scam company. Everything I would say – has been said.

    The clothes come at different times
    the fabric is horrible – the things look nothing like the online pictures
    the “leave a review” button on the website does not work –
    The return process according to online is circular and does not work
    if you contact an actual person, they won’t refund your actual money – but insist on giving you 15% of the cost. I’ve been negotiating, and am up to 50% – but only on certain items, only on the things I’ve already gotten. BBB says they don’t exist. I disputed through PayPal – and am going to escalate to a “case” soon.

    100% this is a scam website.

    1. I just order from this company. I used afterpay. It’s been 6 days. I have no tracking number. I’m not feeling comfortable. On the website there was no base address. All the reviews are not good. I’ve made 1st payment. Second one is coming. No clothes yet. I pray I’m happy with the quality of there clothing. After 2 payments I’m cancelling the payments if I don’t receive the order. Thank you for your reveiws.

    2. They are TERRIBLE! Don’t suggest ordering anymore from them! None of their clothes are as pictured. Will only give partial refund – a total rip-off! Surprised they’re still around. Word of caution – only order from established retailers! These overseas companies are scams!

    3. I ordered cloths and I hope they are of good gravity and my cloths come soon if not you people need to let the better business be aura know about this co. I know I will

    4. I have been scammed by them too…. My order was “returned to sender” moths later I am still trying to get a refund…. I’m Soooo over all these scams… I’m sorry u got caught out too Xox 😢💕

  9. Junk and cheap junk at that‼️ Total rip off. I would be ashamed to give this junk to Good Will. I ordered over $130.00 and received in a timely manner. BUT that was the good part. Return is at my expense to China. The items I received were nothing like the pictures nor did they fit. Now I’m going back and forth with them to try and get the best deal possible for me. And I will get to keep the cheap junk‼️ Never again order from NORACORA or any other company in China. They should be run off the internet ‼️

  10. 3/21/2022 How I wish I’d thought to check out the reviews of this underhanded company before ordering a casual dress & a top. $40 (after a so-called 50% discount (so none too cheap – which I thought was a good sign). In any event, it’s just like everyone else is saying, the cheapest fabric possible & super cheap & tacky-looking prints on both items as well. Disgusting. I won’t waste even more money on returning as they seem to be very unethical in that area as well, so I’d just be out even more money. They did offer me a whole $4.00!! to avoid my having to return the garbage. They can keep their ill-gotten money, I’m DONE dealing with them.

    1. Thank you for the warning I was going to order from them I had already picked out several items but something kept me from ordering so I decided to check them out first and OMG!!!! I’m so glad I did my order was over $200.00. The reviews I’ve been reading definitely saved me from making a giant mistake.

      A Grateful consumer

  11. None of what I ordered looks like the pictures. Colors are nothing like the beautiful pictures shown online. Sizing is way off, much smaller than standard sizes. VERY slow service. Save your money.

  12. I would like to state first that I do Not like to leave negative reviews but Noracora has earned it from me . I ordered over $200 worth of clothing from their site . It came in different packages at different times and came in a reasonable amount of time . The clothes were all made of the same material. I had ordered a sz up on some of the clothes to compensate for shrinking- but was wrong in doing that . So I intiated a return . They only give you a certain amount of time to do this in . I kept waiting on an email with an address to ship them back . I emailed 5 times and even did an online chat which still left me no answer for an address . Please note : the packages had different addresses for them . I had paid with Afterpay which I asked for their assistance ( by this time I had them paid off ) . Noracora finally replied giving me a couple of options , which were ludicrous. If I wanted to return the items it would cost me more in shipping ( it goes to China) then what I’d paid ! And they even confirmed that . So I ended up taking some money and keeping the items ( which I ended up donating) . End note – there is much better companies to buy from then them and don’t fall for their misadvertisements of their products n pictures.

    1. I had a similar experience with another company. I had paid with my debit card so my bank reversed it as they were unwilling to work with me in any way and I had documentation of the emails I sent and their replies. So I did not have to pay for it. If u can going forward use your debit card. That way u have some recourse if it happens again. Learned my lesson with chinese clothing sites! They are a joke and have horrible quality and sizing is nowhere near correct!!😡 Thanks for posting this review!

      1. I would not recommend using a debit card. There is no big company with big lawyers to defend your dispute. Credit unions are a little better at getting a refund from a dispute but it’s just you against the company if you use a debit card.
        I’ve ordered from Noracora before I saw this site. I’m worried I’ll be going through same disgust with quality of fabric and sizing issues. I ordered using Capital One credit card. I’ve never lost a dispute yet so if there’s issues, I will dispute it.

  13. I spend more than $120 on different closes.
    They looked great on the pictures.
    I received complete junk!!! Material as cheap as you can get. I put everything to the garbage, because shipping to China with a full refund doesn’t make sense. It is extremely expensive and no guarantee to get something back.
    Never ever buy from them!!!!

    1. I had the same experience with …nothing but cheap garbage, though it looked so different in photos!
      ! BEWARE, or better yet, just save yourself & your money & DO NOT BUY from them.

  14. I figured this was a BS China site showing real pics of clothing, then sending their version of cheap knockoffs. Ding, Ding, Ding! I placed a small order just to see and got some BS China BS. And I used PayPal so they didn’t get my card info.

    Long story short, everything is cheap and polyester, but actually well-made. I don’t like to iron so I may keep them.

  15. YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR! Why are you all complaining?
    Haven’t ANY of you ever heard the old, and TRUE, saying “If the deal seems too good to be true, IT IS”?! Exactly why do you think their clothing is so inexpensive?
    And WHERE are the complaints about this web site? After all, they claim Noracora is legitimate and most customers are happy.

    Stop complaining and leave your reviews on Google and Yelp. More people will read them.

  16. I must be the oddball here. I ordered seven items last year and I could wear and was happy and still wear four of them. One top was a little bit big on me but it was fine after I tucked it in. The stuff I got was alright and matched the descriptions on the website. I am waiting on another shipment and I will be honest when I say I am nervous about what I am going to receive. My main issue was the smell on the clothes when I first open them.

    1. I just put an order out with noracora. It was when I kept waiting for the delivery of my items I thought I should have researched the company. I had a tracking number but couldn’t access it. My complaint was the shipping charges. I received my order. Everything looks exactly like the website & they are beautiful. I won’t order again from them after reading these reviews & the shipping charges.

  17. NEVER, EVER ORDER FROM NORACORA!!! Their garments are cheap Chinese junk. Cheap polyester, see-thru fabric, shoddily sewn together. It will cost you $70 to return as you have to return their junky rags to China, which I did, only to have them sent back to me 6 months later. I wouldn’t wear their crappy dresses to a Friday Night Skunk Wrassle! STAY FAR AWAY FROM NORACORA. THEY SELL CHEAP CHINESE JUNK CLOTHES. TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!

    1. After more than 3 months, I am still in the middle of my WTF experience with NoraCora. I do not wish to reveal myself for fear that they will not do what they promised just last night (China time).
      It has been a living hell but I will not give up. I order online all of the time and always check the company and have never had an issue. I got so enthralled with their pretty online catalog that I didn’t bother checking them out. What was I thinking. ALL I WILL SAY TO ANYONE SEEING THIS IS DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY!! YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY.

      1. I also got scammed with their cheap Chinese clothing. Cheap polyester clothing, furthermore I received nothing that I ordered. DO NOT BUY FROM NORACORA OR NORA CLARKE. IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!

      2. UPDATE to my previous review on Feb 17, 2022
        * Correction – my saga was not 3 calendar months. Shorter period of time. It just felt like 3 months.
        I naively thought that this company would do right by me but they didn’t. So, I threw away some of the extreme garbage sent as high quality clothing. The items that weren’t embarrassing were donated. NOTE: I explained to the woman at Salvation Army that the sizing is way off so a special label would be needed if they are so inclined. She talked with me for about 20 minutes about how they “see this all of the time”. NoraCora had offered a 15% refund for the items (whuppee) but I said what the heck. Turns out that their idea of refund meant 15% for only some of the items, not all. This has been the absolute worst online experience ever. I got complacent and thought I was smart enough not to get taken. I complained to FB and PayPal. Left reviews here, with Sitejabber and TrustPilot. I called the FTC and apparently they see these companies all of the time. There is not a darn thing they can do to stop the scams. So, I will do appropriate investigation moving forward and if I see even one red flag, I will not engage. I will end by saying DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES do business with this company. You will regret it.

        1. These CRAP CHINESE SCAMS must be stopped being allowed to advertise! IF and when they’re caught (like any other SCAM) THEY JUST CHANGE THEIR NAME AND CONTINUE!!!

    2. Absolutely right This is a corrupt Chinese company with dishonest representing these cheaply made clothes. When asking for a refund, they promise to refund 40 percent of your money to keep the rags. They don’t honor their offer. WARNING!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!

  18. I was going to place an order for over $300 , but curiosity got the best if me I wanted to see if the company was from China or legit. As I scrolled over the website and read all of the reviews I am glad that I didn’t purchase. Thank all if the reviews for saving my funds. This site should be banned and all of the others like them because they have no feelings for the US also their sizes are off even when you buy in the reputable stores. I try to buy US products. PLEASE BRING ALL OF US PRODUCTS BACK TO AMERICA.

    1. I spent upwards of $300. 00 dollars.
      Consumer beware, I wouldn’t wear this junk to take the garbage out. The fabric is like straw or paper and the workmanship is worse. Also, the sizes are some kind of joke. They fool you by taking pictures out of fashion magazines and then try to replicate it.
      WARNING! Do not get sucked in. Then try to get you money back…..
      from China? Good luck.
      I gave everything to the Goodwill store but felt guilty about passing on such inferior merchandise even to a thrift store.
      Dele any ad you get from Nora Cora, you will thank yourself for reading this review……………….

    1. Thank you I was really nervous about buying and almost did anyways around 100 dollars,and than I saw your statement. Been ripped off before 500 dollars so I thank you for this info.

    2. Do not ever buy anything from noracora. Quality is shoddy and you can never get easy instructions on how to return. They are hoping you just give up and accept these purchases. Also they didn’t say they come from China and my bad I didn’t do my homework. Linda t.


      1. DITTO, Especially this day & time when the eye’s of the world is on THESE Asian countries! You get what you pay for! We have our own businesses here in the USA that sale cheaper clothing at competitive prices and much better quality! Outside of that, it is what it is and it’s not going to change anytime soon!

  19. Thank God I read all the comments before placing an order. I had a bad experience with a company called, I have not received my order, when I tried to contact them about my order, the message came up oop sorry the store has closed and I am out of my 60.00, glad I didn’t purchase more.

  20. These tops look great but when they arrive, it’s junk! Don’t bother trying to return an item, it’s too expensive! These people are bad!
    They have such neat photos that you get excited thinking they are good quality but they just aren’t.
    Hope they will go out of business soon so no more people will get scammed!

      1. Unfortunately Chinese made products continue to continue on a downward spiral. Simple economics….inexpensive to manufacture, cheap labor & 💰 money. American citizens who continue to buy inexpensive imported poor quality products not only from China but other Asian countries & refuse to support local businesses deserve to be cheated! 😖Whining about returning issues, never receiving your order & poor quality… it seems LOGICAL to me that you should pay a bit more, have no return issues, touch, feel the material your clothes are made of & buy before reading the comments , what do you expect?
        Continue to buy from irreparable companies in Asia the tread to move US business over seas will continue.

        1. Not everyone is illogical for being taken by “suspect” online companies. Most of us are pretty
          smart and do due diligence. There are red flags all over this company that many of us missed. Posting reviews may sound like whining but if we don’t leave reviews about what we know to be a horrific company, then others who are doing their research will do further investigating. When dealing with this company, there will be a lot of drama. I’ve never seen anything like it. It doesn’t matter how much something costs. Most of it is not made here or in any other western country. It is made where it is cheap to do so. The brands and companies known to us care about regulating their product which greatly improves the quality of the items quite dramatically. If we like these brands, we buy. If there is a problem, all terms and conditions are clear as a bell and we can return or exchange to a US location. They also heavily target the UK and Europe. It is doubtful that they are being dealt with appropriately either.
          As for the politics of the world, there will always be places if one knowingly wants cheap and poor quality goods.

        2. Many of us that have been duped from these types of companies bought without realizing the company was foreign. I bought from Amazon and tried researching on Amazon to see where the company resides, to no avail. I went ahead and purchased three dresses from three different companies. Two of them were in China. I found this out when I tried returning two of the dresses because of poor quality and sizing issues. I thought that Amazon would “have my back” but they did not. Basically my refund was held hostage until I took down the negative reviews posted on Amazon. Since I did not take them down, I did not receive any refund. When I complained to Amazon about these business practices it got nowhere. WILL NOT BUY THROUGH AMAZON AGAIN!

          1. That’s weird, because 3rd party companies are afraid of Amazon. If you complain to them (Amazon) that company (3rd party) will do good by you.

          1. I won hundred percent agree! If you order from Amazon with a third-party company, you’re going to have to have hell to pay. In the past, I’ve even ordered some cheap skirts from Amazon, and when they arrive they did not fit in the manner that I expected them to fit so I automatically thought that it was some knock off company from China. I will never order clothing from Amazon again. I’ll try to be more cognizant and shop at stores like Macy’s although they do make some clothes in China, at least I am in personTo view the quality of the item

  21. Never received my merchandise since October, can’t get in touch with them. I have copy of order, tracking number etc

    1. OMG! I wish I visited this site first before I purchased a couple of blouses. I’ll stick with Amazon.

      1. It’s impossible to return items that don’t fit or are not as pictured on their website. They will send you a return label for return to China at a cost of approximately $70. Don’t be fooled. I’ll never order from them again and have warned others not to be fooled by them.

        1. Thank you. I was about to order $50 sweater and shoes. Would Never order from China no matter what!

          1. I wrote 3 comments about the issues with this company. Under 3 different reply comment sections. The deal is this!! AFTER posting the comments up pops a warning stating the comments will be reviewed, most likely by Chinese by the CHINESE SENSOR ADMINISTRATION!
            This comment will most likely get posted as one of their citizens may read it or reduce the number of imports. Way NOT TO GO my UNITED sister’s & brother’s. Buy locally!

    2. Sounds what happened to me when I bought a shirt from a online Chinese garment company 2 yrs ago. Never heard back from them . Tried to get in touch several times at the customer service number they provided . Im glad for reviews. I won’t buy.

    3. I want to thank you for telling me this. I was going to get a whole new wardrobe from them. They probably use slave labour to sew these clothes. I’m from Canada so If I had a problem I couldn’t return them. There’s another store called Wish from China . I was looking at the clothes on their website, which were junk. And they sent them to me, a whole bunch of things I didn’t want I just scroll by them. They Sent them to me and charged me. I complained, they said they would reimburse me but it never happened. It would cost me a fortune to send them back. I will only buy from US or Canadian companies. Do not buy overseas from China because you can’t send them back.

      1. I too live in Canada, I try very hard to buy North American.
        I saw the Noracora site and fell in love with so many articles and I was going to send in a large order,but for some reason I put it off and started thinking to myself , is this site maybe like Wish and that’s when I started my research and found out it was all from China and then came across all of these comments.Thank you for your honest information.
        I usually follow the saying. If it’s too good to be true, your probably right!

  22. As I read these comments, thousands of dollars have a been lost through orders from this company. Apparently nothing can or will be done about it! Someone in America is making a lot of money through this scam. I wonder who I might be?

  23. These are very poorly made quality clothes. Do not waste your money. This company is located out of China. Buyers be ware!!

  24. I spent over 200, enticed by the pictures. Stuff is crap, cheap shiny polyester, too large, poor fit, crooked hems Crap, crap, crap. going to good will. A couple of the t shirts I can wear around the house. Dresses are crap. Did not try the return route, will drop them in the good will, maby Halloween costumes for someone? I order from Amazon all the time with good results. This news should stop taking their ads!!!!!!

    1. I started crying when I got a ” partial order “, after waiting for like 2 1/2 months, very patiently it was absolutely DISCUSTING. LADIES, DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS CRAP,; , and that’s what it was, crap. To Dona, sounds like we were both taken over the Hot Coals, scammed, I’m so sorry you too have been buffalo”d, I really am, cuz I know how you feel. They did me the same way. The pilctures look gorgeous, huh,, but they must take the pictures of good ,nice clothing somewhere else, and give us the shit from low class , extra,extra large ladies
      clothes. I’m serious, I cried and cried, shocked they do their business so shady. It was first online order I’ve ever done, I’m 64, so ya, I was exited to get my order I hardly get anything on my S.S., and that order cost me $197.00, ($ 200.00 .). I didn’t even get the tennis shoes, which I needed, or cute see thru sandles. Basically I paid $197.00 for 2 pairs of $199 earrings, that’s all I have. I want my money back ASAP, or report them to Authorities. I’m serious as a heart attack. How can people do that to people, I just don’t get it, I’m sure they don’t loose any sleep over it, lol. Good luck to you Dona.

      1. I too… I am having the same problem. How in the heck did you even get a hold of customer service? This makes me reconsider ordering online. The old saying of it’s too good to be true usually is

  25. Totally untrustworthy company.
    They blamed me for their shipping mistake. Sent me the wrong item, told me several times that I ordered that item. A lie
    Was told the “manager does not speak to anyone directly”.
    Refuses to send a prepaid shipping label to return item.
    I’ve been dealing with this over two weeks.
    Now ignoring my emails.
    Horrible, shameful and totally unprofessional.

  26. I have questions? Whay FB is supporting scammers like Noracora?
    I complained to FB and PayPal but no answers..
    After my post on FB they have been threatening me to close my account…
    I lost the money, resived garbage and was punish…..

    1. I did get everything I ordered but the quality of the clothing is cheap. Only one top I ordered is actually wearable. The sizes are all off and the fabric that was used in one of the tops looks like it should be used on a craft project. It’s like felt or something on that order and it was huge. I ordered a size Medium. It looks like a size extra large. I ordered a pair of jeans and they’re such a joke. The waist is so small I can barely get them buttoned but the rest of the jeans are too big! The legs are way too big. They look like bloomers! This company must employ children or they have no knowledge of how to sew or just don’t care. I’ll know from now on not to order anything made in China or anything advertised on Facebook. It’s nothing but junk!!

    2. Most of the vendors we see on Facebook are shady. FB doesn’t care. They get paid for advertising them.

  27. Do not bother ordering from this company located in China. I ordered 7 shirts, 2 were torn at the neckline seam. When I tried to exchange I was given a run around for 2 wks. I was offered 25% off which I rejected. I sent pictures of the damage tool. Eventually they claimed the rip was part of the design! Not a word of exchange. Of course this delaying tactic was so I could not ultimately return them due to their severe window of return. The rest of the shirts were cheaply made and the long sleeve shirt went nearly to my knees and I am not short. Sizing was strange also. The company will not, I believe, give you your money back. They will email you back & forth until your window of return is passed. And, you have to pay to send back to China. They would not even pay for the damaged tops to be returned. The company is a fraud and you are a fool if you order. You will regret it. I lost over $100 trying to return shirts, only to find they are not interested in returning your money or exchanging the merchandise.

    1. There are a few companies out there that operate in the same way. There is a way to get around them. After denying my request for a refund, I was able to get my money back by talking to my bank. Told them about being scammed (photos and screen shots of company replies) and THEY reversed the charge on my credit card bill. I’m more careful now about the companies I will trust to buy online from.

  28. I received my sweater today! I had alerted my post office to track the package as it was sent to the wrong address. The size, fit and material is satisfactory, but I won’t probably won’t be ordering any more products after reading so many negative comments.

  29. I ordered a simple cotton sweater a month ago. When I noticed that the address was incorrect and was to go to a vacant building in a different zip code, I notified the company to change the address. It was too late to change. I have alerted my post office to watch out for the package. I will let you know if and when I receive the sweater. I should have looked at the reviews before buying it!


    I received my three tops two months after I ordered them. Ordered large – yet they were so small they would not even fit over my head. Not to worry – this is their guarantee:
    Quote”if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, it is easy to return and receive a refund. Please contact us at, we will try our best to meet your request.”

    Not so fast. This is the email I received when I requested a refund:

    (copied from their email to me)
    Sorry that you are not satisfied with the item(s).
    Our return center is located in Guangzhou, China.
    According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and any other related return charges (including possible custom fees). Your refund will be processed after our return center receives and inspects the return package.

    Since International returns might result in long waiting times and incur substantial return costs on your side, we recommend some alternative methods to resolve this issue.”

    Funny how the website never mentioned that the return shipping was to China, could take months and would incur shipping, customs, and delivery charges…. do you think that was on purpose?


  31. I’m so pissed! They want you to keep the crap and offer you a 15% discount with no need to return them. Luckily I paid for them with PayPal. Eventually I will get my money back. I hope. I’m glad I didn’t pay hundreds of dollars like some victims reviews. What should we expect from Coronavirus china? I don’t trust anything from them, who knows what they’re shipping here with our purchases. I’m sorry to all of us on here that got screwed by this company. 🖕 china 🇨🇳

  32. Terrible company, DO NOT order from them. Clothes are terrible. They are not legit.
    I notified my credit card and they issued me a refund.

  33. I have had the same problem with returning a package and can’t get a address. My order was for 4 articles. They arrive in plastic bags . Nothing was folded or buttoned , very cheap material and everything so wrinkled.Have tried to return. I don’t recommend anyone ordering from this company.

  34. reat!!!! I ordered 55$ 3 tops. After placing order , then I see China!! I a!ways try to finance my own country. Watch now I probably won’t get my items. Or get them after January.

  35. Why didn’t I see these reviews before I handed over nearly $200? Now I find out they have to go back to China. Apparently there cotton is actually polyester and bad polyester to boot. Clothes received somewhat resembled the clothes pictured. Fabric is like none you’ve known here on earth. Sizes are very “screwy some things too large, some are too small, some are both, NONE WERE JUST RIGHT. I had my choice of getting back 15% of what I spent and I could keep all the crap. Or 50% back on coupon to buy more crap or mail it to China . I was thinking about the China route but fear that because it could cost a fortune, never get there, or just be never refunded.

  36. My massage is simple and clear ! Don’t buy it , this Noranora company is a fake , the clothes I received completely garbage! The size small like 4XXXX , even 7ft tall petson can’t use it ! Too big as too long , I spent almost $ 200.

  37. Where do I start?????
    Order clothes back on July 24 and paid extra for delivery on the 30 of July
    The package was lost in Memphis by fed ex
    I’ve work with fed ex everyday since Monday August 2 and it is lost
    When I can emailed NORACORA with questions they have some excuse and their still searching what a crock
    I have been asking for a refund or another
    Package nothing
    This company is a scam do not order from them

  38. Do not buy! These items are also sold through another vendor Varnok, but same items. Measurements did not match, no paperwork in the package. They agreed to an exchange for another size, if I paid $17 in shipping and I could keep the two items already received. I’ve never heard of a store not wanting their products back in an exchange. Also, I was required to make a screenshot of my PayPal acct payment, somehow they needed that rather than checking their account. It was a little too weird – anyone have anything like this?

    1. Same company additional names: DressLily, RoseWholesale, RoseGal, SammyDress, Zaful, Nasty Dress, TwinkleDeals, TrendsGal, Rotita, Modlily, SheIn, EmeryRose, NoraCora, Varnok.

      1. I think zolucky is one too. I just ordered $200 worth of stuff from noracora, haven’t received it yet. So I was poking around online and stumbled across some reviews and well…anyway I did order $100 worth from zolucky and was able to wear 3 shirts i bought but the other stuff I bought was trash. The pictures they showed online were not what I received.

    2. They also operate as MilanMills, and use an “N” monogram and the word “Nordstorm” (yes, they intentionally spelled wrong to mislead you). Same shoddy merchandise, same refusal to give refunds unless you pay shipping back to China, claim luxurious packaging for shipping (torn plastic bag). We were able to show using email copies that we canceled order before they shipped it. PayPal refunded us in full. Absolutely typical Chinese scumbag scammers. DO NOT GET SCREWED OVER BY THESE THIEVES.

  39. Cheats. I returned $190 in merch’, but NO Refund. The US Post Office says my package is being held by the Customs Dept. in China. Noracora could retrieve the package from Customs Dept but won’t. They save $190. I paid $65 for return shipping. I lose $255.
    They do not respond to my emails about the problem. (But they responded to my first email). They are deliberately cheating me out of $190 US dollars. They lose nothing.
    Also, delivery took weeks and weeks. Some items arrived over 5 weeks after I ordered.
    My order number is HBPT 00683401

  40. I ordered several things, $150. + and only 1 item was as the picture had shown it. They were supposed to be embroidered and what I actually got was just cheap printed material. I was shocked! The size measurements were not true to the chart either. Don’t waste your money! China is hiding behind the label. It took 3weeks to get something I put in goodwill.

  41. I had paid for a top and it was slow to get sent but it did arrive at Canada Postal Service and I was notified. They notified me that they had delivered my package on Aug.6…wrong ! It was sent to another address as I checked with the postal supervisor. Someone at NoraCora had put the wrong postal code on the parcel. I was told the likelyhood of getting my top was zero ! I wrote them and told them the problem was at their end. They responded that they would send me a new top and had me varify my address. Now I got an email that this topis sold out so they wanted to send me three items I have already received . This is crazy !!!!!! I asked them to reimburse my account but who knows if they will. Are they a scam?

  42. Please DON’T order from this company!!! I placed an order with them, and what was pictured did match the expectations. If you want to be mislead or want a poor screenprint of what you see or non flowing dresses or cheap fabric, then this is the place for you. The size doesn’t match either according to measurements. They say that returns are simple, but by the time you ship it back to China, yes I wrote China (because that’s where the returns go), you’ve lost 75% of what you’ve paid! They’ve won on the scam and they know it. But, I shipped my order back…still waiting on my return refund. It’s a matter of principal. It’s also a matter of getting the word out. DON’T order from this company! I’ll take my chances with Amazon or a great sale at a box store. At least returns are free and shipping won’t cost $80+ dollars. Noracora, my order number if you’re wondering was #HBPT00672830.

    1. Maybe this is one of Hunter Biden’s money-making schemes. I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered from them! When I entered my order #, the order was shown, but when I tapped return, it took me to an entirely different page. I tried twice; same results. My order total was not as much as some of the others, but what an expensive lesson!

  43. MI placed an order with this c ompany on May 31st & paid with PayPal. It’s June 7th & I’ve not gotten any emails with the status of my order.
    I tried logging back in the day after I placed it and my password doesn’t work! I’ve requested a link to get a new password multiple times but it NEVER WORKS!
    I have looked into disputing the purchase with PayPal because instead of a charge to Noracora the charge is to a Joy Fornice Designs?
    I hope I have not been scammed.

    1. Great!!!! I ordered 55$ 3 tops. After placing order , then I see China!! I a!ways try to finance my own country. Watch now I probably won’t get my items. Or get them after January.

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