Kiteok Reviews: Is It Worth Buying Or Just Another Scam?

kiteok reviews

Your dressing requires creativity and a little risk to cope with the trending fashion sense. When you get dressed, that impresses everyone; it makes you feel confident and happy. Clothes cover not only your body but are responsible for defining your personality. It is essential to buy excellent yet trendy clothes that make you stand out.

Here we bring you kiteok reviews, one of the trendy clothing brands. It offers various unique apparel with inclusive designs for its customers. It is something you find everywhere. Let’s have a look at the brand in a bit of detail.

Kiteok Motto

Kiteok is an activewear apparel company. It is authorized to make good quality clothes for its customers. They offer clothes and daily use electronics that may be helpful.

Their main aim is to manufacture comfortable clothes. They believe your apparel should be easy enough to wear the whole day. So they use good fabric and loose dresses to make you feel classy yet happy.

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What does Kiteok offer its customers?

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 They manufacture an excellent range of daily wearables. You can buy a good range of clothes, including leggings, skirts, shorts, pants, jumpsuits and much more.

They are not limited to clothes; a good range of electronics is also available. If you visit the website, they offer many things that are required in daily life. It usually includes a Bluetooth scooter, Racer pedal car, Go kart, Dance pole, electric heated gloves, electric heated socks, an external battery pack, a children’s study table, and much more.

Furthermore, you can even grab camping tents, electric kettles, cocktail shakers, temperature machines, storage sheds etc.

Are these clothes available at other stores?

We took a look at many sites. Amazon offers a good range of clothes. However, you cannot find such designs at prices similar to those of kiteok. You can look for leggings for under $30 on Amazon. All of them are plain tights with not even a single print on them. However, kiteok offers checkered, floral, and abstract patterns.

eBay has a fantastic range of skits on its website. You can find many prints, but all of them are straight skirts. Kiteok is offering dresses with flares that are loose and comfortable to wear. Their colors are brighter and are a must for casual day wear. The prices on eBay for a classic skirt are pretty high. So it is preferable to order from kiteok, where the colors are much better.

The Pants and Capri collection is significant and much better than any other website. So we can say it is hard to find such variety anywhere else.

Camping tents and other electronic devices are almost in the same price range on both websites. So, you can order from any site for electronics. However, clothes are preferably much better on kiteok.

Customer Reviews: Are they selling good products to their customers?

kiteok reviews

The official website lacks customer responses after the purchase. We looked into other websites to find their opinions. Trustpilot shows a 1.3 rating for the website with 100% terrible reviews. There is not even a single good response from the patrons.

A customer says they did not deliver the parcel and refuses a refund. They are complete scammers. No one should trust them.

Laura says she paid $75 for the coffee grinder and returned nothing. They delivered a pair of socks after a month. This is ridiculous.

Jay says he ordered Bluetooth speakers for $79. However, he received a tank top in return. He is very disappointed and says that he must have done research before paying.

Their YouTube reviews show that they lack social media accounts. The address given on their website is fake. You will not receive the parcel if you order anything. Instead, you will only lose your money here. A lot of complaints have been registered against them till now.

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Free Shipping

They are providing free shipping on orders above $50. You can add at least two items to your cart to avail yourself of this offer.

Return and Refund Policy

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They provide a complete refund if you do not like the product. You can return it, and an address is also given for that. However, the returning address is different from the shop’s address on their page. So this is quite fishy.

The email and address in their return policy differ from the one given on their about page. So, you cannot trust them that easily. Why will you give different emails on a single webpage?

Kiteok Reviews

We have listed kiteok reviews to help our readers choose the best. Although the price, designs, and colors are unique, do not fall for the trap. They have pictures on their website that are fake or stolen from other sites. You will not receive anything like it is shown. The reviews are abysmal.

One should be pretty aware of their site. The email and address also vary on their webpage. We suggest you stay away from such scammers and do a little research on your own.

4 Reviews

  1. Ordered salt index generator for salt water swimming pump. It’s been 2 months but we still have not received it. Of course they took money from our account. We have tried to call but it’s always busy SCAM!!

  2. Husband purchased a Barbie doll dream house for a granddaughter‘s birthday a month ago they have withdrew the money from our account and haven’t received the product! We’ve emailed them but the order & the phone number given it’s not in service. This totally pisses me off! Something needs to be done about them and refund others their money as well!

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