Kitsch Shampoo Reviews: Does It Offer What It Claims?

Kitsch shampoo bars are a popular choice for people looking for a more sustainable and natural way to wash their hair. They are made with all-natural ingredients and come in various formulas to suit different hair types. But does it offer what it claims? Let us find this out in the kitsch shampoo reviews blog post.

kitsch shampoo reviews
kitsch shampoo reviews

What is Kitsch Shampoo

“Kitsch Hair Growth Rice Shampoo Bar.” It’s a solid shampoo bar that claims to be made in the US, all-natural, vegan, and formulated with rice water, essential oils, and natural ingredients. The product is said to be suitable for all hair types, with a focus on providing nourishment, moisturizing, and preventing excessive splitting or breakage.

  1. Bottle-Free Shampoo Bar: This shampoo bar is designed to provide a salon-quality hair care experience without using traditional plastic bottles. It comes in a solid form.
  2. Rice Water Protein: The shampoo bar contains rice water protein, which is a potential ingredient for promoting hair growth and strength.
  3. Nourishing and Moisturizing: The product is formulated to gently cleanse, moisturize, and nourish the hair. It’s particularly aimed at addressing dry and color-treated hair.
  4. pH Balancing: The ingredients in the shampoo bar are said to help balance the pH of the hair, contributing to healthier-looking locks.
  5. Zero Waste Packaging: The shampoo bar comes in packaging that is 100% compostable and doesn’t use plastic. This aligns with eco-friendly practices and contributes to reducing plastic waste.
  6. Natural Ingredients: The shampoo bar is formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients. It is stated to be free from Sulfates, Parabens, artificial fragrances, and dyes.
  7. Scent: The shampoo bar is scented with White Tea & Mandarin, potentially providing a pleasant aroma during use.
  8. Suitable for All Hair Types: It’s indicated that the shampoo bar is suitable for all hair types, making it versatile for various hair care needs.
  9. Prevention of Splitting and Breakage: The formulation is intended to help prevent excessive splitting and breakage, which can be beneficial for maintaining hair health.
  10. Leaping Bunny Certified: The product is certified by Leaping Bunny, indicating that no new animal tests were used in its development. This certification highlights its cruelty-free status.

Best Seller: Rice Water Shampoo Bar for Hair Growth

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Rice Water Shampoo Bar
Rice Water Shampoo Bar

The Rice Water Shampoo Bar combines the cleansing properties of a traditional shampoo with the potential benefits of rice water. These bars are designed to provide a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to liquid shampoos. They can offer a concentrated and more sustainable way to cleanse and nourish your hair.


  • Rice Water Formula: Formulated with rice water to repair damaged hair follicles and prevent split ends.
  • Hair Volume Boost: Rice Protein has been shown to increase hair volume by 20% after 5 washes.
  • Nourishing Cleanse: Designed to encourage overall hair length and density, it provides a nourishing cleanse.
  • Shine Enhancement: Boosts shine in dull and dry hair.
  • Ingredient Conscious: Free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, and artificial fragrance. Safe for color-treated hair.


  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
  • Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil
  • Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
  • Natural Fragrance
  • Iron Oxide
  • Fragrance: White Tea & Mandarin


My hair is super shiny, more voluminous, thicker and generally less frizzy and healthy since using this shampoo. I’ve also bought the conditioner bar and have since bought the net bags to use with them direct from kitsch. If you’re struggling with hair in plughole when you wash, have thin lank hair, lacking volume then rush and get it. It’s fantastic. By Helen. Source.

First of all, I have waist length fine, wavy (2B/2C) hair. I really wanted to like this because of it’s environmentally friendly attributes and the fact that it contains rice water, but I found that this caused excessive hair fall for me. By Philana.

My menopausal hair was getting a bit frizzy and my scalp had started to itch. Then I bought this beautiful shampoo and ehole it takes a little getting used to my hair feels beautiful, glossy, clean and I can now go up to a week without washing. My hair is almost waist length and it’s lovely it does stay a little dampnaround the edges but should last months. Sadly the conditioner bar is a bit “meh” and its nice at my scalp but rubbish on my length. Maybe its perfect for shorter hair but if I use it on my length it won’t last more than a few washes. That and it squashes and stays wet no matter what I do. But honestly these are still game changers and so so worth a try. No strong scents and no residues ect. Absolutely wonderful. By Marylouck. Source.

I feel like this stuff ruined my hair. I had to go and get half my hair trimmed after using this for a month. It dried my hair out so bad, no amount of leave in conditioner or detangler could help me get the knots out of my hair. Even my hair dresser had a hard time detangling my hair with her best products. By Brook. Source.

Kitsch Shampoo Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Positive Reviews

So- this shampoo bar did not help whatever weird condition is afflicting my scalp. However- I am giving this bar five stars, because Kitsch, as a company, is providing a level of incredible customer service that has become increasingly rare. All I can say is I now know this company really, really cares about its custom. By Laughing. Source.

My daughter-in-law recommended this Kitsch shampoo bar and I reluctantly tried it–I was very skeptical. Her hair looks great, shiny and soft, but she has really thick long hair while I have baby fine thinner hair.I ordered the shampoo bar while it was on a Prime Day deal and thought, well, I’ll give it a try – I can always give it to my daughter in law. By Kathyran. Source.

I have very thin hair and I am 56 years old. I have used every brand for volume on the market. I have spent up to $50 a bottle and it not work. Got my first bar and have been using for about week now and my hair has volume. Less fall out. Shine and the lather is amazing. No huge bottle taking up space and all I can say is I will be ordering more from them in different reasons for hair growth and also shine cause I like to switch it up so my hair don’t just get used to it. Money back guarantee give it a try I believe you will be hooked after the first time. By Betty. Source.

I was caught on the thought of reducing plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles so I gave these a try. They do better than I expected. It did take awhile for my hair to adjust to a new product. I have hard water and was easily able to achieve lather. I am still using my first order so not sure if they will surpass 3 bottles of shampoo but I plan to stay with them. My hair feels very clean and health. By Tami. Source.

The 1st thing I noticed is that it does not have much of a scent at all. I expected the tea tree smell and scalp tingle. I didn’t get it. It is a nice product though. The bar is really dense and long-lasting. It lathers well and rinses out clean. I like it. By. Luna.Source.

Holy cow! Yes! Yes! Yes!
I’ve been really trying to think about environmentally friendly products and packaging, and I’ve wanted to try a solid shampoo bar for a while. I opted for this one because the reviews and the price were really good.
Well, the first one that I bought was snagged by my daughter! And after using it once, her hair was so incredibly soft, she didn’t want to give it back! She has thick, fine, young hair. But I wanted to see how it would work on my older, color treated hair. My hair tends to frizz and get fluffy, no matter what I do. Plus, we live in an area with really hard water. My hairdresser recommended using Moroccan/Aragan oil and it helped a little but not what I was hoping for.
So, I get my second bar and I finally, yes, finally I have found hair nirvana! I spent a whole day with my hair down and it still looked great. I am so incredibly happy with this product and I can’t recommend it enough.
Other reviews suggested putting it into a mesh bag, because it gets a little slippery. I just used a very small laundry bag from the dollar store, the kind you would use for your delicates, works great! Buy this! Mrs. Starbucks. Source.

Negative Reviews

This was the worst decision of my life. I have very normal hair. I don’t dye it. I don’t use heat to it except for special occasions or holidays. My hair is not overly dry or greasy. It’s just normal! I bought these to try because I thought it was a cool idea to try to save plastic and space in my shower. I normally wash my hair every 3 days and it still looks freshly washed. The first time I used this I didn’t like the smell. It had a funny milky odor. Is VERY slippery in the hands in the shower so it was hard to use. When my hair was dry it was fine. No smell. No real changes. But by the end of the day my hair was a grease ball. The next morning I woke up and my hair looked like icing on a cake. It was SO GREASY!  By Crystal. Source.

First of all, I have waist length fine, wavy (2B/2C) hair. I really wanted to like this because of it’s environmentally friendly attributes and the fact that it contains rice water, but I found that this caused excessive hair fall for me. I used it 4 times within a period of 2 weeks (every 3 to 4 days to wash my hair). Followed with the Kitsch coconut oil conditioner which seemed moisturising when using it, but after air drying my hair, my strands were left very dry. Worst of all, while washing, I noticed 3 times more hair coming out than normal. Even after my hair was dry, whenever I would touch my hair just to put it up, or brush or plait it, more hair than normal came out in my hands. I am not sure if it is because of greater agitation while using the shampoo bar, but even with that, I tried to lather in my hands as much as possible and then put the lather into my hair to avoid too much friction after the first time I noticed so much hair fall. It didn’t make a difference. After the fourth time I decided that I do not want to continue with this and destroy my hair. I’ve gone back to my normal. By Phinala

After reading all those positive review, I had a high hope on this product. First try was okay. After using the second time, my hair had so much build-up, it got so sticky that I couldn’t even comb my hair. My scalp felt like it was covered by wax, almost like wearing a helmet. Couldn’t even let my finger through my hair. It was so bad that I had to wash my hair mid-day with clear shampoo, wash off whatever that was build up from two usage. Sorry but this did not meet my expectation. Oh, and, this doesn’t even contain real tea tree oil nor mint, according to the ingredient list. Those are just a “natural fragrance” added. By Nh. Source.

Ugh I’m so frustrated! I try to use bar soap ava shampoo to avoid generating plastic waste. This shampoo bar came in a box that was lined with plastic on the inside and the outside of the box. I think this company is just green washing. Will absolutely not buy from this sketchy brand again.By Glixer Jill. Source.

Youtuber Reviews: Super Zero or Kitsch

If you are environmentally conscious, then sometimes come with its challenges, including finding products that align with both your sustainability goals and your specific needs. It’s positive to see that you’re exploring different options and considering products like the Super Zero and Kitsch (scent-free for sensitive scalps). Reading reviews and learning from others’ experiences can be valuable when making decisions about which products to try.

I really wish being environmentally conscious didn’t cost so much. I may try the super zero. Kitsch (the scent free for sensitive scalp) did not last a whole month for me either. By @karenmeyer9667. Source.

Agree, I don’t think Kitsch is going to last 200 washes! I’ve been using it for a month and it’s starting to deposit a lot of product. I have the caddy and everything! I only use the conditioner on my ends and after a few minutes brush through with a wet brush. If I put it on my roots it’s like way too heavy but I have serious dry ends plus I live in the desert. I also don’t use heat styling product very often, maybe 1-2 times a month. I’m totally trying the other product you reviewed! Thanks! By
@user-wl4gx7ui4y. Source.

Super Zero or Kitsch

  1. @juliekowalewski2836: Expresses interest in trying Super Zero based on your recommendation. Also inquires about your skincare and makeup routine.
  2. @tabathafriday4670: Highly praises Super Zero, mentioning it lasts a long time even with regular use.

Amazon Gives 4 Stars

The “Kitsch Hair Growth Rice Shampoo Bar” seems to have generally positive feedback. Here’s a breakdown of the customer ratings and their corresponding percentages:

  • 5-star: 69%
  • 4-star: 14%
  • 3-star: 8%
  • 2-star: 4%
  • 1-star: 5%

Pros and Cons



  • All-natural ingredients
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Variety of formulas to choose from
  • Leaves hair feeling clean, soft, and manageable


  • Doesn’t lather as well as traditional shampoos
  • Can leave hair feeling dry
  • Can be expensive

How To Use

To use the “Kitsch Hair Growth Rice Shampoo Bar,” follow these general steps:

  1. Wet Your Hair: Thoroughly wet your hair in the shower.
  2. Rub the Shampoo Bar: Take the shampoo bar in your hands and rub it between your palms to create a lather. Alternatively, you can rub the bar directly onto your wet hair.
  3. Apply to Hair: Apply the lathered shampoo directly to your scalp and hair. Gently massage your scalp using your fingertips to distribute the shampoo and cleanse your scalp.
  4. Lather and Cleanse: Continue massaging and lathering the shampoo through your hair, focusing on the roots and working your way to the ends.
  5. Rinse: Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your scalp and hair, rinse your hair with water until the shampoo is completely washed out.
  6. Condition (If Desired): Depending on your hair type and preference, you can follow up with a conditioner if needed. However, some solid shampoo bars are formulated to be conditioned enough on their own.
  7. Dry and Style: After rinsing, you can proceed with your regular hair drying and styling routine.

Side Effects

  1. Allergic Reactions: Some natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. It’s a good idea to check the ingredient list for any components that you might be allergic to.
  2. Scalp Sensitivity: If you have a sensitive scalp, new products, even natural ones, can sometimes cause irritation. It’s recommended to do a patch test before applying the shampoo bar all over your scalp.
  3. pH Balancing: While the shampoo bar is formulated to balance the pH of your hair, some individuals might experience an adjustment period as their hair adapts to the new pH levels.
  4. Transition Period: If you’re transitioning from traditional liquid shampoos to a solid bar, your hair might need some time to adjust. During this transition, your hair might feel different due to factors like adjusting to the new formula or removing residues from previous products.
  5. Overuse: Using any product excessively can sometimes lead to unintended effects, such as dryness or increased oiliness.
  6. Some experience hair fall and greasy scalp.

Kitsch Shampoo reviews VS Ethique Sweet & Spicy – Volumizing Solid Shampoo Bar for Fine, Flat, Limp Hair

FeatureKitsch Shampoo BarsEthique Sweet & Spicy Shampoo Bar
IngredientsCoconut oil, shea butter, essential oilsCocoa butter, coconut oil, sea salt
ScentVariety of scentsSweet orange, cinnamon, and ginger
Target hair typeAll hair typesFine, flat, or limp hair
Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars (4,500+ reviews)4.2 out of 5 stars (1,500+ reviews)
Average rating4.24.2

Is Kitsch Shampoo For You?

Whether the “Kitsch Hair Growth Rice Shampoo Bar” is suitable for you depends on your specific hair care needs, preferences, and any potential sensitivities you may have.

Grey Hair and Hair Fall Concerns:

Some individuals may have reported concerns about greasy hair or hair fall while using the shampoo bar. It’s important to remember that individual reactions can vary widely due to factors such as hair type, pre-existing conditions, and sensitivities.

If these concerns align with your own, you might want to use the product cautiously or consult a dermatologist or hair care professional for advice.

Mixed Reviews:

It’s not uncommon for products to receive mixed reviews. Positive reviews indicate that many users have had satisfactory experiences with the shampoo bar, while negative reviews might highlight areas where the product didn’t meet certain individuals’ expectations.

When evaluating reviews, try to identify patterns or trends in feedback. If a specific issue, such as greying hair or hair fall, appears in multiple reviews, it’s worth taking into consideration.