Koshio Bean Bag: Is It A Reliable Brand?

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Are you looking for a comfortable chair? Is it difficult to sit on normal chairs? Do you want something funky for your room? Then bean bags are the best option available on the market. They are bags filled with memory foam. It helps you provide the best comfort and relieves stress. However, you need to look for a reliable and effective one.  

Koshio bean bags claim to be the best quality product on the market. They are comfortable and large enough for a complete human to sleep on. But is the money worth it? Does it relax your neck muscles? Is it a wise choice to buy one from Koshio?

We bring you koshio bean bag reviews to determine whether it is worth the money. Let us look into the details of the website. Here, we would enlist all the pros and cons, followed by customer reviews. Read More: Wellamoon Reviews

About koshio bean bag

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Koshio bean bag presents you with the most luxurious and comfy bean bags. Their main motive is to provide comfort to the customers. It is important that you relax at the end of the day to feel whole again. They began a beautiful journey by testing their first product, which is now pretty famous. 

These bean bags are the best chairs for moving around the house. They usually serve the purpose of sitting or leaning. However, the koshio bean bags are large enough for people to comfortably sleep over them. 

Cloud-like Koshio Bean Bag

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You can now enjoy the feeling of being high in the clouds. These koshio bean bags will provide you with such a relaxing sleep that it feels like another place. The size is super big, just like the clouds in the sky. It is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people. Don’t Miss: Necklow Pillow Reviews

Neutral statement

We all love neutral colors, which are pretty on trend these days. Neutral colors match your home decor and look elegant. Thus, koshio bean bags are most likely available in neutral color ranges. They are present in different shades, as listed below.

  1. Black
  2. Space Green
  3. Brown
  4. Grey
  5. Rose
  6. Sky blue
  7. White
  8. Burgundy

All these colors are present on the website, and you can choose the one that matches your decor.

Bean bag size

The Koshio bean bag comes in an incredible size. Usually, the size is really small, and it gets harder to lie down over it. It’s a massive seven-foot-long bean bag. This length is ideal for people of different sizes. Everyone can now have fun with it. The dimensions of the bags are “7 ft. x 7 ft. x 3 ft.”

Capacity Koshio Bean Bag

Koshio Bean Bag Legit or scam

The bean bag is huge enough to hold more than one person. Usually, bean bags are small and can only accommodate one person. It is pretty common now.

However, the koshio bean bag can easily fill up to five people. Now, get ready for a movie night on this comfortable chair.

Money back guarantee

The Koshio bean bag comes with a money-back guarantee in case of a defect or incorrect delivery. You can get a full refund if the product needs improvement. As a result, they provide customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can reach them through email and get a fast response. 

Price Range

The koshio bean bag is about $175. Given the quality, the price is reasonable. However, a huge sale is live right now on the website. Now, you can get your hands on this amazing bean bag for only $89.95. 

Customer Reviews: Are They Satisfied?

The official website shows some amazing reviews for the product. One of the customers says, “Top quality product, pleasant to the touch. Just make sure you have enough space at home :-)”. Another one is happy to get such good quality at a reasonable price. People have even uploaded original pictures of the bean bag along with the comments. 

There are no reviews about the product on another website. 

Pros and Cons

Let us list down all the pros and cons of the website.



  • The bean bag is huge.
  • It can accommodate up to five people.
  • The bag is easily carried around the house.
  • An amazing sale is live on the website.
  • The reviews are good.


  • They still need to provide a contact number.

Final Verdict

We bring you koshio bean bag reviews to help you find a good, comfy chair for your room. Watching a movie or chatting with friends on bean bags gets easier. They are filled with memory foam to help your neck get better. The size and capacity are huge. You can get it now for nearly 40% off. This is a steal of a deal. Most people liked it. You can see various pictures with comments by the buyers. Thus, we recommend you give it a try at least once. 

17 Reviews

  1. THIS IS A HUGE SCAM! I ordered 2 chairs in January off of an ad on FB. Tracking system says they were delivered to an address in Miami, but I live in Virginia. Tried contacting them but the webpage no longer exists.

  2. I ordered my bean bag on 1-14-23 and have not received it, nor have I received an email from the company. Need a phone number or email to make contact please.

  3. Ordered mine two weeks ago and the Chinese tracking says it was delivered yet it NEVER was!!! I’ve emailed 5x and haven’t heard back.

  4. I ordered this product on 1/9/23 and never received it. I have emailed several times and do not get a response and mine also shows delivered however it was delivered in Los Angeles, CA and was suppose to come to MN.

  5. My bean bag was delivered somewhere other than to my address, I’m very disappointed and I’m still trying to reach the company

  6. Ordered 7foot chair was looking forward to getting it but never did, even though it said it was delivered. I was even home at the time it was delivered plus no one pulls in my drive way without my dogs letting me know.

    1. I am in the same position I ordered on January 13 and still haven’t received anything and can’t contact anyone.

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