Wellamoon Reviews: Does It Support Sleep?

Wellamoon Reviews

Are you suffering from insomnia? If yes, then you may have heard about the wellamoron. What is well after noon? Energized Mornings with This Protocol: The patch offers a safe, natural, and zero-side-effects means to sleep well each night. Hence, you wake up refreshed, sleep without disturbance, and face the day as your best self. Here we will discuss these patauchers’ great crimes. These patches are only available on their official website. The prices of these patches are only $29.95 vs. $45.90 (retail).

Many people are suffering from disturbed sleep. Indeed, there are many over-the-counter medications available now. But these drugs have some side effects. Many of you must have paid hefty fees to doctors for quality sleep, but sometimes nothing works. What to do in such cases? It is best to look for something less invasive and the item that causes insomnia. Many brands sell sleep patches, but not all of them work as well as they claim. It’s best to go for the new clothes and the top-quality patches. What are the side effects? How to use it, and much more.

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What is the effect of bad sleep quality?

Bad sleep quality can cause:

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Impaired Memory
  3. Chronic Fatigue
  4. Weight Gain
  5. Weakened Immune System
  6. Increased Risk of Stroke
  7. Stress & Anxiety
  8. Mood Swings

Do deep sleep patches work?

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Although more study is required to learn how melatonin patches vary from other melatonin supplements, the studies advise that continuous melatonin via a transdermal sleep patch may help the user stay asleep.

What are the best sleep patches?

Here are the top five available choices

  • Live To Shine Melatonin Plus GABA Sleep Patch. 
  • Klova Sleep Patch. 
  • Respro Labs Natural Melatonin Patch Sleep Aid. 
  • The Good Patch Nite Nite Patch. 
  • Steven Gabriel MD Sleep Topical Patch.

What is the best product for deep sleep?

From (CBD) Pillows to White Noise Machines, Here is  How to Have Better Sleep

  • CBD Pillow.
  • LUNA Weighted Blanket.
  • Loftie Clock.
  • LectroFan White Noise Sound Machine.
  • TO POINT Bluetooth Headphones for Sleep.
  • Bose Sleepbuds II.
  • This works with the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.
  • EverlyWell Sleep and Stress Test.

Are sleep patches addictive?

It is the main query. Are they addictive? If you are talking about sleep patches, there are no addictive chemicals or toxins. Must Like: Koshio Bean Bag

About wellamoon 

Wellamoon Reviews1

It is the patch that offers Perfectly Restful Sleep and, hence, an energized morning. It is safe and natural, with no side effects. So now, one can enjoy quality sleep each night. It is the patch that makes you:

  • Wake up refresh
  • Offer sleep without interruption, 
  • Face the day as your best self.

What do Wellamoon Sleeping Patches?

Sleeping patches help with the following:

  1. Fall Asleep Fast
  2. Wake Up Easily 
  3. Stay Sleeping 
  4. Reduce Fatigue 
  5. Feel Energized
  6. Reduce brain fog
  7. Increase Focus
  8. Wake up easily

How do I use it?

First, you need to peel off the patches and the protective sticker. Why is that so? The sticker keeps them fresh. All you need to do is peel it off.

After that, stick It On. Place the patch on a neat, preferably hairless region of the body, like the stomach, shoulder, forearm, or thigh.

Rest And RelaxThe patch will work its magic as you sleep! The ingredients will help you get great sleep easily.

What are the benefits of Wellamoon?

  1. Enjoy Benefits and Feel Like A Brand
  2. It improves all sleep stages
  3. Wake up energized and alert
  4. There are no side-effects
  5. It promotes general health and immunity
  6. So, is it not a great thing? Is it too good to be true? Let us find this out in the upcoming section of the user feedback.

wellamoon reviews: What are user saying?

Wellamoon Reviews legit or scam

There is much good feedback from the buyers on their official website:

I’m finally getting 8 hours of sleep without waking up my wife! I had insomnia for years. At one point, it got so bad that my tossing and turning kept my wife awake. Now I sleep calmly and wake up feeling rested, sharp, and ready to face the day.

I ruined my sleep schedule after cramming for my exams. I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep for weeks after that. And I hated taking sleeping pills because I heard they could be addictive or make you drowsy. So I tried sleeping patches. Wellamoon has helped me sleep better, wake up more easily, and I don’t even need a cup of coffee in the morning!

Wellamoon helped my insomnia! I used to stay wide awake for at least an hour every night. It ruined my sleep, and I was constantly tired because I had only two days of good sleep in a week since starting to use these patches. I’m consistently sleeping 8 hours a night and waking up more refreshed every week.

Pros and cons



  • There is no side effect
  • It is easy to use
  • It has great feedback on the official website


  • There is no user feedback on another platform.

The overview

Here is the final review of these patches. They are simple to use and contain melatonin. It helps in offering quality sleep and making the user feel fresh in the morning. There is a great deal of feedback from the users on this website. You can try it as it offers no side effects.

33 Reviews

  1. So many unhappy people. I also ordered 2 packs yet was charged for 6. It’s the way their web site is set up. You must pay attention to the little line at the bottom that says you don’t want the extras they are offering. I had paid via pay pal and had my money refunded the same day. Sad to hear so many didn’t have the same luck!
    I also noticed they had me as a recurring order, to be charged and sent out monthly! I cancelled that real fast!
    I’ve yet to try them. Just hoping they work!

  2. they charged me for 4 boxes when I ordered 1.
    Refused to correct the order or refund me even though the order had not shipped.
    The 100% satisfaction guarantee is worthless.
    I have sent numerous emails and no response .
    Now they are offering a 40 % discount refund.

  3. I also ordered one box to try them out but was billed for an additional four boxes PLUS another charge on my credit card for who knows what?? I had to cancel my credit card so they could not charge me for anything again. Finally received an email from their “customer service” telling me that they couldn’t cancel my order as it had gone to shipping. They suggested that I “share” the extra items with my family and friends. I continue to insist on a refund and have my credit card company working on this as well.

  4. Facebook discount advertised for 70% but was charged full price. Customer service would not refund because it had shipped. Total scam.

  5. Same as everyone else. Ordered one, was charged for five. $68 worth of SCAM. Disputed the whole transaction with my bank and got every cent back! This company has numerous complaints with the BBB, you should all file one as well.

  6. My Aunt gave me some and they are really helping me fall asleep and stay asleep. I am now getting about 8 hours compared to the 5-7 I use to get. Since this was a gift I don’t know what the ordering process was like but I really like the patches.

  7. Was ordering 1 small box to try, but the page is setup so you CANNOT order less than 2 with a discount attached. I tried to backspace out of the order page, and it sent the “orders” through anyway! I am now waiting the 72 hours required to file a claim dispute on my credit card!

  8. SAme as most reviews I wanted one box when I realized about 1 minute later they charged extra 63.00 to me I e mailed called of course no answer on either they are just ripping people off . They need to be shut the fuck down .

  9. I,too, ordered one box and was charged for 4 more! I contacted them and same thing!! Very disreputable company. A class action lawsuit is needed!!

  10. I ordered their product in January, and I was really looking forward to trying the product. I still haven’t received the product and have been battling with them since March for a full refund. I keep getting told they don’t give refunds! What kind of company doesn’t give refunds in this day and age? Crooks, that’s what kind of company doesn’t give refunds!! And that’s exactly what kind of company Wellamoon is! DO NOT PURCHASE THEIR PRODUCTS!!! I’m out almost $100. SO pissed!!!!

  11. This company is absolutely terrible! Was billed for 2 orders but only placed one! They said they would get back to me within 24 hours. But never did! Complete fraud, you would be wise not to buy.

  12. AWFUL COMPANY. Ordered two packages and was charged for an additional 4. I emailed them within 10 minutes of ordering and got a response back I was too late, the order was already processed. When I received them I found they 1. don’t work at all, and 2. they tend to fall off at night. AVOID THIS OUTFIT!!!

  13. Wellamoon is a scam! Their product does NOT work and will NOT give you your money back, in spite of the 30-day guarantee on their website! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

    1. I agree they’re just a big rip off.I tried to order one Box to try the product and through their website and their shady business. They ended up billing me for 12 boxes.I immediately canceled my order. They ignored it 4 times and the next thing. I got from them was saying that they shipped it. Pretty sad when a business has to do such underhanded shady things to get rid of their product. . They should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t buy this. It can’t be good if they have to try to lie to you to get rid of it.

  14. I have been using this product for 3 months and I am finally sleeping again!!!


  15. Wow, I thought I was the only one having to deal with that idiot Matthew. I ordered 2 boxes and was charged for an additional 4 boxes and then was told I would have to pay to return them and then $4.95 would be taken off my refund for original shipping. This company AND Matthew are hideous! They run you in circles. They don’t care about customer service and most of all WHY IS IT OKAY THAT THEY CONTINUE SCAMMING PEOPLE???? Save yourself the headache and take your business elsewhere. This company should be put out of business for all these scams and complaints I’m now seeing.

  16. Same thing happened to me, I ordered one box at 14.40 and they charged me for over 100.00 worth, called to cancel within 5 minutes and they wouldn’t,t, it has been 3 weeks never received , finally got my credit to dispute. No one ever is available at their customer service. Ignored my emails and phone calls. BEWARE…

    1. Hi just reading this and it explains why I have not received refund for the patches and I sent them back in time for refund. I have gotten responses from a Matthew who He is one who told me about returning and refund but I continue to email him and well I hope that had read the reviews here sooner. I am still pursuing them as I spent over 52 dollars for 3 packages of patches. I don’t have money to just pay and not receive refund if not satisfied or change my mind. Someone in message below said contact ccc what is this? OK thanks for information

    2. Wish I had read before i ordered. Ordered one pack for $17.00 but surprise they charged my card $60.00. I called and left a message 10 min after I placed my order, no return call only email telling me they could not help me. No customer service, SCAM!!!!

  17. Company is a JOKE! SCAMMERS!
    Ordered product they gave me a tracking number that does not exsist . Then ignored my emails , had to call CC Company to let them know its a FRAUD…

  18. they charged me for 4 boxes when I ordered 1.
    Refused to correct the order or refund me even though the order had not shipped.
    The 100% satisfaction guarantee is worthless.

    1. The exact same thing happened to me. I finally got a response from them and was basically told tough cookie. I’m so pissed!!

  19. Dont buy from them them the service is terrible and thier 100% satisfaction guaratee is worthless.

  20. I recently ordered one box of wellamoon sleep patches. I was charged for five boxes. I have sent multiple emails and placed numerous calls to the company. No one answers. This company refuses to cancel my order or refund me. Do not deal with this company.

    1. Same here, I only wanted one box for $38.91 they charged for more items they threw in there for a total of $107, and just like the rest of the people complaints … this company is terrible scammers for sure!!!😡👹🤬

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