Lackt Reviews: All Solutions Under One Roof. Is It The Best E-Commerce Store?

Lackt Reviews

There are thousands of e-commerce sites on the internet. They offer their services globally. This trend has changed the shopping experience. Now you can buy anything from any part of the world. The time and the distance never matter. But there is a drawback to online shopping. Sometimes you receive a damaged or wrong order. It is a nightmare if you need to pay shipping charges to ship the item to the store. So, before buying anything from an online store, you need to look into their return policies. Shipping and exchange policies. The site that we will receive today is the LACKT.

It is an online e-commerce store that deals with all your shopping needs. It is a website that has everything from women’s wear to the kid’s section it has household items for outdoor decor.

But is this website too good to be true? What are users saying about it? Is it another scam? What is this return and exchange policy?

How many e-commerce websites are there in the US?

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The e-commerce trend is on the higher side. There has been a notable rise in the growth of this website after the emergence of COVID-19. Many people have lost their jobs and businesses. But the e-commerce platform opened its doors in May. Now you can do business while sitting at home if you talk about the US. This sector grew from USD 27.61 billion in 2020 to USD 861 million in 2020. So, about 1.8 million online retailers work in the United States and about 7.1 million globally.

Is the Lackt one of the reliable names in the USA? You need to know many factors before placing an order on the website. Some of them are user reviews, pricing, shipping, and exchange policies.

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About Lackt

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It is a USA-based store where that love to create attractive beginnings. Their top-notch production facilities are situated in China. This firm strives hard to create quality pieces with the right effort. So they never compromise on the quality of the stuff they use to make stuff.

The store’s main value is offering buyers the best items for years. 

What makes them different from other stores? This brand is very particular about its pattern. They print on demand to offer exclusive pieces to buyers. This brand strives to offer its buyers a top-notch shopping experience.

This e-commerce store makes its buyers buy something from this site. It is the reason they tag themselves as the “all solution under one roof.” They have the perfect customer care service to deal with queries and issues with orders. They tackle all the buyers’ needs and offer the best possible solutions.

What is their item range?

When you visit their website, you will see the three main categories:

  • Sweaters
  • Jeans
  • Kids

In the sweater section, you can view various winter attire, from cardigans to hoodies. The jeans category has a variety of denim that makes you look perfect.

It has a separate section for the kids that covers their toys’ needs. Besides this, you can get furniture, kitchenware, and other household items on this site.

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Do they offer clothes?

You shall have a separate section for women’s jeans and sweaters.

What sizes do they offer?

They have sizes ranging from small to plus sizes.

What does this store have?

It has the following:

  1. clothing
  2. toys
  3. kitchenware
  4. Furniture
  5. Lifestyle
  6. livingroom things
  7. more

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping on orders OVER $50.00.

How do you contact them?

6277 University Dr. NW # 6, Huntsville, AL 35806

Phone: (256) 886-8213

Is it an American brand?

They sell items in the USA, but all of them are China-made.

What does the payment mean?

  1. Paypal
  2. Visa
  3. Mastercard

What does the shipping cost?

With a value of between $0 and $50.00, shipping costs are $9.95. 

Do you need to pay taxes?

Each region has its own customs, laws, and policies. So, don’t hesitate to contact customs for information. 

Do they offer a refund?

You can return it within thirty days of buying it and get a full refund.



  • It covers everything.
  • Free shipping
  • It is a good refund policy


  • There are many bad reviews of this store
  • The site looks suspicious
  • The rate that is too good to be true

lackt reviews: The Customer Feedback

Lackt Reviews legit or scam

Feedback on Trust Pilot

I received socks after ordering chairs.

I received socks after ordering chairs. They tried telling my bank I ordered a vintage jumpsuit and that they didn’t even sell furniture, only clothing. I saved a screenshot of my transaction, so I had proof that they were a fraud company to my bank. Now I will make sure they get investigated for mail fraud too! Don’t do business with this company!

Do not buy from the site.

Do not buy from the site! On April 22, I ordered a Duramax shed ($79.99). They sent a small bag of socks. Socks shipped from China with delivery tracking (arrived on June 22). I emailed them a complaint about it. They confirmed the order was “mixed up” and said they’d re-send the original item. No tracking and no more email replies from the company. At the end of July’22, their business phone number kicks to a “Google customer is unavailable.” message. An expensive lesson: if it’s too good to be true, it most likely is. Research sites that are new to you.