David Outwear Reviews: The Best Clothing Store for Men Is it true?

David Outwear Reviews

Online shopping is so much fun. It is the most reliable and effective form of retail therapy. But today, hundreds of online stores deal with women’s wear, but only a few specialize in men’s wear. Indeed, men are not very particular about their attire, but they never ignore the quality of their products. Whether it’s their electronic gadgets or shoes, they want everything to be perfect and to the point. You might have seen online shops dealing with men’s wear, but are they too good to be true? The brand that we are going to review today is David Outwear.

David outwear is an online site that deals with various men’s items. It covers everything from jackets to wallets. You can have quality belts, gloves, and whatnot. But are they as good as they look?

Before buying from any new store, we advise you to read detailed reviews about the items. In this review, you will find all about this brand in great depth and detail.

Which site is best for men’s clothing?

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Here we have gathered the best online stores that claim to offer reliable and the best shopping experiences. Most of you might have heard about this e-commerce platform. These are the names that offer quality items to men.

8 Best e-commerce Shopping Places for Men

Myntra Myntra For all your shopping junkies, this is the place to be if you are looking for variety. 

  1. Jabong
  2. abof ©
  3. Ajio
  4. NNNOW©
  6. Snapdeal
  7. Koovs©

But the emerging store, David Outwear, claims to offer its buyers top-quality men’s wear. Are they too good to be true? Let us find out more about this name.

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About David Outwear

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It is the name that is all about style. They claim to offer other buyers top-notch items with unmatched customer service. So their quality items with the best customer care services make them the best among other stores. The brand claims to strive hard to offer its buyers reliable shopping experiences.

On this platform, we work to offer unique items with top-notch values to the buyers. They also offer super deals to their buyers. They also have discount coupons for loyal customers. 

Indeed, online shopping might be scary sometimes, but this online store will cover all your needs with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Why is that so? It is to make you feel comfortable.

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Product Range at David Outwear

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This brand offers a notable range of men’s wear and accessories. It covers every need of today’s men.

Leather Jackets

This store has offered its buyers a notable range of leather jackets. You can have them in various colors and shades. It has a size from xs to XXL. 


The shoes have a separate section, and sizes are available from 25 to 47. These are leather shoes with comfortable soles.


It has a separate part of the accessories. It covers everything from belts to wallets. All of them are made up of 100 percent leather,


David Outwear Reviews legit or scam

How do you contact them?

You can approach them via


What is their service timing?

Monday-Friday, 9.00 to 20.00.

Do they offer a return policy?

The buyer may return the items for any reason, but it has to be within 30 days of placing the order.

How to apply for the exchange?

If you require to exchange the goods, please email them to support@davidoutwear.com.

Do we need to pay for the return?

Buyers will be liable for paying for the shipping rates for returning their items. Remember, their shipping charges are non-refundable.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping over USD 150.

Are there any sales going on?

Yes, there is a clearance sale of up to 50 percent.

Do they ship globally?

Yes, they do ship globally.

Is it a USA-based brand?

No, it is a China-based brand.



  • Great reviews
  • All sizes
  • Free shipping


  • You need to pay for the return shipping.

David outwear reviews: customers’ reviews. 

There are no reviews of the items on their official websites.

Feedback on Facebook.

There are great reviews of the items on their Facebook page. 

Matt Lesakowski

I bought two jackets, and I love them. It arrived in 3 weeks, in the middle of the holidays. Customer service answered every email in under 48 hours, and I love this jacket.

Lana Saddleback

I ordered my boy’s jackets on November 26 and just received them on December 29. I live in Canada. My boys love the jackets, and I will likely order them again in the future. I’m a real person.

Feedback on Trust Pilot

There is about 80 percent of good feedback from the buyers on the trust pilot. Some of them are

Black Survival Jacket, Large

I bought a black survival jacket in black, and it’s warm. I have yet to try it in the rain to see if it is rainproof. It looks good with plenty of pockets. My main issue is the zip, which doesn’t fasten, so I use the buttons, which is annoying. The delivery from China took almost six weeks. Other than that, a reliable company.

Fantastic jacket!

Fantastic jacket!!! The jacket material feels comfortable and warm; it is very well manufactured and taken very well care of while being shipped. I quite enjoyed my jacket and it has the ability to remove the hood and tighten the waist when the weather is incredibly cold. I will most definitely be purchasing from this company from now on.

9 Reviews

  1. They are a TERRIBLE scummy company. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!!! I purchased the Boulevard leather jacket from David Outwear. When it arrived, it looked nothing like the picture. It was crumpled up, had tons of wrinkles, even after smoothing it out the leather was very wrinkly, thin and cheap looking. The zippers we stiff. Overall very poor quality for the price. When I tried to return the product, the customer service staff was rude, and they didn’t reimburse me any of the return shipping.

  2. CAUTION! These people pretend to be a US company selling leather jackets only to then mail you a fake leather item – not a proper jacket – from China which is only loosely lined – not padded as advertised.

    They then refuse to refund you the value making the return policy untenable.


  3. I ordered a jacket from them on 2/20/23 and received it on 2/27/23. It did not fit. I saw they had a 30 day return policy and expected that it would be like every other company I have ever purchased from and start on the date of receipt. I called them on 3/22/23 to return the item. I was denied the ability to return the jacket because “the return period expired that day.” They would not work with me at all. I will never purchase from this company and suggest that you don’t either.

  4. I’m currently bring screwed by David Outwear. Can anyone share a phone number to reach anyone above the company’s customer service department, or any other information that could be helpful? I have the emails to prove they are flat out denying our agreement.

    1. You’re not alone. I ordered a jacket from them on 2/20/23 and received it on 2/27/23. It did not fit. I saw they had a 30 day return policy and expected that it would be like every other company I have ever purchased from and start on the date of receipt. I called them on 3/22/23 to return the item. I was denied the ability to return the jacket because “the return period expired that day.” They would not work with me at all. I will never purchase from this company and suggest that you don’t either.

  5. After I kept bugging them to tell me where the item is shipping from since the customer service phone # is not listed and no item shipped in a timely manner. I also needed to receive the item by 12/24. 2 days later, they replied stating the item will be shipped shortly and they did not answer my question. I again wrote them and ask them the same thing, the answer I got is the SAME! So I told them to cancel my order, then the next day, I received an email stating they shipped the item. Of course the item did not come in time. The item of the quality is ok, not $150. I’d pay $40 for it but it was on sale for $75. This company is advertised as UK company but when I looked up the location of the address in the UK, it is NOT what you can see on Google Map. Also, I saw a page stating the company is based in Hong Kong but now I can’t locate it. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

  6. I would not recommend this company. If it is a legitimate company at all. Purchased a jacket recently from David Outwear.com and received A jacket… however this jacket was nothing like the jacket advertised on the website totally different with (some similarities) and it was not even the brand David Outwear on the tags as pictured on the website. This makes the company look really really bad and shady along with the Influencers they are using to promote their false clothes. When you have David Outwear all over your site, the jackets and clothes have tags that say David Outwear with a lion on the site & pictured, branded under that name. Then the costumer receives not only a different style coat but an entirely different brand and when I researched the coat I found it on Amazon for $50. This is not only false advertising I know it is illegal. You have a company that is purchasing coats from a huge company like Amazon for $50 saying that the coat is a $190 with 50% off on their site labeled and branded under a false name. Beware Influencers as well if you are promoting a company who is stealing from consumers you are guilty as well, just look at crypto and other brands that use influencers for marketing and they don’t research the brand enough.

  7. Their sizing is not even close. Once you try to return, they do anything they can to keep your funds. In a battle as we speak. Ordered a jacket. It seems like a large male child size with female arms. Ridiculous, not even slightly off, they are not even trying. They want me to keep it and accept half my money back!!! Avoid like Covid.

  8. I purchased a pair of shoes from this company, they never arrived, they refused to refund me, not a good company to deal with🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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