Royaura Reviews: Is It A Reliable Men’s Clothing Brand?

Royaura Reviews

Fashion is not limited to women. Instead, men are equally liable to dress up when going out. It is essential to groom themselves, not even in character but as well as in their dressing. You feel good and confident whenever you wear classy clothes that make you stand out among many people. 

We all know that better-dressed men are treated much better and do receive an appreciation for that. You not only look successful but also sexier, smarter and classy. A few brands offer quality clothes with a touch of a high-standard trendy look. We bring you Royaura reviews of one of the men’s clothing online stores. We were hoping you could wear the best, so let’s look a little deeper into this brand for its authenticity. 

About Royaura 

Royaura is an online store on an international level. They laid the foundation of this e-commerce company in May 2019 with the notion of promoting simplicity. 

The aim is to manufacture good quality clothes and accessories for men. Currently, they are covering about 20 countries and gaining the trust of potential customers, especially from North America.

Royaura is working hard to combine fashion with comfort, making it easier for its customers to carry the outfit in any season. 

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What does Royaura offer?

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Royaura Reviews1

Royaura is a men’s clothing brand and only manufactures clothes for them. Here is a short description of what you get while shopping at Royaura.


A vast collection of linen, cotton, and long or short sleeves shirts are available. You can purchase shirts for any occasion, such as holidays. You can find various prints, including bowling, musical, or marble.


They have short and long sleeves for T-shirts, which are available in various patterns. You can choose the one that goes with your taste.


You can also get your hands on pants and shorts according to the season. If you are going to the beach, those classic, comfortable shorts must be your top choice.


Even men have accessories that comprise hats, shoes, or glasses. You can grab any one of these that fits best with your outfit.

Specifications of Royaura 

Royaura Reviews2

The prices are pretty reasonable. You can get shirts for up to $30, and their bottoms go up to $50. This is a good deal if the clothing standard and fabric are good. 

No address is mentioned on the website for the main outlet or store. However, you can contact them through email.

They lack any social media accounts, which is alarming in such an advanced time.

Shipping and return policies are mentioned on the website. 

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Royaura clothing: Are there more competitive brands?

Royaura Reviews3

You can find funky and trendy clothes at Royaura, whereas other sites, such as Amazon, lack this feature. There are plain t-shirts, most likely in a reasonable range. However, with bright colors, you can get much better prints for your summer holiday here at Royaura.

What makes Royaura doubtful?

Their unbelievable discounts are something quite fishy. They are even offering a 49% discount on certain items. The brands are not likely to put their new things on sale, but you can find this at Royaura. Such unrealistic discounts on men’s clothing are hard to believe. 

Customer Reviews

Royaura Reviews legit or scam

The official website has reviews for most products, and some have direct reviews. Others have also posted some pictures of them. One client says it is a perfect gift for his grandson.

We also went through other sites and found sitejabber, where buyers have posted about 57% of 1-star reviews. They seem pretty mad as one says that the shipping took three weeks and they received the wrong size shorts with stains.

You can also find a poor rating on TrustPilot. About 54% of potential purchases were rated only a single star. A client returned his purchase on the given number but has not yet received a refund. At the same time, another client is happy with the cuts of their t-shirts. 

Several reviews can be seen in the YouTube video’s comment section explaining this brand’s scam. The patron says that the delivery was from China, and he paid $35 for shipping but received poor-quality clothes. 



  • They have funky-coloured summer shirts
  • You can contact them via email or call
  • A good discount is available even on new arrivals
  • The website has a valid HTTPS connection
  • The Alexa ranking shows good website traffic


  • They have not given their physical address
  • The client’s responses are very poor
  • The discounts are unbelievable

The Bottom Line 

We bring you here with Royaura reviews, which is a men’s clothing brand. It seems to be a good offer, and the overall specifications are legit and trustworthy. However, the responses say the opposite. More than 50% of the reviews are pretty poor as they claim the poor quality of the attire. We recommend you do a little research on your own before trusting Royaura. 

5 Reviews

  1. Ordered, paid for four shirts….over $115. Paid for express shipping which is a rip off at $24.99 but needed them for a vocal group performance. Took twelve days but only received two of the shirts. Called the contact # but mail box was full. Used live chat and received an e-mail from Customer Support suggesting they sent the four shirts then asked for another $6.99 for to send the order again. My subsequent e-mails included a photo of the missing shirts (both different colors, designs), the code # for each shirt to I.D. them and that they send what I paid for. The response? The shipping vendor probably stole them and said they have a video packing four shirts re my order. Who does that? Then asked for the $6.99 again. I replied asking if I did that will they send the two missing shirts? Not holding my breath on a positive reply. No wonder they only get a 2.3 rating our of 5 on over 60% of the reviews. I would give them a 1 only because I got half my order and they blame someone else. BTW, the two shirts I did receive looked and felt like they were thin windbreaker material and VERY CHEAP QUALITY. Will never use them again.

  2. I placed an order on 6/4 and they said it was delivered on 7/4 to my address. we were home all day and no delivery was made. I checked with my neighbors an they stated no deliveries were made to their houses and one neighbor stated he did not see any delivery trucks in the neighborhood that entire day due to it being the 4th of July. I have sent 8 to 10 e-mails requesting either my order or a refund. Nothing has become of my requests. What a way to run a business!!!!

  3. I ordered 5 shirts. All of them were advertised as being made of cotton. When they arrived, only 2 were cotton/linen, the other 3 were some sort of plastic/polyester. Very cheap feeling material. I immediately contacted Royaura and informed them of the problem. They said that in order to return something, I have to pay to send it back to China. They refused to pay for the return shipping. I went around and around with them via email about this and they still will pay for me to return the items. So I am now stuck with 3 shirts that I wouldn’t even donate to Goodwill due to the horrible material they are made out of. Buyer beware with this company! They shouldn’t be selling in the U.S. if they can’t stand behind their products and pay for the return shipping. I will NEVER buy from this company again. Horrible Customer Service!


  5. very slow delivery time, customer service very vague in support , product material very thin

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