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The Bottom Line is a company based in Monroe, GA that offers t-shirts both for men and women. They promise to offer quality clothing at very low prices. Is laterformal legit? The lack of social media presence, new domain name, deceiving marketing photos, fake business address, and unprofessional website are all major red flags that suggest Laterformal is not a legitimate business. It’s important to stay away from this company.

Buying t-shirts online has been a preferred choice among men and women for the past few years. According to a survey, more than 22 million people have bought T-shirts from different online sites so far. However, with so many options available in the market it becomes difficult to find out which is legitimate and which isn’t. Here we will be discussing laterformal reviews.

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All About

When it comes to finding the best way to dress a t-shirt for a formal event, Laterformal is always one of the top websites that come to mind.

Laterformal has become known for its high-quality formal wear like t-shirts and impeccable customer service.

So, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about and decided to do a quick review of the site. Here’s what I found:

The Website

The first thing I noticed about Laterformal was its slick design. The website is easy to navigate and features a wide range of t-shirts for both men and women. You can filter your search by category, color, or price, making it easy to find the perfect outfit for your event.

The Products

Laterformal’s range of t-shirts is impressive. You can find everything from pyjama t-shirts and new year’s eve party supplies t-shirts. The quality of the clothing is also excellent; the fabrics are high-quality and the construction is impeccable.

The Prices

Prices on the site vary depending on the product, but they generally fall in the mid to high range. This may seem a little pricey, but when you consider the quality of the clothing and the fact that you’re getting a designer label, it’s actually not bad value for money.

The Shipping

Shipping times vary from one to two days for standard shipping or up to five days with expedited delivery. This doesn’t seem too bad – in fact, it’s faster than most other online retailers. However, there is a catch: you have to spend at least $1,000 to qualify for free shipping.

The Customer Service

Finally, we come to the most important part of any online purchase – customer service. And, in this area, Laterformal truly shines. The site has a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems you may have. They are friendly and helpful and will do everything they can to help you get the perfect outfit for your event.

Is Laterformal Legit?

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No Social Media Presence

The first thing to notice is the lack of any social media presence. There are no official pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or even Instagram. This is a bad sign because it’s clear that the company fails to understand how important social media is in today’s business world. Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers and build relationships with them. Without any social media presence, it’s likely that Laterformal is highly unsuccessful.

New Domain

The next thing to notice is the new domain name. The domain is registered on July 2021, which is a very new domain. The company has only been operational for a few months, so this raises even more concerns. There’s no history or experience to be found here. It seems like the company only registered the domain in order to make it appear as if they’ve been around for a while.

Deceiving Marketing Photos

Another thing to notice is the deceiving marketing photos, which add nothing more than to create a false impression. The company uses stock photos to make it look like they have more experience and are more successful than they actually are. This can be seen in the photos of their shoes, which are nothing more than stock images from Shutterstock.

Fake Business Address

Another thing that should raise concern is the fake business address. The company claims to be located at 4210 lakeside blvd, monroe, GA 30655. However, this is a fake address that is only used for making it look as if the company has an office. There are no employees or offices here, which means that the company is only a one-man operation.

Unprofessional Website

The website is also very unprofessional and poorly designed. It’s clear that the website doesn’t represent a big company, but rather a small operation that lacks funds. This can be seen in the lack of color or images, poor grammar, and awkward use of English.

The lack of social media presence, new domain name, deceiving marketing photos, fake business address, and unprofessional website are all major red flags that suggest Laterformal is not a legitimate business. It’s important to stay away from this company.


In conclusion, Laterformal is not a legitimate business and should be avoided. The site lacks a social media presence, has a new domain name, uses deceptive marketing photos, has a fake business address, and has an unprofessional website. This suggests that the company is not successful nor experienced. It’s a small company with only one man in charge. This man, who lacks funds and resources, uses his limited resources to trick customers by using deceiving marketing photos and fake business address.

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  1. I purchased my order 3 weeks before Christmas 2021. Had shipping issues, package was returned to sender. Sent emails after emails and no response. Don’t buy from here. It’s a scam and a joke.

  2. Don’t buy from this so called company. The products I received was extremely poor quality. When I tried to return the product they never returned my calls or emails

  3. My daughterPlaced an order from this company they took her $$ NEVER RECEIVED PRODUCT!!! Would not recommend this company Also there is no contact information that is valid Ph# is bogus so is address. I am reposding them to the federal trade commisiion and CPB (consumer Protection Bureau and Sec state div in my state.

  4. Do not buy from this this company. No exchanges or returns. Jersey I got was huge, numbers all off set and Nike symbol was backwards. When I asked how to return, they harassed me. Asked for photos, and drilled me on why I wanted to return. Because your product sucks, that’s why. Avoid them at all costs.

  5. Sent me wrong size jersey and refuses to exchange with proper size. Ordered mens large.. received extra small. Company had me send photos of tape measure across shirt which proved extra small but they refused to do anything. Waste of money and time!!!

  6. They’re based in China and don’t offer returns or exchanges. Here’s what I got when I tried to exchange an ill fitting $90 sweatshirt:
    2:39 1
    < Inbox
    4 Messages
    Order I just placed f..
    Hi Linda,
    In case of an exchange, you need to send
    your item back to us. Once we receive it,
    we will send you another one to replace it.
    However, the shipping time will take such a long time and the shipping fee of both
    returned package and replacement will be
    very expensive. Therefore, we recommend
    you place another item and we will give
    you a discount of 20%.
    Chen jiasheng
    xingrong Co., Ltd. haungshi 61street,
    lichen district, Putian City, Fu Jian
    Province, China.
    Best regards,
    Support Team
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  7. I ordered a baseball Jersey for my Grandson for Christmas. I was not concerned at all until I read that the company was a scam. His shirt came one week after Christmas. The shirt was exactly as I ordered. The workmanship is first rate. The material is top quality. My Grandson loves his new Jersey. I will order from this company again.

  8. Ordered a shirt for our Grandson for Christmas. Even though it didn’t arrive before Christmas, when it did arrive, we were very pleased with the quality and workmanship. He hasn’t taken the shirt off since it arrived. Will definitely order from this company again!

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