Retaica Reviews – Is Safe to Buy Clothing Items?

Retaica is an online women’s clothing store that sells trendy clothes at affordable prices. If you visit the website, you will find a wide variety of trendy and latest clothing perfect for a fashionista like you. And the great thing is that the price tag is cheap and quite affordable.

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Naturally, any girl or woman who likes to dress up well would be tempted to buy stylish clothing at a minimal price. So the question here is; should you trust this website and splurge your hard-earned money on seemingly genuine and stylish yet affordable clothing that can give your wardrobe an excellent makeover?

Read this retaica clothing review, and you will know the truth, whether it is a scam site or a legit one?

retaica reviews

What is Unique about Retaica?

There are tons of online clothing stores offering all kinds of styles and cuts to modern women. What is it that makes Retaica stand out among them? There are two things to consider here.

Best Items On Amazon

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ECOWISH Womens Casual Tops V Neck Leopard Tunic Long Sleeve Button Down Shirts Top

Sidefeel Women Hooded Knit Cardigans Button Cable Sweater Coat
Sidefeel Women Hooded Knit Cardigans Button Cable Sweater Coat

BTFBM Women Zip Up Striped Hoodies Jackets Color Block Print Long Sleeve Drawstring Stretchy Casual Pullover Sweatshirts
BTFBM Women Zip Up Striped Hoodies Jackets Color Block Print Long Sleeve Drawstring Stretchy Casual Pullover Sweatshirts

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TECREW Womens Chunky Turtleneck Sweaters Batwing Sleeve Oversized Knitted Pullover Jumper

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Goranbon Women’s Cable Knit Cardigan Long Sleeve Open Front Button Down Knitwear Sweater Coat

Yanekop Womens Sherpa Pullover Fuzzy Fleece Sweatshirt Oversized Hoodie With Pockets
Yanekop Womens Sherpa Pullover Fuzzy Fleece Sweatshirt Oversized Hoodie With Pockets

The store has all sorts of clothing varieties, so no matter the occasion or your unique style, you will find something catering to your unique needs on Retaica. Here are some categories they cover:

  1. Casual dresses
  2. Tops
  3. Sweaters and Cardigan
  4. Dresses (Maxi and Mini)
  5. Jackets and coats
  6. Two-piece sets

Another thing to notice is the pricing factor which is relatively low and will appeal to the vast majority of women shoppers.

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Is Retaica legit or a Scam?

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The website’s overall design is legit, and there are tons of positive reviews on the website, which gives it a credible look. However, when we did some digging, we found out that Retaica is a suspicious site. This decision was based on many factors or red flags that we are going to explain:

  • The provided company address is not legit. The provided address is CHOC TRADING CO., LTD: 39 Mark Road Hemel Hempstead, Hertz, Hertfordshire, England, HP2 7DN, but after searching on google maps; we could not find any business registered by the name of Retaica or Choc trading on the mentioned address.
  • The email address looks shady. A legit business would register their email address on their domain name and not on any random email address.
  • According to the VLDTR®, the site ranking of Retaica is 39.2, which is low. This points out that the site is suspicious, controversial, or flagged, which is good news for a shopping website.
  • The reviews on the website are copied from amazon mostly. The blatant act of plagiarism tells us that the company is writing fake reviews and plagiarizing and misusing reviews from another moral, legally, and ethically wrong platform.
  • Even the product images and other content is duplicated. Never trust a site with copy-pasted images. If the website cannot show the real pictures of their products, how can they possibly deliver authentic items?
  • The delivery timing of Retaica is pretty bad. Several customers complained about the long shipping time, and the customer service is not very helpful either.

Who is the Owner?

The owner of the brand plays a significant role in establishing the brand voice. It helps you connect with your target audience really well. (Alprazolam) The about us page of Retaica doesn’t tell us much about the face behind the curtain.

Retaica claims to be a company that worked with big fashion brands and manufactured top-quality clothing items for them. But all that just talks for and there is no proof of it. From all we know, they are simply importing clothes items from china like many other scam websites and then selling them under the guise of branded wear.



  • Stylish women clothing
  • Huge variety available
  • Free shipping over $79
  • Sales and discounts on various items
  • Affordable pricing
  • Established facebook presence
  • All kinds of sizes are available


  • Trust score is low
  • The address is not legit
  • No owner information is available
  • Fake/copy-pasted reviews
  • P[roduct pictures are not real
  • Shipping time is long
  • Negative customer reviews

Retaica Reviews

And now on to the ever-important retaice clothing reviews. Customer reviews are considered a deciding factor that can make or break any brand. Here are some Trustpilot customer reviews:

Linda from the USA says:

‘’Do not buy anything from this site. Refusing to accept a return. Takes forever to receive your purchase, and they will not supply an address to send back the package nor a full refund.’’

Cynthia from the USA says:

‘’I am happy with the style of all the dresses I ordered. I had ordered five dresses. Some of the material is a little thin. However, overall I am really satisfied with the products.’’

Wrap up

There are mixed Retaica customer reviews. Some people complained that they received the wrong sizes and even the material was too thin. There are also complaints about shipping delays. On the other hand, some customers seemed pretty satisfied with their purchase. If you have recently bought any dresses from Retaica, do not forget to share your reviews in the comment section to help out people looking to purchase from this site.

41 Reviews

  1. Hi – I am currently experiencing the same issues with this company. Very bad with their customer service/satisfaction roles.
    I was originally offered $70+ for refund and to keep items. Then it went to $50+ then onto $90 and ship them the items. They will then refund me– items are being asked to be shipped to Dubai UAE???? It costs $135+ if I were to send it via UPS/FEDEX. I have already contacted my CC about this transaction. This company is very sketchy – to say the least!!!

    1. I fell for what looked like very nicely made tops only to get them and they look nothing like the pictures, very thin material, sizes out of range and no care information at all. I contacted them and they want me to send a picture of the tops; I guess so they can determine if I am due a refund. Needless to say I am disgusted with this company and they definitely aren’t made in Greenwood, IN and most likely in a “sweat shop” somewhere. Were you ever able to get a refund?

  2. Do not order from this site. Ordered in early September. This is mid November and yet to receive package. I called USPS regarding delivery and tracking of my purchase who states the have traced back to supposed original site of tracking the package and state it never made it into the container that they say it was sent. In looking at the tracking system the package supposedly been sitting 30 miles from me for 3 weeks now. Total scam!!!!

  3. I had an awful experience with them. Liked the clothes ok but were too small….no return address and they would not give me one for a couple of weeks, despite asking repeatedly. Finally, they offered to send me $25 and told me to keep the clothes, (a $130 order) and give them to my friends. This happened to me once before and I filed a complaint with my credit card company. They took care of it and got all my money returned. This is happening with many of their customers. STAY away from them. The clothes are cute…..but when they have these kind of morals, or lack of…….run.

    1. Hi – I am currently experiencing the same issues with this company. Very bad with their customer service/satisfaction roles.
      I was originally offered $70+ for refund and to keep items. Then it went to $50+ then onto $90 and ship them the items. They will then refund me– items are being asked to be shipped to Dubai UAE???? It costs $135+ if I were to send it via UPS/FEDEX. I have already contacted my CC about this transaction. This company is very sketchy – to say the least!!!

  4. Not a US company, fake corporate address, cheap made in China clothes that don’t fit, nasty fabrics, extremely long shipping time, no customer service as they do not respond to emails. Do not purchase from this bogus company. I will not even bother to fight to get a refund or dispute charges with PP and will just put the horrid items in the donation box and be out over $100. Lesson learned!!

  5. Total scam. Not made in US, made in China, cheap junk. Refuse full refund unless I pay to ship to Dubai. Hong Kong bank, never provided form for return, would have taken product back and not refunded anything. Totally dishonest. Facebook knows about the scam and does nothing. Total fraud, stay away from this junk and totally dishonest company. Product not as represented.

  6. This company is definitely a scam. Do not order from them! I ordered 3 tops for $105. The tops run 1 to 2 sizes small. I tried to return and received an offer of $28 refund and keep the worthless items. They finally refunded $40. What??? Buyers beware! I don’t understand how they are allowed to do business in USA? It also took 2 months to ship. They make it very difficult for legitimate businesses to prosper. I will order only from Amazon, Home Depot, Costco, etc. from now on.

  7. Big mistake purchasing from Retaica. Material is really thin and with one wash or taking the sweaters off you will stretch it out. Dealing with their “customer service” and trying to return these items are a battle. Their return policy says nothing about the customer paying for the return. I have been arguing with them everyday for a week or more. They started out with wanting to give me back $28 of my $118 and I keep the clothes. Today I am up to $80. My email this morning was $118 and I throw them in the trash for them. I keep my emails very professional and hope by next week I get my full money back. Keep on them ladies.

    Wish I seen these reviews before I stepped into this mess.

  8. My order of 3 tops took more than 6 weeks to arrive. The quality is shabby and the fit is poor. I’m trying to return the items, per their “30-day return policy”, but thus far they have offered $15 in return for my $89 purchase. Clearly, this overseas company (which they advertise as “USA-based” is a scam. My advice: DO NOT ORDER FROM RETAICA!

    It is taking me several weeks to get any sort of refund on my purchase. The clothes didn’t fit and they do not honor the “returns within 30 days” as listed on their site. If you make a purchase and you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, consider it lost money. I am currently trying to get a refund through my credit card company, but “Sara” the customer service specialist keeps giving me the run-around (offering $40 back, then $50, then $60, then $70). When you say you want to return the products they tell you “it’s not worth it” and to keep them. Well, it’s not worth keeping them if I can’t wear them. They finally sent me an address to return to (Jamaica, NY) and told me that I have to send a tracking number to them, and once received they would refund me fully. When I went to ship the items back, I looked up the address and it’s a phony address that’s marked as “SPAM” online. Buyer beware!! This is a sham of a company with terrible business practices. And even if the clothes fit, they were cheap looking and not worth what I paid for them.

    1. I am going through the very same thing! I was offered $20 back. Ha! Not even close! I don’t want 2 items for the same reasons you listed. It’s a sizable amount of money I would be out. My next step is going to the credit card company for a resolution. VERY BAD BUSINESS!

  10. Do NOT order from this company. As many, I do wish I had seen these reviews. I received 3 items that I ordered, all poor quality and poor fit. Asked for a return authorization code, only to be asked to provide pictures. WHAT? What about free return within 30 days??? After emailing back and forth, I was offered a $20 refund for $135 worth of merchandise. I am refusing and will do all I can to stop this company from doing business. False advertising, horrible business practices…

    1. Teresa – I am replying to your comment because my experience was identical to yours and others. I ordered 5 items, and after several emails going back & forth, they offered me an $11 refund for $175.00 worth of tops!! I had to take pictures as well which I thought was INSANE, they also charged me an International Shipping charge on my credit card when it clearly states they ship from the US and their shipping is “supposedly” free? I waited over a month to get my items. Agree with you, false advertising, shady business practices and warning to others not to be sucked in to these pop up Facebook ads from companies like this!!!

      1. Sadly too late for me. At least I was offered $20, which I refused. They claim they shipped me out an exchange for one item at free shipping. Waiting…. Also waiting for a return address.

    2. I totally agree. I have yet to receive my order, and they will not issue a full refund. Fraudulent company stating they are based in the USA with clothing made in Greenwood, IN. After filing dispute with Paypal, the address to the response was in Chinese!

    3. SCAM SCAM. They did the same thing to me – requested pictures and would not provide return information as it states on their site free return. TOTAL BS. They offered me $20 and I said no then they bumped it to $30 so wonder it I will get it. Wish I has seen this as well. They should not be allowed to advertise. Not sure how we can take care of this. All I can say hope others will see the reviews before purchasing. I learned a valuable lesson. This is the first time this has happened to me. It was listed on FACEBOOK so go figure.

      1. I’ve had the exact same experience as everyone here. Waited forever on my 5 shirts and not only are they child size, the quality is horrible. Who do I contact to get any type of refund?

    4. I am going through the same thing now. They are up to $80 refund on my $118. Quality of clothes is absurdly poor and customer service is a joke.

    5. Do NOT order from this bogus company! I thought the clothing was American made and they looked nice on the website. I should have researched further. It also took awhile to get the 4 items I ordered but when they arrived, I was very disappointed with the material and the fact that the dresses had no real style, just hung on your body and were silk type material! I contacted them right away (have to by e-mail as there is no phone number) but when I did hear back from them, I still cannot get an address to return the items and was also only offered $15.00 refund for the $138.96 that I spent! That does not even cover the cost of 1 item! I reported them to my bank and will NEVER do business with this place again!

  11. Total Scam. Thankfully I used PayPal and got my money back. Reported them to the federal government, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and anywhere else I could find. I encourage others to do the same to get their website blocked or at least stop the facebook page and ads that lead me to them in the first place.

  12. Terrible to deal with. Hoping to get a refund about $80. I don’t think it will happen. They are giving me such a hard time. I wish I would have read the reviews first.


  14. Agree with the many posted complaints-they do not accept returns and offered me a $8.00 refund (dress cost over $50) if I would not return the dress foe a full refund-this is scam business!! do not waste your hard earned money

  15. Do not buy anything from this company. After further research on my own, they are a scam and do not honor your purchases. The items I received were see through and inappropriate. They say they have 24/7 service team and they do not. It took over 2 months to receive after several threats to contact an attorney. Now that I want to return the items, they won’t respond. Guess it’s time to hire an attorney.

  16. I purchased two items in size medium. I received three items. Two were size medium and the item that I did not order was size XXL. Wanted to return one of the medium shirts, and of course, the shirt that I did not order. Emailed company who offered me $7.00. Are you kidding me? I told them that I wanted my full refund for what I paid for the shirt. No response. Do not order from this company. It is certainly not legitimate!!

  17. I bought on August 31st, 5 tops from this Facebook website as they were saying the clothes were made in USA and ship from USA.
    When I wrote an email 1 week ago about the long delay on shipping and the tracking number not recognize from Canada or US Post services, it became more suspicious.

    I received 1 month later the package from China with every item wrap in a plastic bag with a sticker written Made in China.
    The quality is not there. They were advertising as Cotton blend material but all of them are cheap synthetic clothing, scratchy, thin. One does not have even have a hem at the bottom and arms.
    There is no mandatory label inside with care instructions and details on fabric material.
    I am waiting for a return label – they are suppose to have free 30 days return … and they said on comments in August that the return warehouse is in USA….
    Not hoping getting my money from them. I will open a dispute with PayPal.

    1. It took well over a month to receive my order. Out of the 3 items I ordered, I needed to send 1 back to exchange for a larger size. I wasn’t that satisfied with the thin flimsy material but I was going to bite the bullet,, exchange the one item and never order from them again. I have sent two emails to the company and no response from anyone.. Another thing that made me suspicious was that they were packaged in plastic that read made in China. My understanding was the product was made and shipped from Indiana. Buyer Beware

    2. I ordered 3 tops on September 16 2021. Received my one and only email that they were shipped on September 18. Couldn’t get in touch with the company for any questions. Today is 0ctober 10th and I finally received the items ordered. Somewhat happy with the purchases but there customer service sucks along with the USPS service. I swear they were walked to my location.
      I’d never order again.

    3. I have the same problem and I was charged twice from two different places for my order and I opened a complaint with pay pal and they denied my claim. I am going to call pay pal and see if they won’t reverse the charges. They got me for $184.00
      I hope you have better luck. I will not give up on this.

  18. Received item after a month , it’s a terrible looking print that was supposed to be embroidered, asked several times if embroidered and was lies to ! that’s why paid almost 50$ size way to small for being xx-large .

  19. I should have read the reviews before I ordered. I usually don’t jump the gun so quickly. Of the 4 items I ordered, one item was not included. There was no explanation why it wasn’t included or any refund indicated.
    Altho the tops I received are quite cute, the sizes are odd. Im a medium size and they all fit around the middle but I will have to take up all three tops in one way or another. Too big under the arms (and I am not small chested) and/or the sleeves on one top were ridiculously long. Luckily I am a fairly good seamstress and I can alter these tops. Should Known!

  20. Do not purchase anything from Retaica.
    The shipping is very very long. I am trying to return the items but they won’t let me.
    I have not worn them, I just do not like the fabric.
    This is a horrible company!
    I can’t find a phone number to call.
    Email is no help.
    Tammie Rice

    1. The worst online clothing retailer I have ever seen. Do not order from them. Total scam. Clothes are poor quality and fit. Won’t answer emails, no phone numbers. Buyer beware!!!!

    2. I’m having such a difficult time trying to return something! They responded once asking me for a picture of the shirt that I want to return, which I didn’t send, and have since stopped responding to emails. I’m trying to find a phone number, but no luck 🙁

    3. I too am a victim. I paid $125.97 for three tops. I have tried to return them due to the ad that said I could. I have emailed them four times and I got one reply that simply said they would pay me $11.00. I don’t think so! I have three tops that don’t fit me and they will not answer me so I am out $125.97. I am on a fixed income and I was stupid to order these and trust them. Never again. I would like to sue them but do not know where to start. I am 84 years old!

  21. ’Do not buy anything from them. They will charge your card immediately & for me never received, have reported them, multiple sites saying made in the USA.

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