Lepyl Clothing Review: Best Place to Buy Women’s Clothing or Another Scam Store?

lepyl reviews

Would you like to look stylish and updated with modern attire? If so, you must have a list of stores from which you plan to buy things. On your list, do you have legal? If so, then you have landed at the right place. We always advise you to do a little research before buying from an online store. 

The Lepyl is a name that offers trendy customer attire and more clothes for you. The online name claims to be the best store for women’s apparel. Is it real? Is it affordable? What about the quality of the item? In the lepyl clothing reviews, you will find all about it in great depth.

About Lepyl Clothing

Lepyl is an online store dealing with women’s clothing and modern merchandise. The slots primarily concentrate on bringing fashion to the doorstep. This new online store has recently launched with some fantastic pieces for women. This store claims to offer modern dresses and various items that meet modern women’s needs.

This online store claims to offer a notable and unmatchable collection of trendy clothes for modern women. From sweaters to cardigans, casual tops to dresses, maxi dresses, two pieces covers everything. You name it, and they have it.

Lepyl clothing also offers free shipping globally on orders over $79 USD in the USA. But we advise you to search for this name before buying anything from it thoroughly. Online scams are common nowadays, and you might get trapped in an online store network.

So, the claim lepyl is making is real? Do they offer quality dresses for women? Is it safe to get one for yourself? (https://www.newsoftwares.net/) In this lepyl clothing review, you will find all about it. Whether lepyl clothing is legit or not, here is our verdict:

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Is Lepyl legit or not?

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lepyl legit or scam

How to find out whether it is legit or not? We have made the decision based on the following data:


The prices seem like similar dresses are also available on other websites. The red flag is not the price but the same item on a different website.

Quality of the product

The most vital point we decided on for this name is that on the Lepyl clothing website, customers leave five stars for each item. It is suspicious how all the customers give the same feedback. It is another red flag for this brand. But there is a mixed review of item quality on other platforms like Trustpilot.

Website Quality

  • Domain Making Date is 21st Dec 2021 at 12:00 am
  • The website’s popularity is 4981726 (Poor)
  • Any blacklist engine does not find the Domain Blacklist Level
  • HTTPS Connection is valid
  • Proximity to Fishy Websites is 33/100
  • Threat Profile is 74/100
  • The phishing score is 52/100
  • A Malware Score is 74/100
  • The spam score is 48/100

A scam detector algorithm gives the website the following rank: 1.7/100.

It is the lowest rank for any website, and it tells us that this site is,

  • Suspicious
  • Very New
  • Dubious


There is no information about the founder of lepyl clothing. They mention that their factories are in the Philippines and Vietnam and make clothes for famous brands. As per the agreement, they are unable to disclose their name.

Contact and Address

BP International Ltd, 145-157, St. John Street, London, England, EC1V4PW 

  1. Email support is service@lepyl.com
  2. The phone number is +44 748-287-5871

The online shop has a physical address with a different title, making buyers suspicious about the lepyl clothing. But as they have said, they can’t use their name per the agreement. 

Shipping and Refund

For the order, 79dollar and above are free, and you need to pay for an order less than 79 dollars. Both postal and express take 5 working days for item delivery.

Social Media Presence

This online store has social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook, but the engagement on these handles is not great. 

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Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on their official website are fantastic. In short, it is five stars. Is it not a little suspicious? But on another platform like Trustpilot, there is a mixed review about lepyl clothing.

Many buyers have stated that the site offers fantastic products, but some buyers have mentioned that item delivery times are long and the quality of the things is not good.

Promotions and Discounts

  • Currently, the sale is going on this website.
  • Free shipping on orders of $79 and more.
  • Around 40% OFF.


  • Designer and modern clothes for women
  • Easy to guide the chosen clothing
  • Simple pattern website
  • Free shipping open for orders
  • Active on the social media handles


  • The founder’s identity is unclear
  • Orders below 79 dollars are chargeable
  • Shipping time is long

Final Verdict

The lepyl clothing reviews state that this website has a poor trust score and no data about the founder. Users have mixed reviews about this store and have issues with item quality. Hence, it looks shabby, and it is a must to research more to make a suitable decision.

8 Reviews

  1. I just purchased a dress and two shirts, the dress was so small, the shirts were tight around the neck, I immediately asked for a refund, I spent $82. and was told to keep the merchandise and they would give me $5. Are you kidding me? It took two months to receive the delivery.

  2. I’m very dissatisfied the clothes don’t fit an they want me to keep them an offered me $15.00 an then $20.00 for clothes I can’t wear an it took way to long to get them. I have relative that’s a lawyer this company needs to be stopped scamming people!

  3. I was scammed the same way others mentioned. You are unable to return anything and no instructions for returning or even an invoice arrives with your order. I was offered the same $15 credit others mentioned but that has not culminated in any resolution. This company is a complete scam and orders received after months are nothing close to what expected. Run fast and block this site.

  4. I ordered a Chambray dress and and it took weeks to arrive. It was not the quality I expected and when I washed it following the washing instructions it shrank to a child size. I emailed the company and they offered to refund $15.00 not the entire price of the dress. Don’t buy from this company, the clothing is not as advertised and they lack customer service of any kind. Very dissatisfied and lesson learned to not buy from anyone except Amazon!

  5. I am very unhappy with the service. I have been trying to send back two of the three items
    I purchased and have been given the runaround each time. I want a refund and to return the items I do not want to keep and they continually avoid giving me an answer or a RMA number and a return address.
    I would suggest NOT buying from this company.

  6. I purchased 4 dresses at $39.99 . I receive 3 about 2 weeks after ordering. I did not arrive, said they ran out of fabric. 1 dress fit. Others too large. Offered $15, then 25., now 38
    I can get a full return if I send back to Dubai !
    Not a happy camper.

    1. BEWare this company is a scam you can’t return anything!! They try to give you a small amount please don’t order from them

  7. Can’t return anything. They just offer a small portion of order in a refund. Mine was $80 and they offered me 15 but each time I responded the price went up a little. I finally got $38 and gave up which is what they want I’m sure. Very unsatisfied!

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