Libiyi Drill Bit Reviews: Does It Work As Advertised?

If you’re looking for a special drill bit that makes your woodworking work faster and easier, you should consider the Libiyi Drill Bit. In this review, we’ll talk about what this product can do, what’s good about it, what’s not so good, how much it costs, and where you can get one.

Libiyi Drill Bit Reviews

Libiyi Drill Bit Overview

It is a special tool designed for woodworking, specifically for splitting wood. It’s a product that can be attached to a regular drill to make wood-splitting tasks easier and safer. This drill bit is designed to save you time and effort compared to traditional methods like using an axe.

It has a unique design with pointed threads and non-slip grooves, making it easier to split wood with less effort. It’s made of sturdy, rust-resistant, high carbon steel, and it’s lightweight yet durable. This tool is versatile and can be used with various drill brands and sizes.

What are the Features of the Libiyi Drill Bit?

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Here are some key features and benefits of this product:

  • Durable Material: Made from high carbon steel for strength and resilience, it is suitable for wood under 7.9 inches in diameter.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: It efficiently cut and split wood, thanks to a titanium coating that reduces friction and heat.
  • Versatile Design: These bits feature a pointed head and anti-slip groove for secure operation, and come in various models and sizes to fit different electric drills.

Libiyi Drill Bit Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

As of now, there are no reviews available on Google for the Libiyi Drill Bit. Nevertheless, the official website boasts a Trustpilot rating of 3.3 stars, with a total of 167 reviews. While this might raise some concerns about its popularity and performance, it’s essential to consider that every product starts somewhere, and it might take some time to gather customer feedback. 

What are the Prices?

You can find it on Amazon for just US$10.59 for 32mm and 42 mm. On the official website,, it is priced at $44.99 for 32mm, $40.99 for 42mm and $69.99 for 32mm+42mm. It’s worth noting that this product is relatively affordable compared to other wood splitter bits on the market, making it a cost-effective choice for your woodworking needs. 

Pros and Cons



  • High hardness and toughness for efficient wood splitting.
  • Durable high carbon steel construction.
  • Three different shank options for compatibility with various electric drills.
  • Affordable price point at US$10.59 on Amazon.


  • No available customer reviews.
  • Limited range of size
  • Prices are high on official website

Is it a Legit Product?

According to our extensive research, it is our assumption that purchasing this item may not be legitimate. We have observed that similar products are also available on various other platforms at a discounted rate. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a reputable platform like Amazon to purchase such products. It is advisable to read reviews and gather information before making a purchase decision.

Comparison: Libiyi Drill Bit and Irwin Drill Bit

Here’s a comparison between Libiyi Drill Bits and Irwin Drill Bits

FeatureLibiyi Drill BitIrwin Drill Bit
MaterialHigh-quality steel/tungstenHigh-speed steel
VersatilitySuitable for various materials (wood, metal, plastic, concrete)Suitable for various materials (wood, metal, plastic, concrete)
Quick Chip RemovalEfficientEfficient
AvailabilityMay be limited in local stores, available onlineWidely available in both local stores and online
CompatibilityMay require checking with specific drill modelGenerally compatible with a wide range of drill models
Size VarietyLimited range of sizesExtensive range of sizes
Learning CurveSlight learning curve due to unique designMinimal learning curve

Please note that both drill bits are suitable for various applications. The choice between them may depend on your specific requirements, compatibility with your drill, and availability in your location.

Should You Buy the Libiyi Drill Bit?

While this product boasts promising features like high hardness and efficiency, the absence of customer reviews raises concerns about its trustworthiness. Exploring alternatives on a trustworthy platform like Amazon with more transparent information and positive customer feedback may be a safer choice for your woodworking needs.

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