Prepared Hero Fire Blanket Reviews: Is It Safe To Use For Everyone?

prepared hero fire blanket

Our houses are filled with electrical and gas equipment that is used in daily life. Many electrical appliances are safe to use. Gas stoves and heaters must always be turned off when you are not using them. However, certain situations may arise when you are not focused on these things. Any electric spark, gas leakage, or burnt food can eventually start a fire.

We all should keep safety alerts at home to be aware of such circumstances. There must be fire alarms to notify everyone, especially when asleep. Other options like carbon monoxide alarms, escape ladders, and fire extinguishers may also help you at these times.

Are Fire Extinguishers Reliable?

A fire extinguisher is a small cylindrical metallic piece. It is used to heat the fire by draining gas, water, or foam jets. They are always an essential part of your home’s safety. However, they are dangerous in inexperienced hands. Sometimes, the nozzle gets stuck, and you cannot put the fire out. These are a little heavy to carry and difficult for everyone to use. They can be hazardous in inexperienced hands.

About Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

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Prepared Hero fire blankets are small pieces of fabric suitable for middle-type fires. Usually, it starts in the kitchen. They are easy to handle by everyone. You can use them to put off a fire that belongs to grade F.

Grade F fire includes that one due to cooking fat oil. Instead of water, you can use fire blankets instead of water to save yourself and your house from extreme damage. These blankets are made of fire retardant material that can quickly combat a fire.

Features of Prepared Hero fire blanket

  1. You can always prefer fire blankets over water when there is a grade F fire in the kitchen. They are reliable and easy to store in the kitchen.
  2. They are usually made of fiberglass material. It is a flame retardant material. It will not burn itself; instead, it can put out that fire.
  3. It is specially designed with a double-sided coating. This will increase the heat resistance and protect your hands from burning.
  4. They have an easy pull system. You can keep them like regular clothes in the kitchen cupboard. Take them out and unfold them over the fire.
  5. It can suffocate a fire within seconds. The fire will not spread further in the kitchen or anywhere else. You will see that within seconds, every flame is diminished.

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Are they better than fire extinguishers?

prepared hero fire blanket legit or scam

If there is a large-scale fire, a fire extinguisher is the best option. However, you can choose Prepared Hero fire blankets when there is a small fire or just a start. Let us give a few reasons for our statement.

  • There is no confusion in using them like fire extinguishers. Small aged group people can use these blankets as well. 
  • These blankets are much tidier in use than extinguishers. They do not leave a mess that you need to clean. Instead, just weave it throughout the blanket, and you are good to go.
  • They only weigh one lb., whereas a fire extinguisher can weigh about 8-20 lbs.

How to use the Prepared Hero fire blanket?

These blankets are very easy to handle. There are just two to three steps to use them.

  •  It consists of a fiber blanket pouch and nylon tabs. You can use the pouch to hang it close to the cooking place.
  •  The nylon tabs are used to pull out the Hero fire blanket.
  • Just pull out the blanket and quickly unfold it within seconds. Place it over the fire, and you are good to go.

Comparison of Prepared Hero fire blankets

You can find more fire blankets on Amazon. They differ in price and packing from the Prepared hero fire blankets. Vevor Fire blankets are available on Amazon for $10 less than Prepared Hero fire blankets. However, they do not have nylon tabs to take out the blankets easily. There are no hooks to hang in your kitchen. So, they differ pretty much in packing.

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Customer Reviews: What do people think about it?

People seem to be quite satisfied with the product. The official website has many good reviews. So we searched for reviews on other sites. There were no reviews on TrustPilot about the fire blanket. You can see some reviews on the website. One of them considers these fire blankets an excellent kitchen edition. Another patron says her teen daughter started cooking, so she always keeps them in the kitchen.

You can find some good reviews on YouTube as well. A customer says that she regularly cooks in the kitchen, and these are perfect for her. Another says she will buy them today as these blankets are very handy.

Discount offer

They offer a 50% discount and free shipping for their beloved customers today. However, many other offers are present if you want to order in bulk. Do check their website for details.

Prepared Hero fire blanket reviews

We have listed down Prepared hero fire blanket reviews for the ease of our readers. Everyone loves these blankets. The amazing combination of quality and ease of use features makes them unique. We will suggest you buy them as an excellent investment for the safety of your home.

13 Reviews

  1. We went thru a third party website (say, one that might rhyme with Ramazon) on Sat pm and package arrived 7:30am(!!) Sun morning. Product seems legit – just lots of MAJOR problems with delivery/customer support when ordered thru their website. There should be no excuse for repeated business behavior like that.. ‘Everyone’ loves their blankets?? (quote from this website above).. I don’t think so. Excluding all reviews on PHFB website I have not found one review claiming to ‘love it’ by anyone that has actually used this product. Rated 4-stars ONLY to get your attention; product rating yet to be determined (if ever used). Hope this helps.

  2. The company seems to be a fraud. They are overcharging my card and they would not send me a bill. Just Like the other commenters had said, they will not answer your call and I am waiting if they will ever respond to my email.
    I will report them to my card services.

  3. I agree with Phil B.! I believe this company is a fraud. I bought two blankets for my family at Christmas. Unbeknownst to me, my husband bought 3 from a different company, so we decided to send mine back. It was then I realized I got no paperwork at all, didn’t have an order number either. You can’t talk to anyone, they tell you to email, which I did. I got a response from customer service saying they would give me an INSTANT credit of 25% and I could keep my blankets. I responded the next day saying we would accept their offer and it’s been crickets since then. I have emailed multiple times and no one will answer me; this has been going on for almost 2 weeks now. Today I contacted AMEX and filed a dispute.

  4. This company is a total FRAUD! Do not order from them…ever. They will not answer you eamils, they give you no link to track your order and you will never see the products you ordered. They charged over $200 ON MY CREDIT CARD AND NOW I CANNOT REACH THEM. Fortunately, I charged my order on AMEX and they are handling this issue for me. Stay away from this company and spread the word.

    1. You are absolutely correct. I’ve been chasing them for months. I’ve filed a claim with my credit card company. Knowing I had begun an investigation, PreparedHero apologized and asked if I wanted them to now send my blankets or issue a refund. I opted for a refund and received an email now saying since I began a chargeback investigation, they wouldn’t send me a refund. This is a total fraud. Instead of sending me my full order of 4 blankets and one hook, they send me only the hook and never an explanation or answer as to why the expensive part of my order can’t seem to get here. DO NOT USE THEM.

  5. This company is a total FRAUD! Do not order from them…ever. They will not answer you eamils, they give you link no track your order and you will never see the products you ordered. They charged over $200 ON MY CREDIT CARD AND NOW I CANNOT REACH THEM. Fortunately, I charged my order on AMEX and they are handling this issue for me. Stay away from this company and spread the word.

  6. Their advertisements look legit. They claim a business address of 310 N. Gould St , Sheridan, Wisconsin 82801.
    Their customer phone number is 1-833-669-4376. All you get is a recording stating they will get back to you within 2 days. They never call, and they do not email you either. I ordered fire blankets for my kids and my house. The $112 cost was debited from my credit card the same day I ordered! Their sales methods are fraudulent and I do not believe the product will ever reach my doorstep.
    I intend to report this to my credit card and get the debit reversed.

  7. They are absolutely great at sending out unsolicited emails. I had never heard of or dealt with this “company” before until their emails started appearing in my inbox. The latest one is “Your code is about to expire…”. Code, what code???????? Only scam artists on a phishing exposition operate this way. Mark the email as spam and hope that you don’t have see it again.

  8. I ordered my Prepared Hero blankets (4) about a month ago and just received them in the mail. Hope I never have the need to use them but I feel less anxious having one stored in my kitchen. The rest are going to my children for Christmas

  9. I ordered a 12 pack of blankets on 08/31/22. To this day I have not received them. That day, I was given an offer to get an additional 2 blankets for a discounted price which I took the offer. It was given a separate order number. I received the 2 a week ago. However, have never heard about the other 12. I have contacted them numerous times over the last two months by email with no response about this order. I have received no emails stating it has been sent. I have called numerous times and left messages from a recorded message that states they will return phone call in two business days and not a word. Multiple times I have tried to contact them about this and not a word. I wrote and cancelled my order this morning but I doubt I will get an acknowledgement as they haven’t even responded to my threats. They took my $200 and now I will have to dispute this through my Credit Card Company. DO NoT ORDER!!

  10. when I placed my order, i realized a mistake in the ship address, in going back to correct it, the order was doubled in error. I tried calling numerous times- they do NOT answer the phone!
    After numerous calls leaving messages each time, I finally received call back. the rep said she cancelled the second order and it would be credited. 2 months later and i find IT WAS NOT CANCELLED- they shipped and charged me double. I have called and called again leaving messages that i do not want 10 blankets! $80×2=$160! They are rip-off company! I have a dispute going with my credit card company. i will not open this package as i do not want their product after all this hassle and double charges.

  11. Ordered a fire blanket months ago and still have not received it. If it not being sent please return my money.

    Linda Bedell

    1. I am having the same problem it has been 2 months and I have not gotten the blankets yet they said they were moving their facilities and there was of delay in it becoming in the matter of days and it’s been another couple of weeks. I respond to their customer email and get no answers.

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