Lily Bras Review: Is This a Comfortable Bra?

Lily Bras Review

Are you searching for the most suitable sales or a site offering the best rates for bras, underwear, and other items? The holiday season is around the corner, and many of you are purchasing gifts for your loved ones. So, if you’re looking for lovely sports bras, underwear, and other things, lily bras rule people’s hearts via their rates and variety. Everyone is after it. Why is it so? It is because of the exchange and returns policy. So, is it true? Can you rely on any random word that appears in the suggestions? We advise you to read reviews.

Indeed, buying from a store on a website is less difficult, but it still requires time, the entire day, and effort. On the other hand, purchasing online offers ease, comfort, and less delivery time, and you get things at your doorstep.

Please read the review if you want to ignore any problems while purchasing from lily bras. We have studied buyers’ reviews, shipping costs, rates, and exchange policies if any. So, please read the feedback about the things or the site on the web and then make up your mind about it.

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About  Lily Bras

Lily Bras Review1

When we studied their site, it has a huge variety of bras and underwear for women. The best thing about this site is that it has a separate part for each type like

  • Sports bras
  • bras
  • underwear

They claim to deliver their benefits at the best rates. is amazed by YOU! They believe all of you are unique, which is why they set out to make Bras as individual as you. They offer Bras that fit well and deliver excellent support.

It is a bra that leaves the wearer feeling sure to take on a challenge or dream.

This website contains a refund, exchange, shipping, and return contacts section. This online site claims to offer reliable refund and exchange policies for customers. Is it that great to another scam?

Bras at Lily Bras

Here are some of their best seller bras:

  • LB®Adjustable Chest Brace Front Closure Full Coverage Bras  from USD 29.99 to $55.99 USD  
  • Fashion Deep Cup Bra-Bra with shapewear incorporated USD 25.99 $39.99 USD 
  • Ultimate Lift Stretch Full-Figure Seamless Lace Cut-Out Bra USD 19.99 $29.99 USD  

The Bra Sizes

  • The band size is from 34 to 48
  • The cups size is from B to DDD

FAQs At Lily Bras

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Lily Bras Review2

Is there any discount?

There is around 50 percent off.

What is their return policy?

Returns Fast refund Guarantee and partial or full refund depending on the situation.

Do they offer free shipping?


Is Lily Bras a USA-based brand?

There is no data about it.

How do you contact them?

Which items can you return?

Return the unused, unopened items to them within thirty calendar days of purchase.

Do they offer a free return?

There is no data about it.

What is their mode of payment?

The payment via PayPal®credit card

What are buyers saying about it?

Lily Bras Review legit or scam

We have tried to get the buyer’s feedback about the products and found some on the official website.

Ruthann H.

Verified purchase


very comfortable I am thrilled with it; my only problem is the little eye hooks only have trouble getting them all attached, but since this bra will be special for special occasions, I won’t have to worry about it too often

Janice B.

Verified purchase


Extremely happy with the bra, but not glad I only received 2, not 3. I will not order more if I am only getting part order

Eileen O.


I waited for ages for them, but they are very lovely, soft, and give me a good shape. I’ll wear it all day to see if it’s comfortable. Feels nice.

There needs to be client feedback on platform sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot. Also, we are still looking for feedback from the YouTuber about this website.

Janice B. Verified purchase 9/8/2022 Extremely happy with the bra, but not happy I only received 2, not 3. I will not order more if I am only getting part order Eileen O. 9/19/2022 I waited ages for them, but they are very nice, soft, and give me good shape. I’ll wear it all day to see if it’s comfortable. Feels nice. There needs to be client feedback on platform sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot. Also, we are still looking for feedback from the YouTuber about this website.

Is this website legit?

So, now that we have conducted the full review, we have found various things to discuss. It is a new site that sells its items at low prices. When you discuss the feedback, there are zero reviews from the customer about this name on a forum such as SiteJabber or Trustpilot, but there is great feedback from the buyers on the official website, and it can be paid.

18 Reviews

  1. Took weeks to deliver, cup size was too small, attempt to return to HONG KONG at $19 got returned to ME saying no such address when they gave me that address in Hong Kong.DO NOT BUY !!

  2. Buyer Beware – you actually can’t really return these if you don’t like them. The company is overseas, so when you don’t like them, they basically let you know the return won’t even make sense for you to pay to ship back to get a refund. Since I couldn’t return them, I’ve started wearing them. They are not super attractive, and I feel they fit small for the sizing. Also, I’m glad there are 3 front clasps as the lower often unclips just from basic daily movement and sometimes the middle unclips. Thankfully I’ve not yet been in public and had the whole front come open…Would NOT recommend.
    They offered a partial refund…it’s been 3 weeks and I still haven’t seen that in my account.

  3. More of the same! Took 6 weeks to receive bras. Cheaply made with cardboard-like cups. The front hooks of all 3 come undone with movement. Thankfully, I wear a camisole with everything so I wasn’t embarrassed but it was very disconcerting! The first offer was to send me an $8.00 coupon for a new item. When I refused that, I was offered a $23.00 refund (for a $38.00 purchase) and the $8.00 coupon. Took the refund and told them to keep the $8.00 coupon because it wouldn’t be used.

  4. Scam!! Ordered product and wanted to exchange for size, I was informed that the cost would be too high to ship to Hong Kong. When I received my items they were mailed from Perth Amboy NJ.
    They offered me a 15% off coupon for future use.

    Do Not buy their items their website claims easy returns which is a blatant lie.

  5. I had the same experience with them as other posts on here. The quality is terrible. When I contacted them, they wanted me to buy another product or receive a ridiculous amount as a refund because the return process was expensive and complicated. They wanted me to send it to a Hong Kong address. Website says 100% guaranteed and hassle-free returns, which is not true. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM.

  6. I just received my 3 bras today & will be sending them back. The cups were too small & the rest of the material is so flimsy that it will NEVER offer support. Don’t waste your money.

  7. The bra cups feel like they’re made of cardboard, the ‘straps’ are thin, raw-edged stretchy material that does nothing to support. When I contacted them about returning, I was told they could not be returned because it is too expensive to send them all the way back to China. They said they would refund me $25 and I could keep the bras. That was 2 weeks ago and I have not received a refund. Their website states ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’ and ‘no hassle returns’. At the very least, it’s false advertising. ALL the ‘reviews’ on the website are 5-star positive. There is no way to post a review on the site — if there were, everyone could post real, honest reviews about how terrible their product is and they probably would be out of business.

  8. Scam!! I placed my order November 20th and have yet to received it. I contacted them and received a usps tracking that all it says “a shipping label has been created but that does not mean that usps has received the package”. Complete scam! I feel so dumb that I lost $41.00.

  9. Poor quality. Small cup size. Took forever to receive. Impossible to get refund as they tell you that due to the expense of returning to Hong Kong warehouse, you might as well buy more with a 15% discount. I say SCAM all the way.

  10. I have placed an order for set of 3 bras in the first week of November. Until today I have not received my order. I have been in communication by chatting and emailing about my order. They have been giving me a runaround and kept telling me it was shipped. What a SCAM!

  11. I ordered these a month ago. they gave a US tracking number which was “trackable” for the last week. When I checked today, the number was nonexistent, seller had note on tracking link that the order was fulfilled and everything goes blank after that. I have not received the package nor will seller, who is in China, acknowledge my attempts to contact. I’m thinking scam.

  12. I ordered buy one get 2 free. Waited over a month and received 2. The snap closure is stiff and uncomfortable. The strap andback is made of a very cheap stretchy fabric which will probably give out and there’s no way to adjust straps. Way too much push up pad for me.
    Requested return with refund. Customer service says it’s really expensive to send back because it’s in Hong Kong, so there solution is 15% discount coupon to buy more. This is rediculous. Don’t buy their products.

    1. I had the same issue. I’m now stuck with 2 bras I can’t wear. They certainly don’t look like, or fit like it says on the website. Will NOT be purchasing again.

    2. This is the same thing they did to me.i charged them back with American Express. They are a scam

  13. The quality is the poorest I have ever seen. I receievd them yesterday and will be returning them ASAP

    1. You are right. Very poor quality no support at all what so ever and you never get your money back it was such a waste of my money. And it is a complete false advertising. What you see and what you get is like day and night. Avoid them at all cost.

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