Bois And Cuir Reviews: Is It The Best Choice For Furniture Or Just A Scam?

bois and cuir reviews

Furniture makes your life easier and enhances the look of your house. Such amenities give a sense of warmth. It is usually used to live comfortably and for relaxation. You can also use them to store your extras.

You can never give a finished look to a home without furniture. It even plays a role in a healthier lifestyle. Bois and Cuir provides physical and mental satisfaction as well. It is a piece of wood molded to add sparkle to the area.

Is furniture selection important?

Your furniture must match your taste. If you have different color schemes in your house or like pastel colors, the furnishings must be in accordance with that. Your furnishings can define you. One must always select according to the interior of the house.

Furniture is the centerpiece of your household or office. Always start by making a budget and deciding what items you want to allure the guests. Then visit various stores to find the best amenity, making people drool over the final outlook.

About Bois & Cuir

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Bois & Cuir is an online shopping spree to get the best furniture. They established the store in 2014 to supply high-end furniture and value items using professional designs. It claims to use the best materials crafted by artisans to make furniture.

They even use sustainable wood, including mango wood or eco-sourced acacia. Bois and Cuir even hire fresh interior designers to use their new ideas in their designs. They are open to all interior designers and are ready to work with them.

Bois & Cuir also takes bulk orders for your company, hotel, or office. Contact them if you need a slab supplier for your commercial or hotel project. They warmly welcome their customers.

Can you visit their stores?

They have stores in Montreal, Quebec, Victoria, and Toronto. They have cute stores in different parts, and you can even have a close look if you are not satisfied with online pictures.

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Is the price range affordable?

It relies on what you want for your space. It can be chairs, beds, or tables. These items cost up to $1500. However, a discount of 20% is currently available. Other accessories, including chandeliers, cushions, or rugs, are all quite economical. You can get a pretty pillow for only $24. A chandelier may cost you up to $550.

Perhaps, the quality that they are offering seems to justify the prices.

Do they have different styles of furniture compared to others?

You can pick from a vast variety at Bois & Cuir. They have armchairs, modular sofas, love seats, accent seats, coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, storage, benches, beds, dressers, nightstands, and many more.

You do not get a single piece of this. Instead, a variety of beds, chairs, and nightstands are available. You can even place a custom order to meet your taste.

Bois & Cuir reviews: What are customers saying?

bois& cuir legit or scam

The customers are not very satisfied despite everything they offer to them. We went through various sites and saw quite mixed reviews. Their social media handle on Facebook shows 2.7 out of 5. Juan Lopez says that he ordered a table 3 weeks ago and that the slab was in stock. He even visited the store many times. They are not providing the tracking number but say it will be delivered. They are not even refunding the money. Another customer ordered a dining table in January, and even after five months, he is still waiting. They even refuse to return the money and only tell them to stand by.

We checked the website reviews and ratings on TrustPilot. It has only a 2.8 rating on the website. A customer is so frustrated that he calls them illegal and they are completely lying on the website. Another one has to say they are not honest with the delivery time. A client labels them as the worst in customer service. It has been months, and they have not delivered the parcel.

It seems everyone is having an issue with the delivery of their order. They are neither delivering the item nor giving a refund.

However, their YouTube channel shows videos of the tables they sell without any reviews or comments.

This shows that people are not pleased with the services of Bois & Cuir.

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Return and refund policy 

They offer a 12-month warranty on the items you buy. If the item is damaged or the wrong product, you can avail a refund. However, no refund has been given up till now. 


Do they have decorative items as well?

Yes, they have a good collection from which you can choose. You can get your hands on beautiful rugs, candles, cushions, poufs, letters, ornaments, sculptures, vases, bowls, and plates as well. They have many choices and colors available at different costs.

What material do they use for poufs?

You can get these beautiful poufs in textured cotton or wool. Poufs with jute ropes and zig-zag designs are also available. This is perfect for winter.

Final thoughts

We bring you Bois & Cuir reviews to buy your furniture. The website is well organized and has stores in different cities. They have a massive collection of designs and colors from which you can select. However, the customers are highly dissatisfied with not receiving their orders and even refuse to give a refund. We suggest you not risk your money with such people unless you are pretty confident. 

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  1. Earth dining table purchased from Bois & Cuir arrived with a defective leg that was not level. (It looks ridiculous and is off by several inches) I sent multiple emails requesting a replacement leg. They refused to replace the leg stating that this is normal. Do not purchase this table from this store unless you are willing to have a defect item.

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