Missingmoney.Com Legit: Is It Restoring The Lost Fund?


Do you have an idea that you might be privileged to thousands of dollars held by financial firms? You must be thinking about what that is. All of these are unclaimed assets. Millions of US citizens have zero idea about their ignored money. They also have no clue how to get their hard-earned money via missingmoney.com. If you have heard of this brand, you might wonder if missingmoney.com is legit. What is this firm? Is it real, and how does it work? If you’re a US citizen, you must learn about it.

Missingmoney.com is the database of unclaimed worth that allows users to explore and declare their ignored worth. So each year, the state gets all the unclaimed property, money, or other valuables. This firm helps them find their way to the right ones. Related: Mctrpayment Com Legit

So, here you can start your search and claim your assets. It is the only website that the National Association of Unclaimed Property Admisntraotrs claims.

What is the best website to find unclaimed money?

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ site, www.unclaimed.org, is the perfect resource. This firm consists of officials. (onecrazyhouse.com) These officials have to reunite lost landlords with their unclaimed belongings.

So, can you tag missingmoney.com as legit? Are they offering the same services as unclaimed.org? Let us research this company in great detail.

What sort of asset becomes unclaimed?

So, here is the type of asset that can become unclaimed. 

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Types of Property that Become Unclaimed

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  1. Checking and savings accounts
  2. Brokerage and retirement accounts
  3. Insurance benefits
  4.  Dividends
  5. Employment earnings
  6. Pension payments
  7. Tax refunds
  8. Utility deposits
  9. Safe-deposit box contents

About missingmoney.com

So, if you have no idea about this firm, read this blog. We have tried to cover each aspect of it. They shared their motto and history when we visited the about us section.

This firm was founded in 1999 as a way to aid state governments track and gather lost assets like the following:

  • bonds
  • stocks
  • paychecks
  • safe box deposit stuff.

Most states help the website by submitting the data and reporting it for its payment process and claims verification. The government returned about 3 billion dollars in unclaimed assets to the right owners in 2015.

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How Do you Check for an Unclaimed Property On Missingmoney.Com?

Missingmoney.Com legit or scam

So, if you are trying to find unclaimed property, here are a few simple steps.

The states regularly revise unclaimed property databases, consisting of all assets tagged as ignored. One can start their search by:

Firstly you need to open the missingmoney.com portal

  1. After that Type, the business name or the name of your city
  2. Now Select the state
  3. Click on the search icon

If one has the missing money under their name, they will receive data on how to get it and claim it. Read Also: Cashtab.Info Legit


How Do I Get My Missing Money?

If the search shows you have some unclaimed property, you will get information on claiming the missing assets. The data also offers links to sites where one can start the claim process. In most cases, one must fill out the claim application and offer proof of originality.

Who operates missingmoney.com?

Missingmoney.com is a site operated by Avenu Insights and Analytics that permits residents of states to find their unclaimed things. 

When was this portal made?

 The financial services provider and NAUPA made this portal in 1999.

What is NAUPA?

It is  Unclaimed Property Administrators.

Do you need to pay for this?

They never charged their client for this data.

What is their contact data?

  • MM_Support@MissingMoney.com. 
  • They have a separate section for state and province contact data.

Some reviews about this company

Many newspapers and magazines feature MissingMoney.com. So, the following is some feedback about this company from the magazine on their official website:

“MissingMoney.com is the only free, state-endorsed national database!”

“The state is helping the public search, identify, and file claims for any lost financial assets via MissingMoney.com. It is a national database that assists people and businesses in retrieving unclaimed assets at no charge.”

We’re talking a serious number of memory lapses here waiting for the claims of their rightful owners.” The following are the assets

 Uncashed paychecks, uncollected security deposits, and Undeliverable refunds worth a whopping $16 billion are sitting in state coffers. See More: Innovation Refunds Reviews

 “That’s where www.MissingMoney.com comes in. In conjunction with state offices, the site provides the results of: unclaimed assets sorted by name and issuing party-free of charge. “

Feedback on the REDDIT

Nice … it works for some people.

Another user stated, “I saw my name on that website several years ago. I went through the process of filing a claim and got a check for $700 a few weeks later.

Here is another comment from the users, “It’s legit.” I filled out the forms and got a lot of money from them. “Turns out the missing money was from utilities and a class action suit that I had filled out years ago.”

  Is this company legit?

Are you on the hunt for unclaimed and missing assets? If yes, it is one of the areas recommended to start your search. There are some missingmoney.com cons floating around various regions of the web. But this website is quite a trustworthy means for unclaimed property to end up in the hands of the rightful owner.