Nailifi Reviews: Is Nailifi Legit Or Another Scam?

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People usually have a habit of nail biting. Some have weak nails prone to breakage and damage every time they do some work. Short nails are considered undesirable and they don’t even put nail paint on them. Doesn’t your party look incomplete with beautiful nails with color on them? See Also: Ordolava Reviews

Acrylic nails are the best solution to this which is an easy and classy way to make your nails beautiful. There is a huge variety of nails to get.

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Why visit a nail salon every time?

Women like to visit a nail salon to avail various treatments. They make sure to keep the nails healthy by opting for a manicure. They ensure to remove the dead skin cells so that the nails grow back strong. The most frequent visits to nail salons are for acrylic nails in various designs and colors. They love to make a quick stop at the salon. They get the best acrylics that go with the dress they wear. Don’t Forget: Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews

About Nailifi

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It gets difficult to visit salons sometimes. That is why Nailifi launched an easy acrylic kit to make life easier for women out there. They understand your issues, so bring the easiest nail kit for you to apply acrylic.

They present you with a brand new and easy-to-use kit. The revolutionary kit has many colors to choose from and you can even design them. Isn’t this great? Learn Extra: Bliss Blackhead Breakdown Reviews

Nailifi nail gels make your nails flawless at home. Now it’s time to skip the salon every time you have a party. You can choose nail gel from more than 20 colors and slay those fingers, girl.

What does the Nailifi kit include?

They even have a kit option. The kit consists of a nail gel tube, bottom coat, top coat, UV light LED nail clamp, slip solution, nail forms, cuticle pusher, nail brush, nail file, finger separator, and finger clamp.

Astonished right? One could get literally everything here on this deal. It seems like a one-time investment, and after that, you can only order different colored gels for the 15 pieces of nail present in it. You can use them for fixing broken nails or nail extensions. Now mix them with glitter or use décor adhesive on them. Explore More: Seint Makeup Review

Are They Easy to Use?

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It depends on your practice. It may take some time, in the beginning, to apply, fix, and shape the Nailifi nails. However, once you get a hold of them, it may only take a few minutes for you to apply. You can even do it while watching TV or movies sometimes. Yes, we can say they are easy to use. Don’t Miss: Ignovys Nail Kit Reviews

How to apply acrylic nails by Nailifi?

There are a few easy steps to follow for applying to Nailifi. Let us help you with the application steps.

  1. First, clean your nails properly.
  2. Now apply the base coat to your nails. Then wait for it to dry.
  3. Now choose the nail tip.
  4. Select the color and squeeze the gel.
  5. Then apply the tip and dry it out.
  6. After that, remove the tip then trim and shape your fingers as you like.
  7. At last, apply the top coat and cure it.
  8. And you are good to go to the party, office, or dinner.

Which brand is the best for nail kits?

The Dip nail kit is quite popular among women for applying acrylics. They are very durable. You can get them in both powder and gel form. Amazon has a good variety of Dip nail kits to order. However, Nailifi only has a gel form of acrylic.

The price of the Dip nail kit is reasonable at $54.97. But in comparison, the Nailifi nail kit is a bit more expensive than this one.

Is Nailifi offering a good discount?

Yes, Nailifi nails have a good discount of 40% on their acrylics. You can grab the nail kit for $60 for only $34.5. The off is only for the kit. The separate gel tubes cost you $8.00 each.

What do customers have to say about it?

The official website has many reviews from customers. People seem to be really satisfied with their services. One says that products are amazing with fast delivery. Another woman says that this kit helped heal her broken nails easily.

Another one says that the transparent nails are of good quality. The gel is easy to apply.

However, we couldn’t find any other reviews on various sites. YouTube has no review of the product. Trust pilot has no reviews or ratings on their website for nail kits and gels.

Is Nailifi legit?


It is hard to say. The customer reviews are very good. However, the scam advisor shows only a 23 trust score. The website owner’s identity is hidden, but the SSL certificate is valid. Thus, we cannot completely guarantee the authenticity of the brand.

Final Verdict

We bring you Nailifi reviews to help you choose the best for your nails. The website is well organized and the reviews are very impressive. However, no other response is present and a low trust score makes it a little suspicious. We advise you to do a little research before ordering from them.