Naughty Girl Fitness Reviews: All You Need To Know Before You Start

naughty girl fitness reviews

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining both physical and mental health. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases and makes you feel happier. Your skin, brain, and memory health are increased by regular exercise. Your body can lose its stamina and become lethargic without a pinch of physical activity in your life.

A daily 15-to-20-minute workout is recommended to improve performance and stay healthy. Physical fitness helps reduce tension and stress. It improves your overall health by promoting the lungs to work efficiently. Here we bring you naughty girl fitness reviews to find a companion that will remind you to exercise daily.

About Naughty Girl Fitness

Choreographer Janelle Ginestra, the creative director of Naughty Girl Fitness, aims to help girls maintain good health. She is a highly experienced trainer, having worked on fitness for years. You will enjoy her workout and achieve a fit, sculpted body.

A love of dance and fitness accompanies her workout. She managed her plan, which consisted of four parts. Her choreography will make you feel comfortable with each repetition without any discouragement.

 About Naughty Girl Fitness App

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Install the naughty girl fitness app from the Google Play store. You can work at any level with fun and enthusiasm to lose weight and achieve a healthy body. You can create a profile, select your plan, and start moving today towards physical fitness.

The Janelle ginestra workout will help you exercise daily with her on high and low beats with extensive activity. They have monthly and yearly plans. You can subscribe to the plan’s duration according to your needs, and I will be self-renewed. You can pay your dues with your iTunes account and get ready to lose weight. If you have any doubts, you can avail of their free monthly plan and then move towards a subscription if you like it.

Why should you use this method?

In the busy routines of the office and home, women barely get time to look after themselves. It isn’t easy to go to the gym for trainers and proper exercise. However, apps with the best choreographer will help you provide the right direction for exercise without going out. You can avail yourself of the gym’s facilities and benefits in the comfort of your home. Isn’t this exciting? Thus, naughtygirlsfitness is the trend. 

 What makes it different from other workouts?

Other apps such as strava work on the run, hide and hike app for physical activity. But this is stressful, and you must move out of your comfort zone. It does not work for most people, who seem frustrated with outdated instructions. People say it starts strong but then gets frizzled, whereas Naughty Girl can be used within the home while dancing to various music.

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 Who should use it?

Overweight girls can use it to strive to lose weight. Also, homemakers can avail this opportunity to feel refreshed, and office assistants can relieve their stress through dancing. Every age, girl or woman, can use it to find happiness and fitness.

 Is it safe and effective?

naughty girl fitness legit or scam

Yes, it is the safest method you can opt for within your house premises. Most people doubt if such things are effective, but we must say that their daily use for 20 to 25 minutes will surely show magic.

 How much will it cost?

You can avail of this opportunity for only $11 per month and $62 yearly. These are quite reasonable prices in terms of your health and fitness. You can avail of a 7-day free trial and then go for the subscription you like.

When can I start using it?

You can start using it today by downloading it from the app store. Take a free trial or subscribe to its paid plan, and you are ready to start moving your life toward a healthy path.

How Do You Cancel Naughty Girl Fitness?

You can cancel the further subscription by navigating to the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen and selecting ‘Manage subscription .‘Then click Cancel subscription to cancel it out.

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Naughty Girl Reviews: What Do Customers Have To Say?

About 85% of the users have rated the app 5 star on the play store. This shows how content they are with the results. One user says she started from level 0 and moved up. She focused on specific areas and is happy with the results

Clients have seen improvement in their health and stamina, even at level one, which is quite amazing. One of them says that Janelle and her team are cooperative and the best. 

Thus, approve shows a 4.8 rating for the app. One of the client’s friends told her about the app, and now she is in love with it. A few people have rated it low, for example, that there is nothing naughty about the app. YouTube reviews show that people are dying to subscribe to the naughty girl. They are delighted to have this opportunity.

The most common review is “I love it… It’s the best” on every app.

Appsapple has a 4.9 rating, and customers are absolutely in love with it. One customer says she hates working out, running, and weight training. However, music and dancing is her passion, so she loves the app. 

One of the clients sees that her confidence has been boosted after using this. She is happy to have more than she pays for. 



  • It is a well-managed service.
  • Various levels to choose from are present.
  • Excellent customer reviews are seen.


  • It will not be easy to train on the app.

Final Thoughts

We bring you naughty girl fitness reviews. It is seen that the application is quite useful and effective. Youtube and other sites show good responses, showing that this app is best for women. You can avail the opportunity of a free trial and go for a subscription if you like it.

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