Ocean Breeze Portable Air Conditioner Review: The Best Portable Air Conditioners For Summer?

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Indeed, every heater is a blessing from God. But the extreme conditions are always intolerable if you talk about summers, swimming pool showers, and visiting cool places, the things that you would like to do. These things are for a few days, but how to cope with the crouching heating in your home or office? Would you like your guests to sit in the room at 35 degrees? Portable A/C units are in style nowadays and are there to solve the issues. There is no need to install them in every room because you can move them wherever you like. 

Today we will discuss the ocean breeze portable air conditioner in depth. Our ocean breeze reviews contain many points, like buyer reviews and why you should buy from them.

The Need for a Portable Air Conditioner

Why should one buy a portable conditioner for their use? The window and split ACs are of no use. The portable AC offers effective cooling to your space without access to fixed AC. Also, it is best for areas that only require supplement cooling. What makes it great is its easy installation and mobility. These ACs are the popular pick for offices, computers, bedrooms, basements, and more. 

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Ocean Breeze Portable AC Review: OBZ-09NPH

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The size of the OBZ-09NPH portable unit is about 14.0 “W x 13.6” D x 27.7″H. Its size is 15.8″W x 15.0″D x 34.3″h . So, the size is best for a small room or a room with little space. If you talk about the item’s weight, it is about 48.94 LB net weight. Its gross weight is about 57.54 lbs. 

  • Its cooling capacity is 9,000 BTU, which is quite good.
  • The SACC is 5,300 BTU.
  • It has a power supply of 115V, 60 Hz, 1 Ph.
  • The power input is 850 W.
  • Its operating system requires the current 9.2 A.
  • Airflow volume is less as compared to other models. 
  • 194 CFM

Here are the top features of the product.

  • You can control it’s functions via remote.
  • It has four modes: cool, dry, fan, and auto.
  • The three speeds of the fan are medium-low, high
  • The best feature is its self-evaporation system when not in use.
  • It offers auto-off and on for 24 hours. 

So, the current it needs, the sizes and the cooling capacity look great and suitable for small rooms.

Ocean Breeze Portable AC Review: OBZ-12NPF

Comparing this cooling capacity with the previous models, it is more than 12,000 BTU. This model also has a SACC of 6,500 BTU. If you compare its power supply, it is the same as the previous modes, but the input is high, which is 1355 w. And it consumes a notable operating current. This offers an airflow volume of 241 CFM, hence consuming a notable amount of power.

The size of this model is a little larger than the previous one. It is about 

17.1″W x 13.5″D x 28.4″H. Its net weight is about 57.01 LB, and its gross weight is 66.58 LB.

The OBZ-12NPF model shares the same features as the OBZ-09NPH, but it has a few more than other models. Besides the features of OBZ-09NPH, it consists of the following.

  • It has swing modes that you can adjust at any angle. 
  • Louvers open and close when they turn off. This specification is not present in OBZ-09NPH.

Ocean Breeze Portable AC Review: OBZ-14NPF

If you study the cooling capacity of this model, it is higher than the previous ones, which are about 14,000 BTU. It has the same power supply as the previous model, but the operating current is about 11.9 A. More operating current, hence more airflow volume of 253 CFM.

If you compare its weight to other models, it is both larger and slightly heavier than other versions.

  • Its unit dimensions are 18.0″W x 14.7″D x 30.5″H.
  • The net weight is 68.78 lbs.
  • Its gross weight is 79.59 lbs.

Its features are 100 percent the same as the OBZ-12NPF model, but this model has more cooling capacity and airflow.

The many benefits of the ocean breeze air conditioner

  • The ocean breeze ac comes in various models, and you choose one according to your needs.
  • Each model has a different size and cooling capacity that meets the various needs of the room.
  • They consist of each tool for the installation. 
  • It offers simple installation.
  • These portable ACs are light in weight, and you can move them where you like.

How does the Ocean Breeze portable air conditioner compare to other air conditioners? 

The main features that make the Ocean Breeze ac best in the sector is that they are ocean breeze portable ac. You can move anywhere you like. But buying these ACs from the website is a little tricky. You need to call customer support or get one from Amazon. But currently, it is not available. There are many brands from which you can get portable ACS.

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What Are The Customers’ Reviews?

ocean breeze legit or scam

There are many customer reviews on Amazon for this item. The buyer states that he received the order after a delay in shipping, but he is happy with the performance of the portable AC. If product delay is not the issue, then you can order it. But we also have some lousy reviews on Amazon. He states that overall the thing is of good quality, but the issue is with Amazon that they have dispatched a faulty piece.

On YouTube, users shared the view that it is pretty good and makes the room comfortable. It comes with a remote and all the installation tools.


Can you place the order from the official website?

No, you can’t place the order on the official website.

From where can you buy it? 

You can buy it from Amazin.

Is it legit?

Yes, the Ocean Breeze portable ac has great feedback from the buyers.

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  1. It sucks. Have to empty it 3 times a day. Company agrees it is sapose to self evaporate. I put in a claim they want me to either ship, take it somewhere to be fied, or cut the cord and mail. I would be without an air conditioner for over 4 weeks. I am disabled. Can’t afford to do any of these things

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