Pawvia Reviews: Is Legit or a Scam?


Businesses on the internet seem to be quite real most of the time, but they can also be deceiving. Shopping online can be fun, and, with the rise of the COVID-19 COVID-19 era, it has gained quite a popularity. With the advancement in technology, online fraud is increasing daily, so there are specific ways to find out if the website you’re browsing to buy something is legit or is trying to scam you. Buying from an online brand can be risky, but sometimes you may get high-quality products in a pocket-friendly manner. The Pavia is an online store that deals with pool accessories, toys, inflatables, dresses, sweatshirts, and much more. It is the name by which they come to separate clothing niches. We are there for pawvia reviews in depth. 

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About Pawvia

Pawvia is a United States-based store that offers a variety of pool products and others, such as pool covers and swimming gear. This store has an extensive section of clothing that deals with rompers and jumpsuits, dresses, sweatshirts, and much more. On this site, you can get medium-length dresses with short sleeves. You can say it is the store that meets the needs of each customer.

It claims to provide high-quality products with guaranteed happiness, but check the website thoroughly before ordering anything. The prices and the layout of the website look very professional. But the query is, is it safe to buy from this website? Is it another scam? We advise you to read the next section to make up your mind about this website.

Is it a brand, legit, or a scam?

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Is-pawvia-reviews-legit-or-scam offers a variety of things, including dresses, t-shirts, pool gear, kits, pool covers, and more. Although the pictures on the website appear pretty appealing, they still need to be adequately checked. 

This website offers two completely different categories, which are clothing and pool accessories. So it makes us a little curious about the website. On the following points, we have decided about this online store.


Let us start with the cost of the item they are offering. The rates are lower compared to other websites. The thing they are selling is also available on other sites.

Quality of the website

Here is the complete data about the website, from its domain creation to the trust level.

  1. The domain design date is March 28th, Monday, 2022, at midnight.
  2. The website’s popularity is poor, meaning zero.
  3. The blacklist engine finds the Domain Blacklist level 
  4. Their HTTPS link is valid.
  5. The proximity to questionable websites is 31/100.
  6. The threat profile is about 42/100.
  7. The phishing score is 33/100.
  8. Its malware score is 40/100.
  9. The spam score is 42/100.

An authoritative grade of 39.60 is assigned to It says that the website could be called

  • Questionable
  • Controversial
  • Flagged.

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It is an online clothing store, and buyers need complete information about the brand before placing an order. There is no information about the founder of the store.

Contact and Address

On their website, they have mentioned the complete address and other data.

P.O. Box 365, 111 Drumm Lane,Ashland, Montana, 59904,US

Phone: +12513401338


Indeed, the address is correct, but there is no physical store named Pawvia.

Shipping and Refund Policy

Here at Pawvia, they offer all items for US delivery. It consists of the region of the United States. Shipping services are never provided outside the USA. They offer a 30-day return policy if the item is packed well and not damaged. But you need to pay the shipping here.

Customer Reviews

 No reviews are available on the website, and social media accounts do not exist. So, we advise you to conduct thorough research before placing an order on this website.

Promotions and Discounts

There are no promotions or discounts on this website. The items are on total rates, so we advise you never to buy things at a total price from a new website. 

The pros and cons of Pawavia

Are you facing difficulty in making the right decision about the website? If so, then you have arrived at the right place. Here are the top pros and cons of the website.



  • Alluring rates
  • Good images of the item
  • HTTPS protocol found. Beware, as it doesn’t always mean 100 percent security


  • It hides its owner’s identity using the WHOIS paid service
  • It has few visitors with no reviews on the website
  • No cancellation policy
  • It has been registered recently
  • This website consists of various categories.
  • Poor website quality
  • The domain title is very current (only six months old)
  • The founder of the website’s name is hidden: Check their privacy policies!
  • Short life longing domain

Final Verdict

Our pawvia reviews show that some have been built recently and offer a low trust score of about 1%. It has no reviews, which may indicate that they provide good service. The website is highly suspicious and less trustworthy, so be careful before ordering from Pawvia. Also, you prefer any other more authentic website to buy your desired product to lessen the risk of being scammed.

5 Reviews

  1. Haha – same thing! I ordered a golf bag and received ankle socks and now they have offered 60% of the total price plus bank fees which he did not specify how much that will be. Lesson learned ..don’t ever deal with shady sites or China.

  2. Straight scumbag got me for 86$ total scam paid for a grill on there they sent me a pair of kids socks and now they won’t answer there email or phone call

    1. Haha – same thing! I ordered a golf bag and received ankle socks and now they have offered 60% of the total price plus bank fees which he did not specify how much that will be. Lesson learned ..don’t ever deal with shady sites or China.

    1. I ordered some golf clubs back in June of 2022. I also received a pair of socks! They kept telling me that they were going to resend them. NEVER DID RECEIVE ANYTHING!!! Just excuses. And, they haven’t sent my refund. Whatever you do, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!! TOTAL A SCAM!!!

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