Petallush Dresses Reviews: The Best Clothing Store For Women. Is It True?

Petallush Dresses Reviews

Are you searching for the perfect party wear for your birthday? Are your trousers all worn out and unable to buy a new one? Indeed, many websites claim to offer top-notch clothing ranges. But a few cover all the attire needed for today’s women. Today’s women are housewives, working ladies, parents, and party hosts. For all these, they require the perfect attire. It is challenging to visit various stores and then pay shipping charges for each. If you are searching for a store that covers all your clothing needs, consider Petallush Dresses.

Petallush dresses are an online brand that exclusively deals with women’s attire of today’s attire. It covers each section, from lovely dresses for parties to casual clothing. They have the perfect swimwear that adds a wow factor to your look.

In this review, we will review this brand in great detail. This CHIN-BASED online store has the items at low rates, but are they that low? What are users saying about the quality of the items?

How to buy the perfect clothes from an online store

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So, is buying anything from an online store right? How can you get the ideal dose from the right brand? If so? It is the million-dollar question. Before reviewing this brand, we advise you to read this heading. Before buying from any website, it is best to read the user reviews of this brand. And follow the tips below.

  1. Study the user’s feedback.
  2. Does this website offer a realistic shipping policy?
  3. Or a refund or exchange?
  4. Have they mentioned their contact details?
  5. Is there any size guide for the buyers?

You must focus on these points while placing an order from an online clothing site. So is Petallush Dresses a legit brand or a fake? Let us find out by studying its policies.

About petallush dresses 

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Petallush is an online e-commerce site that deals with women’s clothing. It has that pocket-friendly section of clothes that adds a fresh breeze to the closets. It is the store where you can find an exclusive collection of top-picked items. What makes them unique from others is their weekly lease of trendy dresses. It has a special piece to spice up your style.

The mission of this brand is to offer tops, skirts, and casual dresses for each event. They believe that each girl must have an approach to a trendy and alluring wardrobe that is affordable.

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Dresses at PetalLush

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This online women’s fashion site has a wide variety of dresses. You can find maxi dresses, midi dresses, skirts, and mini dresses for today’s ladies. The brand uses comfortable materials like cotton to offer comfort. Their dresses are available in various sizes, from XXXS to 3XL. The price range of the dresses falls between the US $30 and US 40.

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In which region do they offer shipping?

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. UK
  6. Germany
  7. France

Do they offer a full refund on the cancellation of the order?

They will offer a full refund if you cancel the order within 24 hours of buying, but it has not been shipped.

What are the cancellation charges?

So, after 24 hours of buying but after the item has not been shipped, they will offer a partial rebate after charging a 15 percent cancellation fee.

For a return, who to contact?

Do they offer a discount?

Six percent of the order of $59 and use the code PL6.

Do they offer plus sizes?

Yes, they offer lovely dresses in plus sizes up to 3XL.

What is their size range?

Their size range is from XXS to 3XL.

Who to contact for the wholesale business plan?

For the wholesale business program, you can contact them via email at

Is the whole discount valid for the current sale on the website?

Wholesale discounts are available on existing deals shown on the Petallush website.

Quantity : Discount

50-100        18%

100-200       22%

200              25%

Petallush Wholesale Program

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This online site offers the best program in terms of services, prices, and quality to help their wholesale customer clothing businesses.



  • Offer wholesale program
  • great designs
  • Best discounts


  • There are no great reviews about this store
  • they charge your refund
  • do not ship globally

petallush dresses: What are the customer reviews?

Petallush Dresses Reviews legit or scam

Here is the detailed user review of the user on their official website.

Feedback from the buyers on the website

Worn by Tabita: The dress is excellent, comfortable, and fits perfectly.

Another user said that “super cute dress. It fits perfectly and is not short. Absolutely adorable. “Perfect dress.”

Review on Reddit

One of the buyers stated, “I ordered a dress from Petallush last week and received it today.” I haven’t worn it yet, but the quality seems good. I had been worried about the purchase because I couldn’t find any information about the company, and they never sent tracking information.”

Another buyer said, “Terrible customer service. There was no tracking information, and the order arrived later than expected. The product quality was cheap fabric, and the sizes ran small. I ordered three dresses. The return was inconvenient, and I spent $35 on shipping both ways and got nothing to show for it. I will never order for them again. While dresses look cute in pictures, the actual quality is poor.

Reviews on Trust Pilot

It’s a gross return policy. I bought three dresses from their UK website. I kept one but would like to return two as they never fit.

Many buyers are mentioning that “Terrible site. Terrible customer service. Waste of money

4 Reviews

  1. Don’t buy from them. If the item doesn’t work, you can’t get your money back. After arguing with them over the email, I got a percentage of my original purchase price. It’s a rip off! I feel like I’ve been robbed.

  2. After reading the reviews I realise that they will probably not refund the dress I bought which is so much smaller than it should be as per the measurements they provide. I feel ripped off. I feel they should be investigated by customer Australia for poor service. They do not seem to uphold their own returns policy

  3. Do not buy anything from this website. They will not let you return your dresses for a refund. They offer to let you keep the dresses but they offer you about 1/3 of your money that you spent.
    DO NOT order from the is website. It’s a SCAM!!!

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