Klynu Reviews: Is This The Best Choice For An Online Women’s Clothing Store?

Klynu reviews

Women are very picky about their attire. They cannot trust any random tor for their evening gowns. But most of you have focused on two points: price and the images of the time. Sometimes it is the photos of the clothes or the rate that make you buy the article. But it is not a good thing to do. 

 So, buying attire from an e-commerce platform is never a simple thing to do. You may face many issues if you get the wrong color or style of an item. The most common issue buyers face is size. By viewing the photos, users can judge the quality of the garments. So, in such scenarios, buying online is never the best move. But many online stores claim to offer their buyers top-notch items at the right rates. But it never means you’re not at risk. Today we are going to review an online store called Klynu.

Klynu is an online platform that deals exclusively with women’s attire. It covers everything from women’s tanks and cami tops to sweaters, and they have a whole section for spring/summer and fall/winter wear. In short, it covers all the fashion needs of today’s women.

Abou Klynu Clothing

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Klynu is a USA-based online store that deals with women’s attire. They claim to cover all the fashion needs of women today. They know the needs of today’s women who are housewives and also working ladies. Keeping yourself fit with the perfect attire all the time is not an easy thing. But Klynu clothing makes their lives easy by offering the perfect clothing solutions. You can get anything from lovely dresses to cami tops on this platform. Why don’t you get them from their twinset collection if you are looking for one or single-shade tees and trousers?

So, before Klynu, their skill teams worked as suppliers and makers in fashion spaces. They have mentioned that they can not say the name of the brand they are working for. For the last ten years, millions of women have worn our dresses. So, seeing their ages on their social handles and the smiles on their faces makes us proud.

The Clothing Range

This women’s fashion site offers a wide variety of clothing options for today’s women. The best thing about this brand is that it delivers its products globally. So, buyers from any region can get any of these items.

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Tank and Cami Top

They have separate sections for the tanks and the cami tops. You can get lovely prints and vibrant colors in a wide range of clothing range. The price range of this stuff is from 40 dollars to 50 dollars. Right now,, their items are on sale.


This site offers an amazing variety of dresses to its buyers. Here you can find a maxi, long, medium, and other styles of dresses as per your need. It has lovely and engaging prints that can make you look great.


Unlike other online stores, it has a separate section for the twinset. Where can you get the top with the perfect pair of trousers? Their stuff is 55% cotton and 45% elastane, which makes it comfortable to wear.


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Is it an affordable brand?

Its prices look high compared to other brands, but some items are overpriced and available at lower rates for Walmart.

What sizes do they offer?

From this store, you can get sizes from small to XXL. Hence, it deals with plus sizes.

Is there any discount on the items?

Yes, there is a sale going on  their website. Besides that, you can get 10 percent off on your first purchase. Up to 40 percent off with 10 percent off is the right deal.

Are they offering free shipping?

Yes, they’re offering free shipping on the bill of US $799.99.

So they offer an exchange and a refund? 

Yes, they do, but there is no refund or exchange policy for the COD orders.

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How to contact them? 

If you have any queries, feel free to approach them via email.


Does this store offer a size chart?

Yes, this site offers a size chart that helps you get the right dress.

klynu Reviews: What are the customers’ reviews saying about it?

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So, before placing any order from this store, we suggest you read the buyers’ reviews about this brand.

Feedback from users on their website 

One of the buyers on their website has mentioned that “Nice material! Love it!! I love this shirt! very flattering! I’m 165 pounds and carry my weight in my upper body for reference. The XL fits perfectly. It fits well on the shoulders and chest and hangs nicely over my belly. I ordered 2 more. “

There is much feedback like this on the website. But we will review feedback on the Trust Pilot.

Trust Pilot Review 

Klynu reviews legit or scam

Unhappy buyers

The buyer on the Trust Pilot stated that she was “Ripped off

I ordered two dresses, and the sleeves were too small, and I could not wear them. I immediately contacted the company, and they offered $17.00 to keep the dresses when I paid $89.98. So disappointed as their “easy return/exchange policy is a total lie.”

Here is another piece of feedback from the buyers: “DONT BUY FROM if you plan to return,” Their advertising is false. They’re not made in the US. Any returns they claim must be sent to Dubai, costing me $70 to ship.

Happy Buyers

Yes, we have also read some good feedback from the buyers, “THIS DRESS IS SO FLATTERING.

Another review said, “High quality but check size chart first

I ordered 3 items based on the size chart, but unfortunately, they were too small I asked for a return authorization; I was offered a 50% cash refund, which I accepted. “

Feedback on A3Review

“Great quality”

The quality of the clothes in this store is quite good. I am less likely to buy clothes online, but this store really wowed me.

10 Reviews


  2. DO NOT ORDER FROM KLYNU! The fabric is paper thin and the print is like a blurry photo and nothing like the online website. They will not send me the return authorization form so I can return these items. They offered me $15 for my $89 order. I haven’t taken the product out of it’s packaging but know they are cheaply made. What a rip off!

  3. Klynu…..where do I begin? Total scam, clothes are made in China , poor quality and they will not refund your money. Want you to keep the crappy clothing, cause the shipping cost to Dubai is 70.00. Do not buy anything from the company!!!!

  4. I have canceled one of the 2 items because of the delayed on their shipment. This item was not refunded on my credit card even though they sent me an email confirmation for this transaction. The second item has arrived today, September 10th, 2022. There is a sticker that this item was made in China. I have pictures to prove my affirmation. The size is far from corresponding to any American chart sizes. It is false advertising and ineffective customer service. I am going to try to returned this on Monday. I don’t know how this company still can operate in here.

  5. Klynu is a total scam. Their clothes are NOT made in the US. Their 30 day free return is not honored. They wouldn’t even give me the return information and kept offering small amounts of money to keep the clothes. After about a dozen emails they finally provided me with return info. They wanted me to send it to Dubai!!! Huge rip off!!

  6. Total lie about where the clothing is made! The fabrics used are of cheap quality and the shipping package is from China. This is a scam! Buyer Beware…very aware of their deceptive trade practices!

  7. SCAM! Have never shipped items. When I cancelled the order, I immediately received and email stating the items were shipped. However, no tracking number and no record of items ever being shipped. DO NOT ORDER FROM KLYNU! I’ve had my credit card place a hold and investigate this matter. What a farce!

    1. I received my order on time.
      The sizes were totally wrong.
      They asked to me accept $11.00 and keep my order.
      I hope people read these reviews, which I didn’t. It wasn’t like they were cheap.

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