Pipersong Meditation Chair: The Most Comfortable Meditation Chair? Or Just a Waste of Money?


Mediation is the time of the day when you feel relaxed and unburden yourself of any worries. But while meditating, your back starts aching, and the position makes you uncomfortable. It damages the essence of the medium. The experience makes you turn on your smartphone and search for various media channels. You must have come across many, but the most reviewed online is the Pipersong Meditation Chair. Is it safe to order this chair? Is it another scam, or does it work? Having a cupboard full of things you haven’t used would be best. So, to avoid stacking the things in your cupboard, we advise you to read this article. In this piece, you will find pipersong meditation chair reviews in-depth.

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About the Pipersong meditation chair

This mediation chair is suitable if you are one of those users who love to sit cross-legged and then mediate. The makers claim that you can sit on these chairs in any position and enjoy the mediation game. It is much more than an ordinary mediation chair.

These mediation chairs consist of top-quality materials and are made with precision for durability and comfort. Unlike other chairs, it doesn’t look clunky and goes well with the home interior. It is trendy and stylish and adds style to your living area. Once you get your hand on this chair, there is no turning back. As per the firm, it is one of the most affordable yet perfect mediations at the most affordable rates.

They tag this item as the revolutionary item that can go with all your needs for various sitting positions, from squatting to cross-legged. Kneeling and much more. So, it is the perfect piece for your comfortable seat. Many chairs damage the posture of your body, but these chairs not only ease but keep you in the best posture. 

So, what makes it different from others is that it offers an active, flexible seating place that enables constant stimulation and movement of the body. So you can change the setting whenever you like, and now the long-sitting is no more boring. Let’s make it fun with the Pipesong mediation chair. 

Now that you have an idea about this chair and its specifications, some top features of this item make it world-class among other mediation accessible in the sector.

Features of the Pipersong Meditation Chair

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This chair is super flexible and made with three sixty-degree swivel footstools. It offers the user more freedom to enjoy and sit. (https://www.echelon.health/) When you do not want to sit or desire to relax as usual for a while, you can turn the chair aside and use it as a normal, comfortable chair.

Padded with foam

This mediation chair is padded with about 1.5 mm of thick density foam. The footstool has a crescent shape that lets your lower limbs rest comfortably while relaxing in various positions.

The seat of the mediation chair consists of 3.7-inch extra-thick resilience foam. After 100 hours of testing, the foam density gives the most suitable support for many hours. 

Adjustable seat height

Users can adjust the seat height from 19.7 inches to 23.7 inches, which is 50 cm to 60 cm.


The backrest uses a crescent-shaped shape following the footstool and offers about 120-degree lumbar support. It also adds to a vital sense of safety while users switch positions.


It consists of the following, which makes it durable:

  • The SGS-certified cylinder
  • Solid steel base.  
  • Heavy-duty casters

It will ensure a safe and durable experience by offering universal castors with an 11mm x 22mm stem.

How to use the Pipersong Meditation Chair

So once you have placed the order from their website or Amazon, it’s time to get your hands on the most magical chairs. After receiving the parcel, read the manual and assemble the chair. You can use this chair for various purposes, like:

  • Mediation
  • Relaxing
  • Using it as your usual chair

The best part is that its assembly is very easy and requires only 20 minutes. Are you planning to buy it? Let us have a look at discounts.

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Promotion and Discount

There are currently no discounts or promotions accessible on their website or other e-commerce platforms.

Is it legit? Does it really work?


The features and the specifications make you order one piece for yourself to offer a treat to your back. But is it legit or not? The features and the details they have mentioned make it look promising. There are great reviews from the users of these items. So we must say it is a legitimate item.

Pipersong Meditation Chair Customer Reviews

The success of any brand depends on the reviews from the buyers. This item has received positive feedback from the users on their official website. You can also check the customer’s reviews on Amazon, Best Views Reviews, and Facebook. This brand also has an official Facebook page that makes it look real and legit.



  • comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • It can be used as a normal chair
  • Great customer reviews
  • It takes less space


  • A slight high price
  • The seat is not wide enough. Hence, it is not best for people with large buttocks


Is it necessary for tight places for Pipersong Meditation Chair?

Yes, it is best for a tight place?

Is it great for people with large buttocks?

No, it has a smaller seat.

Final Verdict

Our pipersong meditation chair reviews state that it is a fantastic buy for a person who sits all day in the same position. It delivers comfort and support without sacrificing ergonomics.