The Falcon Wears: Is Scam or a Legit Store?


Online shopping stores are multiplying by the second, but are all of them legitimate and trustworthy? One must always do deep research on the website before trusting it. is a newly introduced online store that deals in the perfect craftsmanship of indoor and outdoor furniture. However, before purchasing from the website, give this review an eagle eye to ensure website validity and find whether The Falcon Wears scam or not.

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About The Falcon Wears is an online store that sells a variety of:

  1. Armchairs
  2. Sofas
  3. Reed diffusers
  4. Rugs
  5. other indoor and outdoor furniture.

The website has a top-notch exquisite collection of furniture. The brand claims to meet its buyers’ needs with a wide collection. However, trusting an online store has been hard nowadays. Thus, we have the falcon wears review to look into to unearth the truth about the website’s legitimacy.

Is The Falcon Wears a Trustworthy website?

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Is-the-falcon-wears-scam-legit-or-scam is a recently created online shopping store with prime quality indoor and outdoor furniture. The website offers items that are of unmatched quality and cost-effective.

We have mustered some facts and details to cast sight to see if the falcon wears scam or legit.

The Falcon Wears quality is a newly born website, created on June 6, 2022. As the website is only a few weeks old, one must avoid these websites as they can become scams.

Here are a few details that can be a service to let you know about website quality and authenticity.

  1. The website is only a few weeks old.
  2. The scam detector states that has a 47.9 % trust score.
  3.  The website has no reputation online.
  4. The site has a 38% threat profile.
  5. The Falcon Wears has a 5% proximity to dubious websites.
  6. According to Xolphin, the website has valid SSL certificates.
  7. The website uses a different URL. If you search for, it will direct you to

The Falcon Wears Product quality

The website,, offers a vast number of products, including:

  1. Sofas
  2. Chandelier
  3. Rugs
  4. Lightning
  5. and much more.

Yet, we can not say item quality, as there are no customer reviews on the official site. And no reviews on the internet ensure the things’ quality.


The Falcon Wears has some great prices on indoor and outdoor furniture. The things on the website are affordable and have good prices. The firm facilitates international buyers with worldwide shipping.


The website has not stated any information about the owner, except in one place, where they stated that Egypt is their founder’s home.

Contact and address information

The Falcon Wears’s headquarters is at 906 Isabella Street, Waycross, Georgia 31503, United States. You can call +1 (202) 670-3714 with any inquiries or contact the company by email at

The shipping policy Of The Falcon Wears


The website offers shipping within 5-7 business days. The website offers international deliveries except to Russia, Israel, Iran, India, Brazil, Iraq, and other OFAC sanctioned countries. ships through worldwide recognized courier services such as:

  • NT
  • DHL
  • FedEx

The firm also facilitates its customers with free deliveries worldwide, without any conditions applied.

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Refund policies

In the event of dissatisfaction or damage, you can return or exchange the item. The Falcon Wears accepts return requests within 30 days of delivery. does not accept returns for customized products. Moreover, the company offers returns for undamaged and unworn items. If the company receives any tampered products, the refund would not apply. Within 10 to 45 days of the company receiving the returned item, your account will be credited with the refund.

The Falcon Wears Customer reviews

The companies guarantee the most delicate items will be sold at very reasonable prices. But, a lack of feedback indicates the falcon wears scam. However, we do have some comments on Reddit about

Discounts and promotions

The website offers great art furniture for both indoor and outdoor prices. The website offers deals if you buy more than one product at a time. Which are such as:

  • Buy two items and get 5% off on each product.
  • Get three items and get 10% off on each product.

Pros and cons of

If you are still dazed about the falcon wears scam, then here we have the pros and cons to clear up your confusion.



  • The company offers free shipping worldwide
  • Great quality products at affordable prices. The company has a low trust index of 47.9%
  • It offers a discount if you buy more than one product


  • Owner information is not provided
  • The website has no social media presence
  • No reviews are available
  • The domain name and website name are different

Final verdict

After a deep dive into the review, we conclude the falcon wears scam, as no customer reviews are available. And the website has not given its owner information. The website is very new, and the company has no popularity online. We recommend our audience stay away from these types of websites and always do research before buying anything online.

14 Reviews

  1. Ordered a small table. Never received. Unable to reach anybody by phone or email. Do not buy from here!

  2. Ordered a basketball hoop , never received the item…. to top it off, the vendor “Ursula Barnard” changed the transaction amount from 38.00 to 43.00, and PayPal went ahead and approved it. WTH… trying to get the funds back from PayPal. Buyer beware !!!

  3. SCAM !!…………….. Same as all above………….. order placed, received 1 email confirming purchase……….. and no responses. Try to call given number, can only leave a message. Try to send an email……. comes back undeliverable…………..

  4. everyone is absolutely right do not buy from this website! bought a backpack didn’t receive it tried the email, said that the email address wasn’t found and on the pat pal account it said the money was payed to an elise connor. DONT BUY!!!!!!!

  5. Ordered golf shoes from Footjoy that were hard to find anywhere in my size. This was 19 days ago on July 5th. Paid $92 via PayPal and got a transaction number but no other details that were useful, no shipping notice, no tracking number, nothing. So I’m going to email this Falcon Wear outfit and then seek relief from PayPal. PayPal has provided relief in the past if a vendor does not prove to be legitimate. They will ban them from doing business with PayPal. I also use VISA behind PayPal so that’s another avenue to pursue. Sorry everyone else got scammed too.

  6. Bought a pair of trail runner Hoka’s off this site and realized real fast it was a scam. They charged me 10$ more than the purchase price and have not responded to any emails. Out 110$ Isn’t too bad I suppose but wanting to pass the word on for anyone else that this is straight up a scam. DO NOT SPEND A DIME WITH THESE WORLD TRADE CENTER HATERS!!! Peace ✌🏻

  7. Totally Fake.
    Too good to be true bargains should have been my tip off.
    After checking out through PayPal, it did not behave like a normal business, taking me back to the website.
    It just sent an email saying transaction was “successful”.
    I’m now working to get my money back through PayPal. PayPal has been known to accept these scammers before, and continue to do so.

    1. The site ripped me off for 60.00 during the transaction. Paypal came back saying the transaction was legit, however, I never received any confirmation of my purchase. I canceled my account with PayPal due to lack of verification. Capital One goes to bat anytime something seems suspect, and removes the charge.

  8. This is absolutely a BIG SCAM!! I just purchased a Baseball Glove for my grandson and paid 69.00 dollars. I checked their email and it doesn’t exist neither does their phone number. I paid with PayPal just in case but still… So upset!!!

    1. And PayPal is leaving us to these scammers. No longer will they refund us, as this scammer used a “personal transfer” and not some kind of business transfer.
      PayPal is in league with the scammers imho.

  9. Scam!!!! Do Not Trust!! I ordered a gift from them. Then a woman from PayPal charged me $10 more to my account. Her email and the website’s email come back with being not found. The number to call is a Google number out of Washington D.C.

  10. Even the name of this bogus website is weird. Do they mean “Falcon WARES”? The Falcon Wears is associated with several other “new” websites that all claim to offer goods a really low prices. All of these scam stores were created by the same person/people. The photos and descriptions used are stolen from legitimate websites. One item that they claim to sell for example is a Tiffany-style Wisteria lamp for under $100. According to Serena d’Italia, the actual supplier of this lamp in the US, they do NOT sell wholesale to “Falcon Wears” or even fulfill customer orders FROM Falcon Wears. The Falcon Wears is a fraudulent web store.

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