Review: At Home Abortion Pill – Does it Really Work?

When it comes to abortion, you need to choose the safest means. Why is that so? It is because it is linked to your health. Many pills are accessible that you can use, but remember, not all pills are safe. Why is that so? It affects the hormonal systems of women. 

Is there any pill that is safe to use? When searching on the internet, you must have heard about These pills claim to offer the safest abortion. But there are a few queries about it. In this review, you will find all the data about it, such as is it safe to use? How to use it? 


What are plan pills? The term “planC” means an abortion that is done by using medication. You can mention it as a medication abortion. Most consist of a combination of the following:

You take this medicine for two to three days. How and why did they invent the pills? PlanC is the informative campaign begun by a small but notable group of

  • Digital strategies
  • justice activists
  • researchers
  • veteran public health advocates

PlanC converts the key to abortion in the United States by standardizing the self-directed choice of abortion pills via mail.

They aim for the pills that stop early pregnancy. So they claim to offer the user:

  • safe abortion
  • early abortion
  • get the drugs via mail

It is an organization that works in the USA and supports women by offering them the abortion pill at their doorstep. If they feel uncomfortable visiting any healthcare plancpill plan is there.

They have achieved so much in creating safe and at-home abortions accessible in the USA, but they think that still requires your help. Because many women in the USA are unaware of the pills, they have no idea how one can get them online.

You can help the organization by spreading the word and bringing online pill access to the mainstream.

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Features of 

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The is a team of people who worked hard to make abortion easy, safe, and hustle-free. Before you end up in the wrong hands, is there to help you. This firm has many engaging fathers that will make the women use it, but it is not safe to pick any random pill without consultation, but is there to help you in this manner.

The main feature of this firm is at-home and safe abortion. This organization offers updated data on how women in the United States get at-home pill choices online.

Accessible in all STATES

The best feature of this firm is that it is approachable in all 50 states. You can pick your state from the various choices.

The Best Guidance knows the sensitivity of the matter, which is why they offer around-the-clock customer service. They try to answer all the questions about the plancpills and help the user get the most out of it.

How to Get the Best Pills? 

If you have any queries about the pills, will help to answer them. They will guide you to where you can get the drugs. The support resources of are remarkable.

Free Text and Phone Support

They have partnered with many firms dedicated to helping women who have miscarriages and abortions. This organization offers a menu to link with the proper healthcare personnel.

It connects you with the lawyer via ReproLegal support for free. The best thing is that it keeps your data confidential.

Financial Support

Corps proposing funding to someone seeking abortions

  • NNAF (National Network of Abortion Funds)
  • NAF (National Abortion Federation)

This organization offers a complete information about the pills of abortion and ensures you get the proper medications.

How to use
  • It is simple and easy to get help from Visit their website and click on “find abortion pills”.
  • Once you click edit, you move to the next page from there, and you need to pick the state.
  • There they guide you whether telehealth is allowed in your state or not. But they still show how to get the pills to your doorstep.
  • They also guide you through the following:
  1. online pharmacies
  2. Aid access
  3. Mail forwarding

So, it is the complete manual that will help you to get a safe and sound abortion.

Promotion and Discount

As it is the organization and just helping the folk. They do not charge anything except for the services offered by the pharmacies, doctors, and others. No sales and promotions are going on.

Is legit? Does it work?

This organization has its own Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles. They have notable followers on all these handles, and their social handle looks promising. But we will still advise you to do detailed research before availing of their services; there is no comment under their posts, but it has an impressive number of likes.

Customer Reviews

To date, there is no review from a customer about this firm on their official website. On their social media accounts, you can see many likes but no comments.



  • Offer all sorts of financial aid regarding abortion
  • Deliver pills via mailing
  • Educate about online pharmacies
  • Social handles


  • Zero comments from the customers


Is it delivering services across the USA? Indeed, they are offering their services in all states.

Do they offer financial aid for abortions? Yes, they do offer financial aid for abortion.

Final Verdict

Now review shows that this firm looks promising and its incredible services. But there is no review from the buyers and users; it is best to do a little research and then approach them.