Prettytina Reviews: Is It A Fashion Store For Women That Covers Everything?


Today, women like to be presentable all the time. Whether it is the party or the offices, they can not afford to look untidy. But the looks come with a price. Many women spend thousands of dollars to look lovely in front of others. But not all the women there have money to spend on designer clothes, shoes, and jewelry. They search for brands that offer affordable and quality items. On Instagram, you may have seen many ads for clothing stores that sell cheap attire and accessories. But are they of excellent quality? We advise you to conduct a detailed research about the business before buying from them.

Pretttina is an online fashion store that deals with women. It is an international brand that offers women’s dresses globally and thousands of the latest styles to its valued customers.

This review will discuss user feedback about the brand, price, quality, and more. You need to consider many points before ordering from any online store.

What is the best Site to Order Clothes Online?


So, where to buy the best clothes when it comes to online shopping? Are you confused? Do not worry; we have covered it all for you.

  1. express 
  2. Macy’s. 
  3. Nordstrom.
  4. Zulily
  5. Belk
  6. Forever 21. Forever 21 gets flack, and some of it is well-deserved.
  7. Nordstrom Rack Shop: Nordstrom Rack for designer finds on a budget. 
  8. Old Navy Old Navy is a go-to for basics.

Do these stores offer quality things? Indeed, they do, but the query is, are they affordable? Not all of them are, but we have something for you. Prettytina claims to offer dresses as low as $9.99. Yes, you have heard me right. But are they offering it? 

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About Prettytina

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It is one of the leading online stores that offers its dresses to customers globally. They focus on affordable, stylish, and trendy women’s clothing. They offer many of the latest, chic item lines. Why is that so? It is because it provides notable choices to valued buyers globally. They prefer top services and strive to provide quality work.

The vision of this store was to make people buy clothes online. Prettytina now focuses on the motto of selling an affordable clothing range to show all people are equal. Why should they charge a hefty amount when it comes to designer clothes or others?

So whether you are a shopkeeper or retailer, you can get the latest items via speed light services. We serve clients in every region of the globe with the best rates.

9.99 dollars and more 

Prettytina has a separate section with items of 9.99 USD and more. Currently, there is a further reduction in prices on their website. Starting at 9.99 USD, you can find clothing items ranging from 10 to 16 dollars.

Here you can find pretty skirts, bottoms, two-pieces, dresses and much more. The size range is attractive, and they have sizes from small to 2XL. But the size options are limited to a few articles.

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Do they offer all sizes?

They have sizes from small to 2xl, but not all articles are accessible in this range.

Do they have a plus-size section?

Yes, they have a separate section for the plus size, dresses, jeans, 2-pieces, and more. 

Is there any discount on the products?

 Buy 4 Get 18% Off Code: AUM4

Buy 5 Get 20% Off Code: AUM

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer free and fast shipping globally.

  • Its processing takes 2-5 business days, shipping takes 7-12 days, and $20-$88.99 is free.
  • Processing is 4-7 business days, shipping is 7-12, and $89-$249.99 is free.
  • Processing is 5-7 business days, shipping is 7-12 days $250-$399.99, and it is free.
  • The processing is 6-9 business days, shipping is 7-12 days over $400, and it is free.

What is the mode of shipping?

  • The U.S. States: 
  • Alaska 
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands 

The shipping choice is Express Shipping ( DHL ), and other than that, it is Standard $34.99.

Can you cancel the order?

  • The item will be suitable for a full refund:
  • If your order has not been processed yet, 
  • The brand will not accept a refund if they have already shipped the order.


  • Affordable
  • Plus Size Dresses
  • Offer free shipping


  • There are no great reviews from the buyers on Trust Pilot.
  • Unlinked Facebook account

prettytina reviews: What are buyers saying about it?

prettytina-reviews legit or scam

Feedback on the Website

Ashley J. said, “Absolutely comfy and beautiful.” I bought it to make a costume but will use it daily. “

Feedback on the trust pilot

there are no great reviews about the brand on the trust pilot. Around 77 percent of the bad feedback comes from the buyers.

Unhappy Byers

Poor quality

poor quality. I ordered two dresses from them and they were horrible. I returned them on 07/09/22 but still haven’t received my refund. Please don’t order to this website.

Likely A Scam

I ordered a pair of distressed denim jeans… What arrived is nothing like the advertised picture, extremely cheap quality. Of course, I’m taking these to Goodwill asap. The clothes are of super cheap quality! Please save your money and do not order from them. I wish I could post a pic of this mess.

These dresses took almost three months to

These dresses took almost three months, and the quality is terrible. cheap and Ill-fitting. I chose expedited shipping,g which said it took 2 to 3 days to process in 2 to 3 days to ship, which was a complete lie and fabrication.