Deuyo Reviews: Is This An Apparel Scam Or A Trustworthy Site?

Deuyo Reviews

Your dress makes you look smart and fashionable when you go out in public. It is important that whatever you wear compliments your body type. You must carry the dress in the most elegant way to catch everyone’s eye. There is a huge range of clothes out there, and it depends on what you choose for yourself. However, people also prefer to buy online since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online supplies make shopping easier as you can have everything in the comfort of your home. However, you might never know if they are selling authentic clothes. There is always a doubt if you are trying a new online store.

Here we bring you Deuyo reviews to find trendy yet authentic garments. Let us see if it is worth buying or if it is a waste of money.

Deuyo online shopping store

Deuyo Reviews1

 Deuyo is an online clothing brand that aims to manufacture high-quality clothes for its customers. They work hard to maintain the standard. The company began when the skilled team members knew enough about the retail business. However, later on, they decided to go for their own start-up.

They are currently running this successful business from China. These clothes are manufactured and shipped from China worldwide. They make sure that the dresses are unique with a piece of quality fabric. The attires are comfortable, and you can easily carry them around. They make sure to use recycled fabric and even donate a good amount of their revenue to a charitable organization that is helping to eradicate poverty.

Features of Deuyo

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The website seems to be well managed, with a lot of choices for its clients.

They have provided complete contact information, such as their address, email address, and phone number.

Their social media accounts are present on both Facebook and Instagram. The number of followers is quite impressive.

The website is about to turn four months old. However, it is gaining a good amount of traction on its website.

Every article has complete, detailed information about it on its side. The size chart and further queries are also answered on the same page.

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What does Deuyo offer?

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There is a huge range of attire to choose from, Deuyo. You can grab tops, long sleeve tops, long sleeve dresses, casual dresses, long dresses, sweaters, and cardigans. You can get winter, summer, fall, and autumn varieties. Thus, they have dresses for each season of the year.

Is the information legit on the website?

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You might never know whether the information they provide is legit. The shop address mentioned on the website does not exist. The Google map shows no such “XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD” address on it. It means that the store is not registered or does not even exist. It is possible that it will be missing from the map.

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Your personal information is insecure.

The website looks secure and safe for buyers. However, a fake McAfee logo is present on the bottom page. It can be seen at the time of checkout. So, there is a good chance that your personal information is not safe and may be stolen.

Are they selling unique clothes?

Deuyo Reviews5

This is a hard question to answer as it seems their content and items are not authentic. There could be two good reasons for it. Either they are copying content, or other sites are copying it from Deuyo. The same dresses available here are also present on Spotify and at lilybras. One should be aware before buying such a dress.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

Deuyo Reviews legit or scam

The official website shows many good reviews—the comment section under every dress is populated with happy customers. However, we also checked other sites. Trustpilot shows more than 1k reviews, of which only 53% show an excellent rating.

A customer was satisfied as she ordered two dresses. Both of them are in good condition and have reasonable rates. Another one says that the quality is excellent and the packing is very good.

On the other hand, the remaining buyers disagree with the above. One says that she did not receive what the picture was showing. The prices are too high, and they send absurd clothes. Another client says that the size was incorrect, and instead of changing, they only offered her an $8 refund.



  • There are various payment options.
  • A good discount with a coupon code is available.
  • They have a good variety of clothes.
  • The website is highly descriptive.
  • They are providing nationwide shipping.


  • The website is new, only 3.5 months old.
  • They have perhaps copied the content.
  • The trust score is poor on the website.
  • A fake security logo is present on the website.

Bottom Line about Deuyo

We present to you Deuyo Reviews, which is a girls’ shopping store. The website offers a good discount on most of their clothes. The reviews on various websites make you stand on the borderline, thinking if it is legit or not. However, do run a background check before buying. We will suggest you look for brands with more authentic information.

18 Reviews

  1. Shameful and shady business practices. I’ve been taken and misled and they have my $84. Products are grossly overpriced and the quality is beyond horrible. They conveniently omitted any type of packing slip or return method information within the package. They only offer an email for correspondence which I used only to find out they offered a $14 refund. The headline on their website CLEARLY states easy returns and quality guaranteed. It also states they have 2 manufacturing plants in the US and products are shipped from the US. After 7 emails with this company I was told I’d have to ship my items to DUBAI at my expense and only then would they consider refunding me any money at all. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been had. I’ll be working with my credit union to see if I can get an refund that way.

  2. DO NOT SHOP HERE I did…they just send you whatever they want and not what you order…I tried to return something and their trick is to offer you a fraction of the cost BUT you can keep the items. If not YOU pay the return shipping and they are located in DUBAI? NOT South Carolina like the ads say. Beware!

  3. RUN AWAY. This is a scam shop. The clothing is horribly-sized and they refuse to accept returns. They then offer you a pittance (roughly 15%) of a credit toward your purchase. Then, they will negotiate a payment refund of up to 50% of what you originally paid (because they won’t let you return the merchandise and you can never talk to them on the phone…they have no phone number) AND they don’t actually refund your money. DO NOT do business with this company.

  4. Adds are 100% misleading and all lies. Definitely a no. Do not order. Very disappointing. Quality is horrible and sizes are not true. Made in China

  5. DO NOT ORDER from this vendor … The products I ordered eventually arrived … but were very poor quality, mis-sized, and not at all matching the beautiful pictures on the website. Then when I tried to return, the merchant refused to pay for shipping and refused to provide a refund. I filed a fraud claim with my credit card, but the merchant simply responded saying that the products were as ordered. I got nowhere after countless emails with this vendor. This is a SHAM operation … do not fall for it.

  6. Placed an order – the clothing looked very pretty. I checked recommended sizing before ordering. It took nearly 3 weeks to receive my order. Every item was made from the same fabric. They did not fit…they were very tight across the bust and large elsewhere. I have been trying for days to contact them at the only option available. There is no phone contact! I have requested a return authorization – very simple and clear. They keep responding with ridiculous content like: tell us what you would like to return (then I do, and don’t hear back); or Oh, we’re sorry, did you not get your order. It’s maddening. I guess I am out the money. I should have known the stuff was from China.

    1. EXACTLY!!Me too..Was told at beginning of order that one item they could not ship..Of course they took the money upon placement of order and I have not received a credit yet..My order was placed 10/4, received today 10/ credit..

  7. Took forever to get the dresses. They do not look like what I ordered. Made in China. Very cheap. Learned a lesson. They practice false advertising. Clothing was to be made in South Carolina. Sorry I ordered.

  8. Awful company. I think the good reviews are fake. I posted a negative review. Not only was my review removed but the company blocked me. The fabric of my dresses is cheap and the clothing runs small. They do not answer emails and there is no place way to return the purchase.

  9. Do not purchase from this site. This company is NOT in South Carolina or Ohio . You absolutely cannot return or exchange what you purchased. Stay away!!

    1. All of these sites are run by the Chinese. They photoshop the models and the clothes. It seems to me that they are an offshoot of a Chinese company called Noracora. During Covid, I ordered 3 dresses from Noracora and waited a month for them to be delivered. They came one at a time. Each dress more repulsive than the last. The fabric was the constistancy of a brillo pad. There was no address to return them and they were too horrible to even donate. Buyer beware!

  10. I wish I knew this before I ordered! Thinking they were made in South Carolina, was too good to be true. Then I got my order. The items are ok, but 2 are too small, and I need to return. If I don’t get my money back, I guess I’ll have learned the hard way.

  11. Do not order from this company. I ordered several dresses from them they were not like the picture and run very small. I tried to return them and afterward found that they used my credit card and put over $1000.00 in charges on it.
    Bad deal, steal dealing with the concequences

  12. Do not buy from this company! They will not honor warranty. Not made in America. Not even good fit. Wish I had checked reviews from neutral sites first.

  13. Website says clothing is made in USA. Information above says it’s made in China. How does one check for the truth?

    1. Yes, I read it was made in South Carolina.
      Not true, why do these company’s have to lie? Purchased two ugly dresses that are made in China. Terrible fabric as well.

    2. This is a ripoff store..flimsy quality. No return unless manufacturer issue, sizes are not true to advertise, cheap prices, cheap products.. watch your personal information afterwards

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