Reviews: Is It Legit Brand Or A Scam? Think Twice Before You Buy

Pretzels Reviews

Are you looking for a website that offers savory dishes and some desserts? If yes, you must have heard of the website known as What is this? Can you buy from this store? Does it deserve the hype? Let us find it in our reviews

What is this? The name offers a wide range of foods, like pretzels. They are available in many flavors with the right dips. It comes in various flavors, including sea salt caramel, garlic parmesan, tangy mustard, and many others. So, this name is derived from the sweat, salt, and tangy flavor that pretzels offer.

 Can you trust a random name? No. Why is that so? It is because otherwise, you would not get the food or the quality. There are many factors to consider when ordering something from an online store. So, for the food, the packaging is a must. The packaging must be up to the mark and offer resistance against extreme temperatures. 

Our reviews will look at various aspects of this brand. What are boys saying? Is there a return and exchange policy? What is their mode of payment? Can you try this brand? Don’t Miss: Licorice.Com Reviews

Snyders-Lance was the best-selling pretzel vendor in the United States. It was generating approximately 515.08 million U.S. dollars in sales.

Which State Has The Best Pretzels?

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One can get pretzels, but Pennsylvania is the U.S. state most known for these salty little snacks. More than 80 percent of the nation’s pretzel supply comes from Pennsylvania. Also, the average Pennsylvanian eats more pretzels than individuals from the other 49 states.


It is a well-known name in the pretzel world. Pretzels have shared its story on the website. They love pretzels. They love them a lot that they choose to cook something for them. Pretzels set out to reinvent a snack, undoing the knot and exciting the palate. 

They offer 46 flavors and more, and they claim these flavors will tickle the tastebuds with the tastes of:

  1.  Sea Salt Caramel
  2.  Horseradish Ranch
  3.  Sriracha
  4. Smoked Gouda
  5. Jalapeno Dill
  6. Strawberry Margarita
  7. More

They have also mentioned their chef. Chef Kate grew up in the heartland of Pennsylvania. It is the nation’s birthplace of pretzels. She is a third-generation culinary chef and performs as a snacker.

So, on their official website, you can find all the information about this brand. It is a good thing.

On their website, you can find sections for the Gift Pretzels, Mega Sampler Pack, Group Gifting, and more. So, it has everything for occasions to give gifts to friends, family, and much more.

FAQs Reviews Legit Or Scam

Is there a discount?

There is no discount, but there are gift bundles.

What is their return policy?

Our products can only be returned if they’ve been opened. This is due to food safety regulations.

Do they offer free shipping?

Free Gift with Purchase of $85 or More! Orders arrive in 5 business days!

Is it a U.S.-based brand?

Yes, it is the U.S. name.           

Does ship internationally?

They believe the passion for pretzels must be universal. As a result, they ship to approximately 100 regions in the name of tastebuds. 

From New York to Rome, Italy, and more, They’ve got buyers covered. 

Where can I find nutritional information?

Nutritional information can be found on our packaging. If you have specific questions, please email them to Reviews By Buyers has a buyer rating of 5 stars from 1 review on SiteJabber, showing that most buyers are generally happy with the purchases.

Here is the review: “This is the website for a sub-brand of” As the name suggests, they offer variously flavored pretzels. They offer a pretty wide selection of flavors at pretty reasonable prices. The number of pretzel sticks in each tube container is adequate. In my first purchases through them, I chose the buttermilk ranch, loaded nacho, chipotle cheddar, and brick oven pizza flavors. All of them were good and tasted authentic. So if you are a fan of pretzels, I highly recommend you give them a shot.

Pros and Cons



  • Variety of flavors.
  • They internationally.


  • There is no return or refund policy.

The Final Verdict ( Reviews)

Here is our final verdict about the brand: We studied the reviews. These pretzels are available in various forms (falcons and buds). They also deliver internationally, but the buyer needs to pay shipping and customer charges. Also, there is no policy of return or refund.

So, consider the shipping and return policies if you’re ordering from another region. So you can get delicious pretzels from here.

3 Reviews

  1. Like one of the above reviewers, I ordered on December 18th a selection of dry pretzels with dipping sauces as a Christmas gift for a brother in San Diego… during the ordering process I was informed it may not be delivered until between Christmas and New Years… ok, I get it, you’re busy with holiday orders.. that timing wasn’t too far off the ‘delivery in 5 business days’ usual timing…. so, I accept it… then having not received any shipment notice by December 27th I write an email asking for a fresh estimation of shipment/delivery… 24hrs later they tell me “don’t worry, it will be delivered between Christmas and New Years”… so on New Years day, nothing has been delivered and no shipment notices so I write another email… 24hrs later they tell me “oh, so sorry, we suffered a slight delay in order processing and will be shipped soon”… (seriously, that’s a slight delay?)…. they then refunded the shipping charges (yay!)…. the order finally shipped on January 5th… from West Palm Beach, FL!!! And then it took every bit of 5 days to make it’s way across the USA (literally, coast to coast)… I.Will.Never.Order.From.Them.Again….. too expensive, too unreliable, too smarmy in their automated emails – especially the automated one from the “founders” telling me how excited they were about my order and that it was “set to ship soon” (this email was sent a day after the order)…. just really false friendliness…

  2. I ordered a $90 pretzel pack for my father for Christmas with it guaranteed Christmas delivery date. By the date that I ordered it on December 12th that should have been there before the Christmas weekend. Shipping shows they have not even given it the shipper yet and it is Christmas Day. Horribly disappointed I will never buy from these people again what a waste of $90. As to the guaranteed by Christmas date I’m sure I won’t get a refund

  3. Soft pretzels came in a plastic bag and twist tie inside a box “without” dry ice to protect this product.
    They sat outside my door for two hours before I could get to them
    I froze them immediately.
    I tried one soft twist pretzel the next day.
    Keep in mind No Microwave instructions are included,
    Try 30 seconds in microwave and turn over ,if needed try 20 more seconds.
    After trying them once I noticed 24 hours later I was having stomach pain and throwing up.
    I threw out the rest of my order and since no return policy meant ,I Lost $54.00
    After this bad experience,,,,
    I learned to never purchase any perishable/refrigerated/freezer item online
    Also note these perishable products “are not” shipped in a “refrigerated shipping truck”.
    Therefore that explains how bacteria could enter these items and how a person who eats these items will get sick.
    Never again will I purchase any item from any company online if it is a perishable item that requires freezing.

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