Questra Shop Reviews: Is it a Safe Place to Buy Appliances From?

questra shop reviews

With countless online stores on the internet, people are often left scratching their heads over where they should buy from. Oftentimes, stores on the internet scam people out of their money.

That’s why we’re here to help. In this short review, we will be considering whether Questra shop is a good spot to buy appliances from.

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What is Questra Shop?

Questra Shop is an online retailer of appliances. According to their webpage, they mainly sell appliances ranging from vacuums to photo printers. They also sell items such as baking goods and pickling spices.

Questra Shop claims that what really sets them apart from its competitors is their dedication to improving customer experience. They say that their entire business model has been built around providing customers with an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. So far, so good, but do these claims hold true? See Also: Bionic Blade Blender Reviews

Is Questra Shop legit, or just another scam?

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is questra shop legit-or-scam

After checking for the age of the domain on, we came to know that the domain is 3 months and 29 days old. This means that the domain is relatively new. While not a cause for caution in itself, it places the authenticity of the brand in doubt. This is because brands with newer domains are more likely to be scams.

Furthermore, this brand does not have any social media handles. While it isn’t uncommon for brands to choose to not have a social media presence, it doesn’t make sense for an online retailer to make this decision. On the top-right of the webpage, there are logos for Facebook and Instagram, but when you click on these logos, the customer is taken to a broken URL. This is a red flag in our books. Explore More: Luncheaze Reviews

Customer reviews are a good way to figure out what other’s experiences with a brand have been. Hence, the fact that Questra World does not have customer reviews is a cause for concern.

That said, Questra Shop does have a valid HTTPS, and has also received a fair trust score, according to

What do customers of Questra Shop say?

Since the webpage for Questra Shop does not feature any customer reviews, we do not know what people’s experience with this brand has been. We tried finding reviews on Facebook, as well as on Quora. However, we were not able to find any. Don’t Forget: Kobedsa Reviews

We came across reviews for a money-making scam by the same name. However as we cannot prove a conclusive link between the two, we’ll give Questra shop the benefit of the doubt in this regard.


Questra shop retails its products at relatively expensive prices. For instance, the Magic Bullet NutriBullet, which retails for $59.99 on Questra World, is only for $49 on Magic Bullet’s own website. We’d say that’s a pretty big difference.

This difference in pricing can be seen on other items as well, and really is a minus for us.

Returns and Refunds

According to the Questra shop’s returns and refunds policy, they are willing to accept returns within 30 days of delivery. Moreover, they also promise to pay the shipping fee if the return was made as a result of their wrongdoing. The refund will be provided within 4 weeks of return. However, the Questra shop does not accept returns if the packaging has been opened, or has been damaged in some way. Read More: Fuugu Reviews


The Questra World offers free ground shipping for within the USA, and shipping fees for returns will also be covered by the retailer. The prices for FedEx shipping are as follows;

  • FedEx FedEx 2-Day: $31.23
  • FedEx Standard Overnight: $71.70

Furthermore, their webpage specifies that orders will only be shipped on weekdays, excluding federal holidays.



  • Free ground shipping
  • Accept returns within 30 days of delivery
  • Fair Trust score


  • Relevant contact information has not been provided
  • No Customer reviews
  • Prices are relatively high

Should you buy from the Questra Shop?

Personally, we would not buy from the Questra Shop, and we’d advise you to do the same. The total absence of customer reviews, combined with the relatively new webpage means that this retailer is not entirely trustworthy. To add to that, the prices are also comparatively high. Why would you want to pay more, when you could get the same things for far cheaper elsewhere on the internet, from more established retailers? You May Also Like: Lemadre Shop Reviews

Despite this, if somebody still chooses to buy from the Questra Shop, they should do so at their own risk. There is no guarantee they will have a positive experience, in fact, it is likely they will not.

All in all, we’d advise our readers to steer clear of this retailer, as there are a lot more reliable stores to choose from.

8 Reviews

  1. I order Spider-Man miles morales launched edition never received it on me and my step son ps4’s I have contacted and no response plus the disrespect they do taking people money and not received refund

  2. My June 2022 order for Logitech K800 keyboard was acknowledged but never delivered.
    My later email to them was ignored.
    In August 2022, fraudulent charges began appearing on my VISA Debit card.
    I conclude this vendor is criminal.

  3. I placed an order in June and still have not received it. When I go to the order and click the link “About my order” it takes me to a website that has an error and can not be displayed. This is a SCAM!

  4. I did not check out reviews of this site before ordering. My order has been “processing” for over a month. The website is also no longer active. If you feel you MUST order, send me your money. I will also not send you what you ordered but I will send you a Thank You card … and a cookie.

  5. I purchase 2 pressure canners June and haven’t gotten them I send inquiries about it and they reply your order has been received. But still no pressure canners.

  6. I been order detergent pods on 6/24 /2022. The order number 192386. When can i recieve that

  7. I found a coffeemaker at very low price on Questra site. It was very suspicions, since other retailers were selling almost twice that price. To make long story short:
    Their published phone is always busy
    On the Google maps, I cannot find their store.
    Even contact email didn’t go. I’ve got the following message:
    “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”

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