The Ranch Fly Trap Reviews: The Best Fly Traps For Catching Flies

the ranch fly trap reviews
the ranch fly trap legit or scam

Usually, summer doesn’t come alone; it brings houseflies with them. Houseflies love the scent of food, garbage, or any other smell present. However, they are attracted to the natural oils, the body’s warmth, sweat, and salts. They seem to be the most irritating creatures that only keep on buzzing in your ear.

House flies can transmit diseases to humans and domestic animals. They tend to move around and spread these diseases from place to place. It gets difficult to sit on the lawn or open windows. We bring you the ranch fly trap to help you get rid of flies as soon as possible.

About the Ranch Fly Trap

A ranch fly trap is a net that catches nasty, biting flies found on your horse, animal, or yard. It is the best trap to eliminate flies from your horses and other animals. Ranch fly traps are easy to use and set up for your convenience.

It comes in various sizes depending on what you want. You can effectively reduce the number of flies around you and your household without using any sprays or lotions. This is a reusable product that uses natural attractants such as fish bait. This ranch fly trap for insects is ideal for use outside on your lawn and around livestock pens.

Benefits and Features

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This is a highly recommended product with the following benefits.

  • It is made of good quality iron wire gauze, which can be reused.
  • A ranch fly trap consists of an environmentally friendly plastic bowl.
  • It is non-toxic and contains no harmful materials for animals or the environment.
  • Attractants are general chemicals like the odor of rotting flesh or other things that these flies find irresistible.
  • This fly trap allows you to enjoy a fly-free environment for your horses and other livestock.
  • It is safe and efficient to use.

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How to use them effectively?

It is a very easy-to-use fly trap. A ranch fly trap consists of some general steps to set up the trap. It usually consists of three parts:

1. The net with hooks.

2.  Plastic bowl.

3.  The bait is an attractant.

You have to hang the below hook with the above one, and you’ll see a ring at the bottom. Then take the plastic bowl and mix this bait powder with warm water. It takes 24 hours for the attractant to activate. After it is activated, place the bowl in the net and hang it. You have to hang it at least 5 feet from the ground.

And you’re good to go.

You can use YouTube to understand all the steps.

Does it Really Work?

This is the main question: Does this ranch fly trap work, or is it just a fraud? The answer is yes; it is a very effective method to catch flies. We went through various reviews and pages showing that people are using it. They even have about 10k followers on their Facebook page.


Positives and Negatives

Every product has some positive and negative aspects. Let us highlight some here.

Positive Aspects:

  •  A ranch fly trap is easy to assemble and use.
  •  It is quite sheer with high tensile strength.
  •  It is a reusable fly trap. 
  •  They offer three-day shipping and a money-back guarantee as well.

 Negative Aspects:

  • You can get it at much cheaper prices on other sites, such as Walmart.

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Ranch Fly Trap Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

We went through Ranch fly trap reviews on its official site, and people seem quite happy. They have very fast delivery, within two or three days. Clients have posted pictures of their fly traps filled with flies. They claim this is the best thing they ever bought. One is so happy that she is willing to buy two more.

One of the customers is celebrating her sweet horses being free of flies. At the same time, others are getting compliments on reduced flies on their lawn. People are rushing to buy more of these in different outdoor areas.

This product is also available on Amazon. About 26% of people rated them 1 star, while only 37% were highly satisfied with the fly trap. One of the highly contented customers stated that it was easy to set, and within 48 hours’ hundreds of flies were trapped in it.

 At the same time, people are not happy with it. One called it junk and said his wife insisted on buying it. They used cat food as bait but were unable to catch any flies. Another buyer says he could only catch a single fly, which does not work like an advertisement.

You can also buy this product at Walmart. It also shows about 46% of 1-star reviews. The Walmart product comes without instructions, and the client says it is only a waste of money. Another one says that he saw it on YouTube, and it worked the same.


We come to you with ranch fly trap reviews to save you from the distress of houseflies. It is an economical and easy-to-use product. Despite some negative reviews on Walmart and Amazon, we recommend trying it. You may never know what a difference it will make in your lives.

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  1. I bought one of these but no instructions and no bait.contacted support but no help.

  2. I received the fly tarp, but no bowl to put the attractant in and no instructions as to how to use it.

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