Sacred Serve – Best Plant-Based Handcrafted Healing Gelato – Is it Really Magical

Sacred Serve is a plant-based gelato that is both dairy-free, gelatin free and is 100% Vegan. With a rich, creamy taste, Sacred Serve is the yummiest and healthiest frozen dessert without any sugar.

What’s that one thing in the world that can instantly lift your mood when you are feeling down or stressed? For most people, the answer is “ICE-CREAM“. That’s right, the delicious, chilled ice cream is an instant mood booster and is a perfect companion in happiness and sadness.

But let’s face it. It’s not the healthiest dessert choice with all the added sugar, gluten and other preservatives.

And that’s where plant-based Gelato like Sacred Serve saves the day.

Imagine having a creamy, delicious scoop of gelato that is not only more delicious and thick than ice cream but also healthier with low calories.
In this Sacred Serve review, we will explore how this gelato AKA Italian ice cream, is better than your typical ice cream.

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What is Sacred Serve?

Sacred serve is not your ordinary Gelato. It is Plant-based, which means it is dairy-free and gluten-free. Each flavour of sacred serve is laden with superfoods, medicinal mushroom, adaptogens and organic thair coconut meat.

Instead of artificial sugar, low-glycemic coconut sugar is added.

Sacred serve believes in the healing power of mother nature, and that is the motto of their brand as well. The plant-based gelato is allergen-free, so if you are lactose intolerant, this yummy gelato can be your go-to snack. Moreover, it’s a perfect dessert for people who love healthy eating as it has less than 100 calories per serving. Now that’s cool, right? Not only this but it is infused with superfoods like young coconut meat, Coconut Sugar, Sunflower Lecithin, Maca Root, Chaga Mushroom etc which gives you energy boost throughout the day.

Is it Really Worth It?

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For most people Ice-cream is the one and only solution. Gelato and frozen yogurt look all fancy but the taste is not the same for everyone. This gives birth to a crucial question: Is Sacred Serve really worth the hype?

Sacred Serve is harvested by hand and is a certified organic company that uses raw coconut oil, fair-trade young coconut meat as a base for all the flavors. The ingredient list is brimming with super food that will make you think the taste won’t be all that nice. But boy!! you are in for a pleasant surprise.

The texture is so smooth and creamy that it is enough to send you into an ice-cream coma. The subtle sweet flavor is a cherry on the top and unlike ice-cream the temperature of gelato is not freezing high. So you can savor all the flavor in its full deliciousness.

Pro tip: let the Gelato sit for 10 mins outside the freezer before scooping. It will let you enjoy the thick creamy texture the way it should be savored.

Brand Story

The brand Sacred Serve has an inspirational story. The female led brand is big on healing via food and the owner Kailey Donewald is a living proof of it. She suffered from several allergies and asthma from her childhood. Her doctors told her to ‘’deal with it’’ and eat medications for the rest of her life.

20 years fast forward and Kailey started taking interest in plant-based nutrition while living in Bali. Within 2 weeks, she healed herself of all the allergies without any medication.

This led Kailey to double take on her life decisions and she enrolled herself in a nutrition degree. She worked hard to create a brand that tackled the most dairy based, sugar-loaded food i.e dairy ice cream. And so Sacred Serve was born.

Sacred Serve’s Packaging

Sacred Serve is an eco-friendly brand and they believe in taking care of the mother earth. That’s why they introduced the revolutionary packaging that is the world’s first 100% recyclable ice cream cartons. These ice cream cartons are made from paper-based fibre and are plastic free as well as compostable and biodegradable.

The Packaging is developed by London-based packaging company Delipac. The Cartons are lined with a water-based barrier solution that ensures that the packaging is suitable to contain liquid sauces at high oven and deep freeze temperatures without any accidents.

Kailey Donewald is an enthusiastic environmentalist and has been trying to introduce eco-friendly packaging since the brand’s launch in 2017. She says:

‘’Packaging has been a major problem for the frozen set as a whole, and we’re thrilled to introduce a solution that will help push the entire category forward.’’

What Are the Flavor Options?

Here are some awesome flavor options by sacred serve!

sacred serve items

Tigernut Cookies N Creme

Enriched with tigernut flour, activated charcoal with detoxifying properties and adaptogenic mucuna- this childhood classic is good for your gut health. Rich and creamy, this gelato is a perfect dessert for adults and children.

Chaga Chocolate

The combination of harmonine balancing Maca, the sheer goodness of raw cocoa and the antioxidant properties of rich chaga mushroom makes this flavor sinfully tasty.

Matcha Mint Chip

Infused with peppermint essential oil, ceremonial grade matcha along with handpicked vegan chocolate chips makes it a treat for your mind, body and soul.

Coconut Salted Caramel

The fusion of raw young coconut, rich himalyan pink salt and low glycemic coconut sugar makes this flavor a favorite of everyone.

Saffron Chai Spice

Sacred Serve Saffron chai spice is a unique flavor. The Saffron has long been hailed as a star ingredient for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. The unique blend of Saffron, Cardamom, cinnamon and rose water makes this an exotic flavor to enjoy.

Sacred Serve Honest Reviews

Sacred Serve is a reputable brand and has been featured in forbes as well as business insider. Apart from this, this plant-based gelato has been featured in many prominent online publications such as yahoo news. The owner Kailey Donewald is an enthusiast of healing with food and is pretty vocal about it. There are many reviews on the website and if you search online for sacred server reviews, you will find plenty of users sharing their experience.

Wrap up

If you are an ice-cream lover and cannot curb your ice-cream cravings but want to start eating healthy, sacred serve is for you. If you have tried any of the flavors, let us know which one is your favorite and why? Don’t forget to share this article with your ice-cream lover friends and family.

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