Review: Best Place to Buy Swimming Equipment or a Fraud Website?

sicklele reviews

Online shopping is becoming more popular every day, and the number of online stores is endless. However, some of these stores are actually scams. It is very important therefore to know whether an e-commerce store is trustworthy before you give them your personal information.

Knowing all the details of an online store can help you decide whether it is worth putting your trust in.

Today we will be reviewing to see if it is a legitimate store or just another scam.

What is Sicklele?

Sicklele is an online retailer based in the US. They mostly sell swimming equipment. According to their website, they also have physical locations in major cities, such as London, New York, Oslo as well as Stockholm.

On the about us section on their webpage, strangely, they have described themselves as ‘burbli’which sells audio equipment.

Is Legitimate, or a scam?

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sicklele legit or scam

How old a website is, is a good way to figure out whether a business is trustworthy. Using  domain age checker tool we were able to find out that the age of the domain for is just 2 months old. This is a bit concerning as websites with newer domains are more likely to be scams.

Reputable brands always make an effort to maintain a social media presence. Hence, the fact that does not have any social media accounts raises red flags. Generally, scammers do not make the effort to create social media accounts.

Furthermore, the brand does not have any customer reviews. Through customer reviews, we can know better what people’s past experiences with a company have been. Although we tried searching for reviews of sicklele on platforms such as Facebook and Quora, we were not able to find any. This raises red flags because an established business that claims to have international locations should at least have one customer review, but there are none.

Additionally, Sicklele has an extremely low trust score on, at just 1/100. This means that the likelihood of this brand being a scam is actually extremely high.

To add to this, while searching for Sicklele’s website, we came across their “about us” section. In this section, they had described themselves as a retailer of audio equipment named “Burbli”. This makes us suspect that Sicklele is a scam, as Sicklele does not sell audio equipment, nor is it named “Burbli”.

Another suspicious detail about sicklele is that the exact same contact information provided by this brand on its website has also been used by 2 other websites, which are and

That said, does have a valid HTTPS address and has not yet been blacklisted by search engines.

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What do customers of Sicklele say?

We tried searching for reviews of Sicklele on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Quora, and even Twitter. We were not able to find any reviews. This is unfortunate since customer reviews could have given us a better insight into whether the brand is trustworthy enough to make purchases.

What are the prices?

On, we can only see 2 items in their catalog with the prices mentioned. The myopia goggles sold on their website are for $60. However, pretty much the same goggles are sold on Amazon for a lot cheaper at $16. This means that this brand offers relatively higher prices for the same products.

Does Sicklele accept returns?

According to their website, Sicklele does accept returns within 30 days of delivery. However, in order to be eligible for a refund, proof of purchase will be required, such as a receipt. Additionally, the original packaging must also be intact in order for the item to be returned. The company says all of its products come with a 30-day exchange/refund warranty.

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Shipping policy

Sicklele currently offers free shipping on orders within the US, which are delivered using standard delivery. Their webpage also states that you can cancel your order at any time within 24 hours of placing it. However, after the order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

In order to request a cancellation after the order has been shipped, you should contact the company at their email address,, with the subject line ‘CANCEL’.

Furthermore, their shipping policy also says that if an order is damaged during transit, Sicklele will take full accountability for that and will provide you with a refund or exchange.



  • Valid HTTPS
  • Free shipping on orders in the US
  • If order is damaged during transit you will be compensated


  • Extremely low trust score on
  • High prices
  • No customer reviews

Should you buy from sicklele?

Having analyzed all of the above information, it seems likely that is actually a scam. With zero customer reviews, a poor trust score, and a bad website design, this brand should have all the signs that it is not a legitimate business. ( Despite this, if somebody chooses to buy from, they should do so at their own risk, knowing that they are probably going to be scammed.

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