SnmStore Review: Is Legit or a Scam?

snmstore review

Nowadays, people prefer to buy things online due to their busy lifestyles. They are in search of online stores that help them easily access their daily necessities and save time. One such store is snmstore.

People use this website because their products are good quality, but is it a credible store to shop online? Here are the snmstore reviews to clear this confusion: is it legit or a scam. This article will discuss the product price, their quality, and the reviews from the customers.

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About SnmStore is a newly found USA e-store in the sneakers industry. It provides complete household items such as clothing, home decor, kitchen utensils, and much more. Their products have affordable prices. On top of that, this store provides discounts from time to time, making the store more alluring to the customers.

But the question arises of whether the store lives up to its claim? Is it really how it is shown to the outside world? For that, this review gives you an idea of whether a customer should buy from here or not. Stay tuned because we will discuss every point in-depth.

Is Legit or a Scam?

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is snmstore legit-or-scam

Below are the few points we will discuss in this article to ensure this website is trustworthy.

Product Quality

As per our research, there are no satisfactory reviews about the price. They only have one social media page Facebook, which contains very few reviews. We are not sure whether they are paid or not. So it makes it more confusing for people to trust this website. According to their claim, they provide the latest design and better clothing quality, but there is no evidence from the customer to support this statement.


Their prices are affordable for most people, and they give discounts from time to time. But it is one of the traits of scam companies to provide heavy discounts to gain customers’ attention. Due to these strategies, many have complained about this online store.

Website Quality

Their website quality is also not so good. The URL of cannot be found, which adds to the customer’s suspicion of whether they are legit or a scam. No search engines can detect this website. This reduces the credibility of the store. 


This online store was founded in 2006 in the sneaker industry, but its review charts are still empty, adding to the growing suspicion about this website. They provided the company address, but not being able to find the website easily makes it difficult to trust it.

Contact and Address

Company Name: Snmstore Ltd
Company Address: 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

(This is not a returning address) the address provided by the company is not real and has been seen on many different online stores.

The email address provided by the store is not a legit one and is used by other scamming sites as well.

According to the above information, this company exhibits a poor professional rating.

Shipping and Refund

COD or cash delivery is no problem for online stores, but most sites never offer such options. Pellet is upset by paying via card. The lousy thing about this is that it does not have the check-out pages. It is a big no, so be aware before buying items from this site.

Now let us move towards the next part of the snmstore reviews, customer reviews.

Customer Reviews

So, customer reviews are a must to get an idea about the website’s readability. There are few customer reviews about, and the reviews claim the site is suspicious. A video on You Tube also claims that the company does not refund and is a scam. 

Promotions and Discounts

When you visit their website, there is a notable discount on their products. The discounts they offer are unrealistic no one can offer an item of top quality at such rates. So many red flags make you think twice before buying from this website.  

Are there any pros and cons of this site?



  • discounts are alluring
  • images quality is great


  • data about the site is not sufficient
  • it is not easy to search this website
  • the quality of the site is not great
  • no check out pages
  • ridiculously less price
  • no review on the Facebook page
  • A bad review on Youtube

There are several red flags for this site. Are you still wanting to purchase from this site?

If so, read the Final Verdict.

Final Verdict: snmstore reviews

So the data we have gathered shows that this website is a scam and you should never buy from it. The prices, customer reviews, and quality of the website are not satisfactory.

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