Snow Grass Reviews: Is It The Best Store For Christmas Shopping?

Snow Grass Reviews

Christmas is around the corner, and you must have seen many brands and stores offering alluring discounts. It is the season when a new brand blooms and tries to engage as many buyers as possible. Indeed, they have tried their best to attract customers through appealing images and perfect refund policies. But not all glitter is gold. Yes, you cannot trust any new name for online shopping. There are many factors that you need to consider. So, the first thing is to read the review about the brand. Today we will focus on the snowgrass reviews.

Snow-grass is a USA-based brand that offers clothing, accessories, kitchen tools, and more at the best rates. It’s the only store that has a shipping and refund policy. But can you trust this brand?

What factors should be considered while selecting a good brand?

So, can you trust the Snow-Grass e-commerce store? It is the main query, and you cannot tag any new names with fake ones. Many facts will help you pick the right brand for online shopping. If you study Snowgrass, it is the e-commerce system that covers everything from clothes to kitchenware, but does it follow the points mentioned below? The following points will guide you on how to choose the perfect website for your business,

The top nine success points of any leading brand plan

  1. They target people’s knowledge. 
  2. They have a strong, unique value proposition.
  3. Here, passion is observable. 
  4. The next is out-of-the-box thinking. 
  5. Consistency is the key.
  6. The brand’s motto comes first.
  7. Exceptional brand slogans and taglines.
  8. Also, the brand always offers value.

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About Snow-Grass

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Snow-Grass is the USA’s base online store that deals with various things. It covers kitchenware and clothing ranges. (Diazepam) So, this source believes that every buyer has the right to live a happy life. Their store is a little effort to put smiles on the faces of the buyers by offering all things under one roof. That’s why they strive to offer quality items and top-quality services at the best rates.

They consider each of their buyers a special person in their lives. They do not display the items, but they do display the gifts for the buyers. It’s their little gestures that bring pleasure and happiness to their lives.

You just need to pick the item you’d like to get, and then their customer care team will handle the rest. With a few clicks, you can start the shopping journey with them.

 What items do they have?

 You can see various categories when you visit their website on the home page. It has a separate section for accessories, clothing, fashion, kitchenware, and more. From this, we find they are trying to offer everything under one roof. 

The item on this website is a great sale and offers some special Christmas Eve offers.

  1. Halloween Articulated Finger
  3.  Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders,
  4. Chainsaw Chain Sharpener,
  5.  Car Scratch Repair Spray

These are a few things, but they have many more. But there are many things that you need to consider before choosing any brand for online shopping. What are they? Let us have a look.

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Snow Grass Reviews legit or scam

Is there any discount?

Yes, there is a great Christmas discount on this website.

  • there is around 49% off on many items
  • You can check their hot sale section

What is their return policy?

There is a 2-year warranty.

It also supports new trade-ins for new within 1 year.

Do they offer free shipping?

Free Shipping On Orders Over $39

Is it a USA-based brand?

Yes, it is a USA-based brand.

How do you contact them?

Do they offer a refund?

Fast refund for dissatisfaction within fifteen days.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee.

 What is their mode of payment?

  1. Paypal
  2. Visa
  3. Amex
  4. Mastercard 
  5. Discover

What is the duration of shipping?

They ship within 24 to 48 hours after payment.

Snow-grass reviews: What are customers saying?

Indeed, buyers’ feedback is a must when reviewing a website or brand. On the Snow-Grass, we have found some feedback from the buyers.

Buyers who bought Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

One customer stated, “I wanted shears for the kitchen that could cut through chicken skin.” This does it beautifully. Also, since I have arthritis in my thumb and it is larger at the knuckle, the scissors are large enough for my thumbs and very comfortable. I’m very happy with it. The case that comes with it is also a nice feature. “

One more buyer mentioned, “Very durable, and we use it now to cut veggies instead of knives.” Got it for my special need daughter because I wanted her to be able to cut veggies faster without worrying about her cutting her fingers with knives. “

There is no buyer feedback on websites like Trust Pilot and Site Jabber.



  • They are offering free shipping.
  • There is a great discount.
  • Feedback from the buyers on their official website.


  • The refund policies are unrealistic.
  • The rates of the items are high compared to other platforms.
  • It is a young website.
  • It does not have any social media handles.

Is the brand legit?

 We have found that this website, Snow-grass is not legit. Why is that so? 

  1. It has hidden the data about owners.
  2. They have copied the data from other fake websites like Fashionhappy, Gorgeous-Flair, and more.
  3. They have the same dress as on Amazon and there is a huge difference between the prices.

17 Reviews

  1. I ordered 2 items with them worst nightmare of my life. Price was 10$ more than my order I am Canadian so this means 15$ for me. Try to cancel within a few hours could not. Return policy not respected, I received wrong size like 5 times my size (5XL instead of XL), they are stating that the warehouse confirm it was the same size as marked on my order and suggest I should give them to someone I know. NEVER AGAIN.

  2. I ordered 9 rolls of grass seed, but five get 4 free. Received 5 swatches of green felt. I realize that I have been scammed. Tried contacting the company for support. Phone number listed, continued busy signal. Sent email, no reply. So frustrated, spent over 60.00 for felt. Planning on letting others know that this
    company isn’t legit via Facebook.

  3. Ordered nine rolls of grass seed, received swatches of green felt. Paid 64.00. Snow Grass is a scam. Do not order from them!

  4. I thought I was going to receive 20 rolls of grass seed that rolled on the ground. Nope, I received green felt in plastic bags. I paid extra to receive the 3-7 shipping days, again false advertised. That is to get it out faster than other orders. It took almost a month. They are not in the United States I had to pay over $67 to return to Hong Kong. The return company is Blue Heat Trading Co LTD not Snow Grass. I was scammed. Do not purchase anything from them.

  5. They send inferior products. All but one of the five ice scrapers I ordered were broken. They refused to replace even after showing them pictures and offered me a total of $3.00 on an order over $35.00. Returning the products would have cost more than their cost for this Chinese knock off inferior product.

  6. I have never received such an inferior product. The pants look nothing like the video, the drape, the construction looks nothing like the item I received. After contacting them they assured me, “ As our warehouse checked, your product has no quality issue. With some simple procedures, it can work as normal”. Really? There is no customer service, they refuse to send an address for me to return the items as well as receive a refund. I will continue to pursue retribution.

  7. Absolute rip off site. Ordered stretch trousers for husband in XXL 42-44 (thinking it they were too large I could alter), after waiting weeks they arrived…. non stretch, and would possibly fit a 10 yo youth, no way are they 42-44inch as specified. Contacted company, they replied with a request for photos which I then sent with ruler next to item. They say they sent the right thing!! No way !! NO REFUND !!

    1. I have the same exact experience with them. They sent youth size xxl pants and said that’s what I ordered. That place needs to be shut down!!

  8. Totally crap…sizing based on the sizes on their page are not even close to fitting!!
    Then it is not possible to get a refund or an exchange………not fair!


    RE: 12” Screen Magnifier

    2022-12-01 12:55:56UTC has been confirmed by the Merchant,, which name will appear on your bank statement.

    Shipping method
    Express Shipping (7-12 days)
    Payment method
    Credit Card — $34.04

    I sent this email to and realize today that I was definitely scammed!

    “As you will see in the email below, I paid an additional Express Shipping fee for $9.99 which guaranteed delivery no later than 12/13/22. Needless to say, my daughter didn’t have this present to open on Christmas Day!

    I have 2 complaints;
    1.) My package was delivered on 12/31/22, therefore, I want my $9.99 returned to me since YOU LIED about Express Shipping!
    2.) The total charge for this item was $34.04, which I agreed to pay expect I was unaware of the $.70 insurance fee that I didn’t agree to pay. However, you charged by checking account $40.85. That’s $6.81 to much!
    3.) I want back the difference of $6.81, $9.99 and $.70 which totals $17.50!”

    Their support team responded with this:
    “The additional charge was made due to system error.(6.81USD)
    We credited this back to your original account. Please kindly wait 3-7 business days for the confirmation message from the bank. And this product is not free shipping, so you need to pay the freight, the freight can’t be returned.”

    I responded, “You wouldn’t have refunded it had I not brought it to your attention. THAT’S SCAMMING ME! I still should be refunded the amount of shipping I paid for express delivery. I paid extra to receive the product in 7-12 days. This is where I was cheated, because the product was not received in the expedited manner as promised. You are the one that committed FRAUD against me by not guaranteeing your express delivery date before 12/13/22 to which I paid extra. Therefore, I am entitled a refund on my shipping charges. This is unacceptable! I am still not satisfied that you stole my money. THAT’S FALSE ADVERTISING!”

  10. This so called business is nothing but a scam. I ordered thru them 40 days ago, still waiting for product, which probably won’t be delivered. I asked for a refund right after I found out it was in the UK, which was only a couple of minutes. They said couldn’t be refunded as was already shipped…should have known better…

  11. Rip off artists…stay far away from Snow Grass. Over charged me, then never received my shipment.

    1. Dispute with credit card company or PayPal if you used them.. Go on Trust Pilot for more proof of negative reviews. Also on Facebook search for Snow Grass. They are in Hong Kong and not in the US. I disputed with PayPal and had to send product back with tracking number. I’m still fighting for return shipping cost because they didn’t send me what I ordered and didn’t get the 3-7 day shipping I paid for.

  12. Crooked and dodgy. Bought an item for AUD 36.39. Paid via PayPal. When PayPal issued a receipt it was for AUD 89.16.
    Within 5 minutes I made a complaint. Snow-Grass said hard luck, it’s already shipped (quick shipping).
    PayPal making it difficult. Luckily my bank is following through.
    Also, contact is with China.

  13. SCAM ALERT!! This company is not legit at all!! I ordered a peeler and they stated that my address was unknown. I receive mail and packages daily at this address. Wanted more money to resend or almost the cost of the product to refund me! STAY AWAY from this company!!!!

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