Supernewin Reviews – Best Online Store to Buy Shoes? or Another Scam Website

is supernewin legit

Is Supernewin is the right place to buy shoes online? or it is a scam website? Are you looking for the Supernewin reviews before spending any money? You are at the right place.

I review the best online shopping sites. My mission is to provide you with honest reviews of online shoe stores so that you can find the product that fits your lifestyle needs.

If you are looking for the latest fashion trends, but don’t want to spend all of your money on designer brands, then is the perfect place for you! This website allows its users to buy shoes at a fraction of the cost that they would be if they were purchased in-store.

I have researched the website and want to share my review with you so you can find out if this site is a scam and how you can avoid it!

What is is a “shoes” online store that supposedly has the biggest collection of shoes across the world.

After searching for it on google, I have not found any website that offers this kind of product catalog size.

It was created in the year 2016 and its location is unknown, no information about the location is on the website.

Who Owns

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There’s no information about who owns “” and what is the full name of the owner, which has led me to think that probably they are trying to hide something or don’t want their identity known for some reason.

Supernewin Shipping Offer

As you can imagine without seeing their website, I tried to find some interesting information about them or their products before buying something from them or taking advantage of their free shipping offer – which they only show up when adding items to your shopping cart – but nothing could be found other than what’s stated on their own website!

What is the Quality of Shoes?

Instead of getting real models’ pictures of each product, they offer on their webpage, they have photos with models’ shoes photoshopped with an image – a very low-quality one I must say – over it so you cannot see what is really inside!

Is Supernewin Legit? has several positive reviews written by customers who bought various kinds of shoes from this website, but it seems that only people who got all their items delivered to them wrote something good about the company.

This raised my eyebrows enough not to buy anything from them at least until I do more research on the internet and find more information about this company.

As more time passed, I’ve found some more information on the internet which is indeed pointing out that they are scammers who tried to hide their identity!

Doubt on Domain Name

It seems that they have changed the domain name of their website after some customers discovered that they are being overcharged for shipping too many times. Now they use “” while before it was ““.

Even with this change in the way people access their webpage, there are still plenty of negative reviews written by unhappy customers who haven’t got refunded yet.

No Legit E-mail Service

They use free email services to send you notifications when you buy items from them or receive payment notifications, but there’s no clue of how these emails are generated or who is the real senders.

I have done some researches on Google with keywords like “scam”, “Supernewin review”, “scammed by Supernewin” but none of them gave me anything about this company.

People Feedbacks are Suspicious

There’s one thing that really worries me and I am not sure if it is true, but reading what other people claim about this website, they mention they asked for a refund and received all their items already! How could that be possible if the parcel was sent to an address in London? It’s nearly impossible unless they work with a third-party shipment provider.

Are They Available on Social Media?

After searching for more about it online find its pages either on Facebook or Twitter. Scammers usually use those social media services to make themselves more popular and well-known by making their brand “popular” on those websites, but it seems that this company is not interested in doing so! There are plenty of negative reviews about this company online talking about being scammed out of money while I found some people who claimed they had received all the stuff bought from them perfectly. It’s hard for me to decide if this website is legit or a scam because I can’t find any clue of who really runs the business.

I don’t think you should buy anything until more information becomes available online.

Payment Mode

All transactions take place through PayPal which has its headquarters in America.

Refund or Return Policy

The best way to spot a fraudulent site is if there’s no proper return policy available. But this site does have on this link,

But as there is no proper contact and support medium except e-mail Email: I do not believe in the above-published return and refund policy.

List of Best Websites to Buy Shoes Online

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  2. Eastbay
  3. Shoe Carnival
  4. Infinity Shoes
  5. Amazon Shopping

My Conclusion

The website is operated outside the USA and has no address or customer reviews. It’s a scam. Do not order from this company! Stay away! If you have been scammed by this company or any other, please comment on the article and share your experience!

16 Reviews

  1. This is a TERRIBLE company. NO follow through – no help. A complete scam. My daughter ordered shoes from here for her sister for Christmas. They did not fit. SO, we cannot use. We wanted money back or at the very least an exchange for the correct fit. After several email exchanges between us and this email:, they stopped emailing with NO resolution, no help and the shoes are still sitting at our house purchased by our 15 year old daughter again as a gift for her sister with her own money. It is pathetic that we could not get anyone to help us. I tried to file a complaint with BBB but do not have info to complete the “file a complaint” form – no city, state, zip, etc. to enter on the form.

  2. Worse company ever, located in china, sent totally knocked off version of hey dude shoes, offered 25% refund to keep them, working with my credit card company to review charges. Sent product back, have proof of shipment,


  3. Worst scam ever..ordered female Hey Dude Shoes a month later recieved a totally different Man’s shoe made out of paper..they were gross.
    I contacted them to confirm the return address on package was correct, twice with no response..I mailed..still no refund..finally they said I mailed it to the courier and could not get a refund.
    What Crooks!

  4. This place is a scam. My shoes never came in so I filed a dispute with PayPal. They tried to bribe me to cancel my dispute in order to receive a refund plus $10 reward. Ummmm no thanks. I’ll
    Keep my dispute. DO NOT ORDER HERE!

  5. I ordered “heydudes” right after Thanksgiving, and i have not received anything yet. I sent a message through messenger with a pic of my order and got a response and a tracking number and link. It shows the parcel is at LAX and has been since 12/28/21 with no other action. I don’t expect to get the package now and if i do i don’t expect to get what i ordered after reading all the other reviews. First time i have ever been scammed, lesson learned…….

  6. It is a scam! I ordered 2 pairs of shoes for my wife for christmas, they didn’t arrive until a week after and it was not even close to what i ordered or where they hey dudes, Thankfully I paid with paypal and got my money back

    1. I too was a victim of this sight! I also payed through PayPal. How were you able get a refund?

      Thank you for the information!

  7. I thought I was ordering Hey Dudes, then after waiting over a month, I received some cheap looking shoes. They smelled like they were doused in spray paint. One pair looked like what I ordered, but had stains on it. The other was completely wrong. They don’t respond to emails at all. Definitely a scam.

    1. We thought we were ordering Hey Dudes also but they were NOT! They did not fit. They were not what was advertised. They did not help us – No refund. And, after a few email exchanges of us trying to get resolve, we emailed again and it came back that the email address does NOT exist! 🙁

  8. Has anyone received a return label or a refund for these shoes? I ordered two pair an received totally different shoes than what I ordered.
    I hope I didn’t waste my money.

  9. My daughter wanted Cowhide Hey dudes for Christmas and was scammed. They are far from authentic and the fabric is an imprint of Cowhide and beads. Huge disappointment 😞

    1. I got the EXACT same pair! the video and pictures made them look so real and authentic. I emailed several times and got a couple of responses telling me even though they are not authentic I should really try them on because they are good quality (which was a lie). I responded requesting a full refund. they said they would give me a 30% refund unless I paid to ship them back. they proceeded to tell me that shipping them back isn’t promising me a full refund because it often gets lost in the mail. I tried to message them back again and their email was deleted, and I cannot even find their website anymore. such a scam!

      1. YES! Same thing happened to me! Email domain not found! The shoes are too small! I have been emailing them also!
        NO LUCK!!!!

  10. They were supposed to be hey dudes that we bought on siber Monday. So we thought we might be getting the real thing, but you always take a chance ordering online. They did to our surprise show up. They were not hey dudes and a couple looked like what we ordered and the rest were just gray shoes. I won’t send them back it will just be lesson learned.

  11. It’s a scam. I ordered womens hey dudes and they sent me some cheap made shoes with no tag at all not even a size, they are not hey dudes. And it says a mens in the paper. Not even sure what this cheap shoe is. So mad. Tried to contact someone through PayPal and they said I had to sen the product back to a china address within 3 days to get a refund. Do not order from this site. Do f
    Directly to hey dude site.

  12. They are a scam for sure. Yup I was one that fell into it and finally got the shoes after waiting a month and nothing I ordered at all and they all are fake shoes. And they are impossible to get ahold of. They don’t respond to anything. Don’t buy from them at all if u need pictures of what I ordered and what I got I would gladly send them.

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