Tochat App Review: Does It Help You To Find New Friends?

tochat app review

Do most of you have more online friends than others? The internet has become more of a fun place to shop, hang around with friends, and meet various people globally. After the famous MIRC emerged, the trend became the trend. Suppose you feel low and have no one to talk with. Al, you must log in to the chat app and meet new people. There are many chat apps, but the one that is getting the most hype is the Tochat app. Is it safe to download it on your iPhone?

This app is for iOS users only, and many people globally use it, but the main query is, can you trust any random app for your phone? Of course not. What to do in such cases? We are here for a Tochat app review that will cover most of the points. This part will study the details, features, user reviews, and more. Read More: Is Verihend Legit

About Tochat App Review

So, you may have heard so much about this app but have no idea what it is. It is a live video app that helps you find new friends via video chat. What makes it exceptional is that it offers one-to-one private live sessions with millions of users globally. Here you can meet with your friends and make new ones. Hence, this app allows you to socialize with online users.

Tochar is an application that is for iPhone users only. For Android, user developers haven’t worked on it. Many people are using it and giving great feedback about it.

Action Holdings Limited is the founder of this application. And they designed it only for iPhone users. This app is to meet new friends and comes under the lifestyle category. (Diazepam) This team has made one more chat app named Zee Tok Live Video Chat. In this, you can communicate with strangers. See Also: Reviews

Features of Tochat

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Why is there so much about this app? It might have some features. Let us analyze its features, then share our final verdict about this app. 

This app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Mac. The Tochat app is consistent with the iPhone with iOS 10.0. You can also download this app using an iPhone with iOS 10.0. For Macs, it requires 11.0, and for Macs with an MI chip, you need 11.0.

It takes up valuable space. The size of this app is about 295.6MB, which is quite huge. But if it serves the purpose, then it is fine.

It comes in multiple languages. You can enjoy this app in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, and English. Hence, it covers most of the region globally. Must Like: Testergigs Com Legit

It has an age restriction. This point is a good mark for users aged 17 and over. For them, it is unrestricted Web access.

The other feature that you need to consider while evaluating the app is.

  • There are distance, age, and gender filters to make top-notch video chats.
  • It offers random live chat in real-time.
  • Just one swipe and you can make new friends.
  • In this app, you can see short videos of your favorite people.
  • They claim that you can also add small videos to the profile.
  • Language is no longer a barrier here. It offers a quick chat with a translation helper.
  • Instant makeover with a beautiful camera No need to get all glammed up before meeting new people.
  • They will never disclose the location of the user. Hence, it is a safe means of video chat. If anyone breaks the policy, the app team will block them.

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How to Use

All you need to do is go to the Apple store and search for ToChat. From there, hit on the download icon, and here you go. Sing up there and enter into the world of video chats.

The promotion and discount are

It does not cost you a penny. This app is free, but you must spend a few dollars to buy the diamonds and ToChat VIP.

Is it legit? Does it work?

tochat app legit or scam

This app has a 445 rating, which means it has 4.5 stars. So it shows this app is offering great services to the users. Many consumers find this app useful. This app has many features, along with no disclosure of the location. Hence, this app looks legit to us. Would Like: What time do staples open today?

Customer Reviews 

There are great reviews from customers on the app store. One of them states, “This app is much better than what’s on.” Images clicked in tochat are also much clearer than what’s on the app. You can download it. ” But there is one review that gives this app one star because they mess up when it comes to diamonds and VIP mode.



  • It has a 4.5 rating.
  • The best security.
  • It is accessible in various languages.
  • Free of cost.


  • You need to pay for the diamonds and VIP ToChat.
  • It also has a lousy review about the purchase.


Is it safe to download it?

Per customer feedback, they haven’t faced any issues after downloading it.

Is it free, or do you need to pay?

It is free, and you pay only for the VIP mode.

Final Verdict

Here is a tochat app review that states that this app is legit because it has great user reviews. The language choice makes it perfect for everyone. It is secure, but how? It never discloses the location of its users.