Tracy Antique Faire: Online Store to Buy Air Jordan at Cheapest Price?

tracy antique faire reviews

Buying online always carries the risk of data privacy and identity theft. Websites and vendors must be trustworthy before you shop online and offer your critical personal and financial data. Besides faster delivery, flexible refund rules, and round-the-clock client service, there are many things that you need to think about.

Jordan claims to be your next one-stop shop. But, can you trust the website, its items, and its services? This tracy antique faire reviews aim to help you decide whether to buy from this store or not. Don’t Miss: Is Ugglockers Legit

About Tracy Antique Faire

tracy antique faire reviews

It is the brand that offers a wide range of Jordan shoes. It claims to offer the best designs and sizes at cheap prices. They also offer free global shipping. The online store complements its offering through multiple sorting choices like:

  • The display ranges
  • Whatsapp chats
  • email service choices.

 The store offers free international delivery through outstanding partners, i.e., USPS Express. Would Like: Sanapie Reviews

Is Tracy Antique Faire Trustworthy or a Scam Store?

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tracy antique faire reviews legit-or-scam

The website offers various Air Jordan ranges, setting the store as a desirable and reliable online shopping option. But is the store genuine and honest? Can you trust online shopping?

The Product Quality: offers dynamic choices with various images at diverse angles. So, a zoom-in choice showcases the quality of the things on display. However, there is no feedback from the buyers on the webpage. Although the images look great. But the lack of studies makes it hard to show that the quality of a thing is reliable. Read More: Ballenmarcus Reviews

The Prices detail: The brand offers the right prices compared to eBay and Amazon. However, most shoes n the site share the same price, which is uncommon. The store displays prices only in USD. The brand offers various payment methods, like:

  •  PayPal
  •  Visa,
  • Mastercard
  •  American Express.

Website Quality: Is the website good? Will you buy a pair of shoes from them? Can you mark it as a “safe place” to accept things?

  • The domain-making date is April 14th, 2016, at 12:00 am.
  • Website popularity is poor, so go through the store before placing an order.
  • The domain blocklist level of the site is not on the blocklist engine.
  • The HTTPS link is valid.
  • The proximity to dubious sites is 22/100.
  • Its threat profile is 13/100.
  • The phishing score is 9/100.
  • The malware score is 1/100.
  • Its spam score is 13/100.

Per the scam detector, it has a rank of about 58.4. It shows that the store is:

  • Active
  • Mediocre
  • Common

It has shown a terrible trust index of just 1%. The domain name is very recent (less than six months old) and has a short life expectancy. Don’t Forget: Cristianzerotre Reviews

Contact and Address: You can find the physical store address on the webpage and it is traceable on Google.

Address: 13135 Chateau Ct New Orleans, LA 70129 UNITED STATES

HOURS: Mon-Sat:9am-6pm

Whatsapp: +1(504)3441731


Shipping and Refund: The website offers free global delivery within 8-15 working days with a low order price. The best part is that they also offer the cancellation of the order. There is also a return policy for the ease of buyers. But remember, remember they never refund the bespoke things.

The social media pages: They have mentioned their links, but they are not active. But you can share their items on your profile.

Customer Reviews

The website shows customer feedback views; however, there is no place to write or view client reviews. Although the website offers a chance to:

  • offer your email 
  • subscribe to their promotion 
  •  discount emails
  • Also, there is no feedback section or social media pages.

The Promotions and Discounts

The store has a HOT SALE starting from July 5th to a monthly sale of up to 40% off. Explore More: Usatimberland Com

Pros and Cons

We summarize our tracy antique faire reviews for the readers with the following pros and cons of the Tracy antique faire store selling Jordan shoes:



  • They offered European and US data security.
  • Free 8-15 days of global shipping and 14-day return and exchange policy
  • Multiple contact options like address, telephone, WhatsApp chat, and email
  • We saw the proper SSL certificate (DigiCert SSL Check)
  • DNSFilter: It is a safe site


  • It is the newbie’s site, i.e., six months earlier.
  • There is no data about the founder of the site or brand.
  • It has a poor image. Why is that so? It is because the website traffic is meager (
  • The website uses cookies and captures and records your device and order information, including your credit card details.

Final Verdict

Although there are some red flags, such as storing your device and order details, which include your credit card information, they claim they ask for the data to offer the best buying experience and a great refund policy. On the other hand, the website quality and free shipping make it alluring. So, we have advised you to conduct a detailed study before ordering from any online store.