Wafully.Com Reviews: Is It The Best Shopping Store?

Wafully.Com Reviews

Are you planning to do some online shopping after getting your first pay? Where would you lie to save your hard-earned money? On some online sites with lovely photos and great discounts, we understand that everyone would like to save their pay for the rest of the month. But do you know how to save the internet more? How is that possible? On the internet, many online stores offer great discounts. Also, the price of one item on one website is lower than on other websites. So, can you trust them? I believe you intend to purchase the dress, so how are those dresses? Here we advise you to read the feedback of the buyers.

The brand we are reviewing today is Wafully. It is the only site that deals with women’s clothing. It has a variety of dresses, sweaters, tops, PJs, and much more. This brand also has a special section for Halloween and Christmas wear.

In this piece, we will study this website closer. Are the images real? The items they are offering are of great quality. Can you order it from any region of the globe?

Who are the five largest e-commerce companies in the world?

So, many platforms and e-commerce stores sell things to buyers. They even ship their items globally. For them, service does not matter. What matters is the great customer care and the quality of service. What is the best e-commerce site in the world?

The largest e-commerce firm by market cap is Amazon. Indeed, it has a first place when it comes to rankings. But there are others.

  1. In the first place is Amazon. 1AMZN $114.41 0.64%
  2. The second comes Alibaba 2BABA $77.87 1.32%
  3. In third place is Meituan 33690. HK $21.87 1.44%
  4. The fourth one is Jingdong Mall 4JD $52.66 1.27%

So, how can you tag any firm as the best? There are many factors, like the following:

  1. Customer reviews
  2. Star rating
  3. There is customer service.
  4. The level of service quality
  5. What are their shipping and retail policies?

So, the points mentioned above are the reasons that make Amazon the best e-commerce store.

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About Wafully

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Wafully.Com Reviews1

So when we studied their website and read the about section, we found that it is an online store that deals with women’s fashion wear. However, according to their about us section, this website also deals with lifestyle electronics to make this beautiful fashion accessible to all of you.

The use of the internet to connect tech line suppliers to their supply chains. How is it beneficial? This is helpful in the following ways:

  1. It reduces inventory waste.
  2. It also enables them to offer an affordable range of things globally.

There are international deliveries.

From their global offices, they reach customers in around 150 countries and more.


10.000 employees worldwide, or 58% of all employees worldwide

The brand’s mission is to sever the sector and introduce fashion in the most recent and modern era. Wafully employs state-of-the-art technology to realize its designs. They source the goods that buyers demand and create exclusive prices for them.

They are revolutionizing the fashion space by creating e-commerce technology and proprietary logistics. For this, they are aiming to improve results for:

  • manufacturers 
  • consumers
  • Suppliers

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Items at Wayfully

Wafully.Com Reviews2

This store covers most of the clothing range for today’s women. It has everything from PJs to plus-size dresses. You can pick from the following:

  1. Tees
  2. Haloween special 
  3. Christmas Special
  4. Plus-size
  5. Pajama sets
  6. Tops

Plus Sizes 

This site has a special section for plus-size women. They have tried to cater to the needs of both women and men. You can find long, mini-length, and casual dresses at low rates. The following is the size range:

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • 3XL

Every dress price starts at $6.99. It is too good to be true.

Halloween Special

Under this section, you will find the tees, jeans, and shoes. The size range of the clothing is:

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL

The surprising part is that everything under this section costs you approximately 4.99 USD.

What are customers saying about the website?

Wafully.Com Reviews3

There is one thing that you cannot tag any brand as “legit” or “fake” without reading the feedback from the buyers. We have gathered the data about the buyers’ reviews, and here they are.

On their website, we found no feedback from the buyers. We have tried to collect the reviews from Trust Pilot, but there is not a single review. Someone asked the question on Reddit, “wafully.com reviews: is wafully.com a scam or is wafully.com legit?” but there was no answer.


Wafully.Com Reviews legit or scam

Is there any discount?

  1. Order 3 more items and get an extra 10% off.
  2. Buy 10-20 pieces for only US$29.99-US$49.99
  3. Order 6 more items and get an extra 20% off.
  4. Order 10 more items and get an extra 30% off.

Are they offering a refund?

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • There is a Prompt Refund and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Do they offer free shipping?

Free shipping on orders over $39.99.

Is it a USA-based brand?

They have warehouses in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia,

How do you contact them?


Is there any return fee?

The first return is free, but you need to pay for the next return. The return cost is 7.99 dollars.



  • There is free shipping.
  • Great discounts


  • Their images are copied.
  • There were no reviews from the customers.
  • It is a new website.
  • Their discounts are too good to be true.
  • The rates are unrealistic.

42 Reviews

  1. Ordered 10 sets of Christmas pajamas October 3, 2022 and was eventually sent a foreign tracking number that mysteriously disappeared. I have been trying over and over to contact Wafully with no such luck. I am not happy!!!

  2. I ordered from them in September
    Halloween and fall clothing.
    Still have not received anything.
    I did receive a necklace valued at 3.99
    I had no idea where it came from. Guess that was my order.
    What a scam!!

  3. I ordered from them on 10/3/2022. They sent me a tracking number but it would not track. Went to their website and put in tracking number and it said that it was delivered on 10/24. They sent me a free cheap necklace after I contacted them twice through email then they blocked me. So frustrated!

  4. Ordered and said product was delivered nothing was delivered and when I tried to contact says address does not exist good thing my whole order wasn’t over 15 dollars

  5. Total SCAM! I thought that it sounded too good to be true but I loved the clothing pictures they showed and placed my order. No clothes! Cheap necklace! Money gone! I hope that they catch whoever is behind this wafully scam!

  6. They got me too! Cheap necklace in place of my order. I will never receive my order… I am usually very careful but I was taken. What goes around comes around!

  7. Ordered early October. Tracking said it was delivered. The only thing I’ve gotten is a necklace, NOT WHAT I ORDERED! The tracking number that was on the necklace is the same tracking number that is assigned to my order! Tried to email and it bounced right back……. Looks like they’re a bunch of low life scammers!!! Facebook should be held responsible too! They allow dirt bags like Wafully to advertise and steal from Facebook members!! Shame on Wafully and Facebook!!

  8. I feel like such a fool. If it looks too good to be true, it is. I am 62 years old and I should know better. I spent $50 hoping that I could get some extra gifts for my daughter. It has been over a month and all I received was that same cheap necklace that everyone else did. All emails are returned stating that the email is full. There is no such thing, email is not like Voicemail. God is watching.

  9. I made my order on 9/28/2022. I received a confirmation email for the order 09/29/2022 and my bankcard was charged. I then received an email notification of the package being send on 10/6/2022. Still no package.

  10. I ordered from them on 10/02/2022 and states that my order was delivered on 10/25/2022 and never got anything. Tried to contact them and the email account listed for this is not active. After doing further research their IP address is also fake and not a legit company. Therefore, I am now having to go through my bank to get a refund. I also posted about them everywhere I could warn others that they are 100% a scam site. Hopefully they will be taken down soon.

    1. I ordered October 1st and the tracking thing says I was delivered to on October 22nd! I received a BROKEN 😡 necklace and a note that stated they were behind on orders “here’s a gift for your patience”

    2. That happened to me as well! Showed delivered but I ordered clothes and got a cheap necklace! It was the same tracking number as the clothes(necklace) but did not receive any clothes! Cannot get ahold of them either 😡😡😡

    3. I got scammed the same way. I live in South Dakota and have been waiting since October 2, 2022, also. They took my $50.25 right away and now I can not get the website off my computer or email anyone but I still have my email confirming my email and have my number and everything. So do not order from this site unless you want to just give your money away.

  11. I’m so disappointed! I ordered from wafully in September. The site said my order would ship within twenty-four hours but of course it didn’t! At first they responded quickly to my email but now they do not respond at all! Save your money. Don’t order from them!

    1. I placed an order on September 29, 2022, took my payment after my order. Did not get a conformation email or nothing. So, I emailed them at the ONLY contact they have addressing the issue. I did get a reply on a tracking number that didn’t work. I have continued to email them every few days letting them know about my order & the policies the list on their site. the first few emails said undeliverable, so I investigated & found that the one they replied to with the no-good tracking number kept going through. I am still emailing. Today while searching to see if they still had a website (they do) I went to the “Contact Us” same stuff but did find an address. I will share it here: Hario Trading Co., Limited, Wheatcroft House, Wheatcroft Business Park Landmere Lane, Edwalton, Nottingham, England NG12 4DG. The other email address is: support@topshopbase.com.

    2. Ordered September 28th still have yet to receive anything have emailed several times was told items were out of stock and would be sent out in 10-12 days never received when I tried to email again it was undeliverable so I’m attempting to get refund from bank as this is a scam. Don’t waste your time or $.

  12. I ordered over $70 in Halloween items on 10/1. Received a very cheap necklace from them. It’s a scam. They will send you a cheap item to show they shipped an item. Website reads that you can return but no shipping info or contact information. Email has been disconnected. Save your money please. Will reach out to BBB to report.

    1. Same thing happened to me! I ordered October 1st, a fall outfit with shoes. Just 20$ worth of things but says it was delivered October 22nd. The only thing I received was a BROKEN necklace and a letter saying they were behind on orders please accept this free gift for your patience. 😡

  13. I ordered on September 30, 2022. Payment to my credit card was taken right away. I am still waiting for delivery. E mailed them a few days ago and they answered it should be here in a few days. When I tried to email today it could not go through. (I tried 6 times). I guess they blocked my address. I guess I lost $74.00.

  14. i ordered to and they sent me a free necklace for taking so long to send my order but i get no assistance from their email they to tell me to check with the post office but i keep telling them the order i received was that free gift not my shipment

    1. I also ordered awhile ago and have not received my order. I cannot get an email out to them. I guess I will try my bank for my money back and hope I am able to receive it.

  15. I recieved a “gift”, some cheap necklace, and a note stating they were still working on my order. My order was placed over one month ago, and I have been emailing them no response.

  16. It is a scam. After they take your money, there is no way to contact them because they block your email, and there are no links to start a return when all they send you is a tiny little packages instead of 16 blouses.

  17. It’s a scam. I placed a LARGE order on October 7, 2022 of 16 blouses. Since they did not send me a tracking number within 24 hours (as they were supposed to do), I sent them an e-mail requesting it. They replied telling me they were behind because they have a lot of orders. The following day I received a tracking number. I received my order on October 26, 2022. All they sent was a tiny little package about 4″ x 6″ I sent them email on October 26 2022 and yahoo could not deliver it. They blocked me from contacting them on two different emails.

  18. I wanted it to be real very badly. I never received my order. When I tried to email them I got no response. It’s a scam.

    1. I ordered on 9/28/2020. Credit Card was charged that day and I still have nothing. I have tried to email them several times but get nothing. It’s a scam so do not order from them.

  19. I ordered from them and my order never shipped and they were emailing back but now their email doesn’t work I contacted my bank to get a refund and the bank is dealing with them now . I ADVISE anyone not to order from this site you will not receive your order and not get any contact with them

    1. I put in an order October 1, 2022. When I requested tracking info it was sent to me in Chinese. Now that I requested a refund, the email don’t work at all! Very unpleasant experience and had a heck of a time trying to find the reviews! I don’t use my bank card for online purchases. I use a prepaid card, so does anyone know how I can possibly get my refund?

  20. Ordered on 9/27/2022 order was confirmed and said it shipped. They took my money immediately. Still no way to track my order and haven’t received my products. Not a very happy customer here.

  21. Wafully is a scam. I placed an order, they were quick to take my money. I never received my order, when I try to contact them they did respond that I should check with my local mail office. I have and there was no such package attempted to be delivered.

  22. Wafully is a SCAM. Their website states that they ship orders within 24 hours. I placed my order on 9/26/2022 and it is now 10/05/2022. States that my order is paid for and still awaiting shipping. I have sent an email regarding my order. There is no option to cancel order. No option to be refunded for order. There is no phone number to contact. I have not received any emails even regarding my order since I received a confirmation that my order was confirmed. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! Trying to figure out a way to report the site and get reimbursed.

    1. DO NOT buy from Wafully!!! Total scam! Took my money! And now all the email addresses related to them are coming back undeliverable!! I’m so mad!!! I hope these people end up in jail or worse!

    2. I have ordered from then on 10/05/2022 as well as on 10/25/2022 says it was shipped and sent a tracking # but can’t locate it. I’m getting my bank involved to get a refund. This is ridiculous.

  23. I ordered from Wafully, their website said order ships within 24 hours. I paid for it. I think it was 60 dollars my order has not shipped their is absolutely no way to contact them as their email address is no good. I do not know how to get my money back. Not happy at all

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