Phyisource.Com Reviews: Is It The Best Wholesale Mall?


Are you looking for a mall that sells things at wholesale prices? You may have found many websites that claim to offer the same products on the internet. Indeed, it is the best option when you want to buy in bulk. It is heartbreaking for retailers and shopkeepers. You can also pick up daily wear from the wholesale market. Why is it that wholesaler websites are getting more popular day by day? It is because of the discounted rates. The online wholesaler that we will review today is Physiosource. What is Physiosource?

It is the only online store that deals exclusively with clothes. They offer a variety of tees, pants, and other items at discounted rates. All their items are exclusively for men. So you can tag it as the men’s clothing wholesale website. But the query is, can you trust Phyisource?

This way, we will review the buyers’ feedback on Phyisource. Are they selling the items at a low rate? Can you trust Phyisource? Do they have great shipping and refund policies? Let us have a look.

What are the leading Wholesaler websites?

Phyisource Reviews
  1. Alanic. 
  2. Bloom Wholesale, Inc.
  3. Boulevard Apparel
  4. Chase USA International, Inc.
  5. City Goddess.
  6. Direct Discount Clothing.
  7. influence on fashion wholesale.
  8. LA Showroom

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What are the qualities of a good supplier?

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Qualities of a Right Supplier

  1. The competitive and the “value-added” stuff.
  2. Proven track history and references.
  3. Here is the notable financial standing.
  4. The ultimate edge provider of items and services.
  5. Quality Processes (ISO 9000, ISO 14001, or Malcolm Baldridge)
  6. E-commerce or Oracle exchange for item assets & payments

About Physiosource


So, we have seen their website and read their “about us” section. There is a notable difference between the items on the website and the data in the “about us” section. 

Phyisource claims to offer innovative tech and outdoor gear since 2020. You can say it is great to start. In the following lines, Phyisource mentions the brand Yiyu.

  1. Yiyu is different sourcing, design, sales, and production brand. Their claim on quality as the basic, with reliable:
  2. Item development
  3. operations 
  4. Supply chain teams

What does it mean? It shows that they can make cheap garments and ship them worldwide.

So, where is the headquarters of the website or brand? It is located in Hong Kong.

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What does Phyisource promise to its buyers?


Brand Promise:

  1. (You)it is Affordable cuteness and quality that will make you smile.
  2. (Yiyu, it makes dressing up easy and fun! Their formula is simple:
  3.  Quality + best price = happy hours.

What items are they selling?


Phyisource deals with clothing only. It offers the best pieces for both men and women at the best rates. But mainly, this name deals with men’s clothing.


Here you have options for both men and women.

  1. The price is $29.00 for thin casual workwear cropped pants and men’s loose multi-pocket cotton sports shorts.
  2. Ripped jeans tied in high street men’s summer loose straight-leg mopping pants, American Tide brand oversize pants. Its cost is $52.99.
  3. Men’s Cotton Loose Cargo Pants, Casual Trousers, Men. The cost is $36.00.

There is a notable difference in the prices. You get the same pieces from Aliexpress and eBay at low rates.


  1. The oversize short-sleeved t-shirt, the men’s skateboard loose tide in American retro hip-hop half-sleeved top, and the price is$26.00.
  2. American high street t-shirt, men’s long-sleeved spring and autumn tide brand hip-hop clothes, loose autumn sweater. The cost of this piece is $35.99.

Are they offer prices at low rates?

We have compared the rates with another online store. Their rates are lower than other online stores like Amazon and eBay.


Phyisource legit or scam

What sizes are they offering?

  • S
  • XL 
  • 2XL

Is it a USA-based brand?

No, it is a Hong Kong-based brand.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer global free shipping on items over two sets.

How do you contact them?

  • Corporation: Yi Yu Network Media Co., Limited
  • Phone: +852 46593590

What are the payment modes?

  1. Paypal
  2. Visa
  3. Mastercard
  4. Discover

Are all items eligible for sale?

Items tagged as Final Sale are not suitable for refund or return.



  • The wholesaler
  • Free shipping


  • There is no feedback from the buyers.
  • Their rates are high.

What are buyers saying about Phyisource?

We have not found any feedback about this brand from the buyers on their official website. Also, there is no review on Site Jabber or Trust Pilot.

Phyisource does not have social media handles; hence no feedback.

Website Scam Detector with 1.22K subscribers stated that:

  • The founder is hiding his identity.
  • It has a low Alexa rank.
  • There are many buyers’ complaints.

7 Reviews

  1. I ordered two suitcases back in October 2022. I have a confirmation number after payment. Never heard a word about said order😡😢

  2. I ordered a set of two suitcases last year (November) and I have never received it. I emailed them several times and never receive responses. These are scammers

  3. I ordered a small 2 piece luggage’s been 9 weeks..what’s really going on.
    It would be nice if they reply back

    1. Me as well
      I emailed them several times and receive responses. Finally I was provided a tracking number. This morning it shows my two sets of luggage was delivered to a mailbox in Colorado. SCAM! I live in Georgia and how did 2 luggage sets got into a mailbox 🧐

  4. I ordered from here and never received my order! Tried emailing but the email addresses provided aren’t valid! It’s totally a scam!

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