Wellow Compression Socks Review: Are These The Best Socks To Comfort Tired, Swollen Feet?

Wellow Compression Socks Review

Are you planning to buy a comfortable pair of socks? There are many issues that you might face when offering anything online. Those include size issues, colors, material, shipping, and whatnot. Online shopping is getting more popular daily, and people spend thousands of dollars on their favorite socks. But can you trust any random store when buying your best item from an e-commerce store? Of course, it is not, but why is that so? The demand for e-commerce services is high, and the scam rate is also rising. One needs to get all the data about this in great detail. We are here today to help you in this manner. The item that we will review today is wellow compression socks.

Wellow offers compression socks for diabetics’ feet. It is an American-based store that offers its buyers top-quality things. What does it sell? It does everything from offering ease to boosting circulation. But is this store legal? Can you rely on their services and items? It is the debate of the details, but we have made this easy.

In addition, you will find details about their compression socks, their price, and, of course, the reviews from the users.

Is a compression sock good?

So, most of you must think about why compression socks are vital for a person. Does it offer any good to the users? So it isn’t sticking that can keep the user’s leg from getting achy and tired. It can also reduce the swelling in the ankles and feet. But I also have other benefits for the varicose veins and spider veins. So, the socks stop the users from feeling dizzy and lightheaded when they stand up.

What are comfortable compression socks?

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Wellow Compression Socks Review1

So, you might be thinking, what are the best compression socks so far? As per the 2022 scales, Phyix Gear compression socks are the best. Why is that so? It is because of their tough, durable, and breathable fabrics. So you can wear these socks all day long. It reduces the swelling of the lower legs and prevents fatigue.

Today we are going to review another pair of compression socks from Wellow. Are they the best as their name shows or another scam? Let us guide you to that item.

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Why is Compression Sock Therapy the best?

So compression socks therapy is best to deal with various medical issues. The user can witness the wonderful outcomes of the items.

The team of Wellow Compression Socks follows the latest trend and examines the quality of the items. Their team works with many global designers and brands to offer users the most trendy, comfortable, and top-nop notch quality items.

About yellow compression socks

Wellow Compression Socks Review2

Wellow Compression is the top-quality compression sock for users. It is a USA-based brand that deals with the best compression socks. So they worked hard to offer the best compression socks to the users.

The Welloe compression socks from this brand possess the following quality:

  • It keeps the user comfortable.
  • Offer an exchange of air.
  • It offers the right compression.

These socks are available in various sizes, from small to xl, to accommodate every body shape.

Wellow socks fit a wide range of calf sizes. So, the sweet spot is about 9.5-22″ for a small size.

The Features of Wellow Compression Socks

The wellow brand claims that users are actually shocked when they touch their socks for the first time. Why is that so? It is because they never expected comfortable compression socks. So here are some top features of their socks that make them the best among the others.

The Perfect Fit

So their 18-25 mmHg mellow compression hugs the legs to increase circulation without making them too tight.

The Softest Pair

So, what is the secret behind the softest pair of socks? Their bamboo is behind their incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable socks.

No more boring colors.

Most compression socks come in white or other dull shades. But the best part about the wellow socks is that they come in fun shades that can lift your mood.

Sizes that fit all

So, the best thing about the Wellow compression socks is that they come in various sizes that fit users of all types.

The following are the other top features of the Welloe compression socks

  1. It has seamless heels and toes.
  2. It is naturally antimicrobial.
  3. Comfort cuff
  4. separate collection for both men and women.

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Wellow compression socks reviews: What are users saying about the brand?

Wellow Compression Socks Review legit or scam

So, customer reviews matter a lot when it comes to online shopping. We have studied the various platforms to gather feedback from the users.

Feedback on the Website

One of the users stated, “Great quality and comfort.” Another buyer mentioned that “the product is excellent!

Feedback on the Facebook

So there are reviews on their Facebook page. One of the users said, “If it were just for the socks, I would highly recommend them.” They are the most comfortable compression socks I’ve ever worn. My issue is with the way the company does business – they continually lie about where these are made, and their ads, especially their mailers, are very deceptive, e.g., “

Another buyer said that “They offer a free exchange.” I sent socks back that did fit several weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back, and they haven’t responded to my emails. “

The Benefits of Wellow Compression Socks

  1. Keep the blood circulation right while standing & sitting.
  2. It reduces pregnancy edema.
  3. Because lactic acid builds up while working out, it causes sores. So the Wellow Compression socks relieve this blockage by pushing waste fluids out of the legs.

24 Reviews

  1. Please please do not order from this company. We ordered socks and our feet were swollen when got to our destination. We did not wear them on our trip back, and no swollen feet. Customer Service is not effective. Texted many many times and always the same answer we will get back with in 2-3 days. It says in New York, New York and was going to put in complaint with BBB, but says no company listed.
    Would sent back and have credit card reimburse me if I knew where to send them. Let’s work together and stop ordering from this company. I want to leave NO STARS but I can not get past 1 star

  2. I usually have to order the XL size, I have found these socks I need the Large. Ordered wide calf and they are comfortable and good quality.
    I received a response within 4 hours (what they claim will happen) and they are sending replacement socks as soon as I send mine back. I followed the instructions and got a return label to use on box.
    So far so good. I guess I was lucky.

  3. Ordered on Friday August 25, and paid for express shipment. They haven’t shipped yet and it’s Monday August 28 at 6:30 pm. I have sent several emails with no response.

  4. I ordered 10 days ago and have not received. Shipment tracking was UPS, shows no progress and stuck “in transit” for more than a week. I did get an email response from Customer Service. They said product would actually ship now. They changed tracking to USPS, but gave me the same tracking number as before – tracking details still show “in transit”. About to dispute my $130 credit card charge. They are probably overwhelmed with orders.

  5. Ordered 3pair of lge calf compression socks,my credit card was charged and I haven’t received anything.I emailed them 3rimes was told that was too much they didn’t get a change to respond.

  6. Socks arrived in a timely manner, both orders. Got what I ordered both times. Very happy because they seem to help and I can sleep in them. Looking for a phone number for a friend, I came across these reviews. Lucky I was satisfied customer!

  7. I ordered 2 pairs of socks on 7/5. As of today (7/27) they have not shipped. I inquired after them a week after ordering (7/13) as I had paid for express shipping and still hasn’t received the product. They’ve refunded the shipping cost, and let me know that the wide-calf socks were on backorder, but would be available the following week and they would prioritize my shipment. On 7/24, I emailed them again, asking for an update – I have yet to hear back. At this point, I believe I’ll have to dispute this charge with my credit card. Such a disappointment.

  8. I ordered socks from Wellow they claimed they were delivered on 7/6/23. Not only were they never delivered they responded to my email (no phone number, highly suspicious) by a constant run around with a tracking number, when I screenshot the address they claim to have sent my order to, it was a complete mish mash of my real address and the constant insinuation was that I was trying to get away with something. Their customer service is atrocious and disgusting and truly makes me think they are not US based. A lesson hard learned but will not be forgotten. They are rotten and I hope karma gets them good.

  9. Same here. Need a larger size but they don’t respond with any thing but a email to say they will get back to you.

  10. Same experience with this company. I don’t even think that customer service is in the USA. I received 1 email and the English was so bad. They claim perfect fit but although they are soft, they are not effective. They save money by eliminating compression fibers and replace it with cotton fibers. Yes they are soft but not compression. Impossible to get an answer by email, no phone number and their items are shipped out of a warehouse in Salt Lake City called packyak.

  11. The socks seem like nice quality though putting them on makes me feel VERY warm. Based upon their criteria, I bought medium socks but they were very big. I had to return them in exchange for a small pair. I tried to contact their customer support sending THREE emails; one at their website and two to the support email. NEVER heard back. Was able to process the return but I had wanted to add another color to the order. Couldn’t do it because NO ONE EVER REPONDED TO MY EMAILS. For a company to have such a lack of support is abominable. And TRY to find a phone number to talk to a person. It does not exist. They may or may not have a great product (jury is still out) but great customer service is important as well. Call Amazon or Chewy or Capitalone and you get a human! Wellow may be a smaller company but their lack of customer service makes me NOT A FAN and reluctant to do business with them again. If I had to do a star rating I would give them only one because I am not really certain these socks are actually good compression socks but returning them is such a headache, so we’ll see.

  12. I think Wellowear is a scam!!! Never received the product and never received a response to my inquiry when I reached out to them.

      1. Having the same experience – haven’t received my order. You all haven’t responded to my inquiry.

      2. Reading when other people are saying about your communication, your communication is not good. When I couldn’t get the socks I ordered because they were out of stock I’ve learned about the nurses’ compression socks for people who have long hours on their feet and have a lot of foot pain and I ask you to substitute the ones I ordered for those but you completely ignored that and I emailed you several times about it. I finally got three replacement stockings and got a credit for the rest of the money I had taken out of my account to buy a five pack, but you disappointed me by not sending me any nurses socks why? I work in healthcare and people call me a nurse but I’m not I’m a chaplain but are you required to be a nurse to get nurses sucks? I’m going to have a long summer with a lot of walking and I thought nurses socks would be great but no I’m not allowed to have them. You won’t be getting any orders for socks for me for a long time because they last a long time they are wonderful socks, but I am not going to order unless I am desperate because of your communication skills with your orders. Are you truly in the United states? Your company does look like a scamming company sorry to say when you do not respond to emails and you do not have a phone number and you do not give us a tracking number for our order.

  13. My experience: the socks are great, but the customer service is lousy. Prices are compatible with other compression socks of the same quality. If you’re happy with your socks, great; if not, you’re out of luck. You’ll get no reponse from this company.

    1. Hello Kim,

      We really appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback!
      We apologize for the delay in our responses and we’re working on improving that so we can send a reply to our customers in less than 6h 🙂

  14. I ordered $217 worth of these socks…and used my home address as i figured the package would be small enuf to fit in my mailbox. According to the tracking number, they were delivered to my mailbox Wed at 3:38pm. My usual mail never comes this early and we had a full evening, so didn’t check the box (at the end of our driveway) til the next morning. It was empty-not even the usual 3-5 political flyers. Highly unusual. We’ve never had an issue with our mail in the 15 years we’ve lived here. I investigated thru USPS & their final conclusion was it was stolen out of our box!!!! It’s all highly suspicious. I even started wondering if this company actually exists. I too failed to find a phone number. I’ve emailed them twice…no response. I’m pretty steamed I’m out the money. A lesson learned-only order thru established companies.

  15. One of the pairs of socks I bought had some small pulls/snags. They sent me a return authorization and I sent it back. USPS tracking indicates that it was delivered on Sept 26th. I have a screenshot of the delivered confirmation. I haven’t received my replacement sock, credit, or even an acknowledgment that it was received by them. I will send an email today for an update. This does not look good. I will never buy from them again. This is a badly managed business. BEWARE ……………..

  16. I ordered a couple of pairs of Wellow compression socks. Unfortunatlye, they didn’t fit me well, so I’m trying to return them. I have contacted them 3 times via email (I can find no phone number) beginning the day that they arrived and 2 additional times later in the week. I have yet to hear back and am pretty frustrated. Here’s their return policy:

    To request a return authorization, or if you have any questions about your return, please email us at support@wearwellow.com. We will provide a return authorization and shipping instructions and a shipping label.*

    * Returns must be requested within 1 year after the date of your order.

    * Requires proof of purchase, including purchase date.

    * Excludes products marked “final sale”.

    * Products shipped without a return authorization or not according to shipping instructions will not be accepted for refund or exchange.

    I would say, don’t deal with this company – yes they legitimately sell socks, but are unresponsive if you want to return them.

    1. I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!!

      Trying to return product and no response after 2 emails to them requesting return authorization.

      SCAM COMPANY!!!!

  17. I have contacted Wellow 6 times and have received no response at all. I purchased 3 pair and want to return two (the site says free returns, exchanges and refunds). I cannot find a phone number anywhere and since I’ve had no response, I have to conclude that this is a huge scam. Do not buy!! I am incredibly disappointed. I had hoped that because this was a company based in the USA, it would be reputable. Guess not…

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