Bombas Socks Review – Do Not Fade, Do Not Lose Elasticity, Warm in Winter, Available in all types and sizes

bombas socks review

You might be suspicious about the people getting socks addict and crowding their drawers with a wide variety of stylish, popping, elegant, and simple socks in various colors.

Adding more to the wonder of people, the significance of wearing socks is beyond comfort. No matter who you are and what you are doing socks serves the best purpose in all the seasons, more specifically in winters.

Interestingly, it is known to everyone, socks prevent frostbite and cold feet, but more importantly, it helps to avoid the fungal growth on the feet.

Foot fungus thrives in the warm, dark, and damp environment just like in shoes, here socks work as an absorbent to keep the feet healthy and dry.

Socks also serve the cushioning purpose as well as avoid the direct contact of feet and shoe lining which reduces rubbing. Last, but not least, clean feet remain free of infection because socks heal the dead skin and keep it germs-free.

Nowadays, there is a large variety of socks ranging from funky to smart socks, casual-patterned to event-customized socks, and animals to floral print socks. Based on length, there are 7 types of socks trending these days; thigh-high, ankle-length, mid-calf length, crew length, knee-high, and over the knees’ socks. Don’t just fall for the think that socks are to keep the feet warm, but these are more into fashion trends and health care accessories.

Among many prominent socks’ selling brands Nike, Adidas, Missoni, Happy socks, and Givenchy are on the top. This article will review a new brand, which is claiming the delivery of quality socks. Give it a read to know the credibility of

All About

randy and david founder of

Randy and David found the importance of socks in fashion trends and launched their site in 2013 as This e-store is catering the fashion addicts with cozy and apparel wearing. Bombas has trending and fascinating socks and t-shirts, which you will never want to take-off.

The e-commerce store is piled up with long-lasting, high-quality, rash-free socks variety for every person, irrespective of gender and age. You can receive the perfect pair of your choosing because they manufacture their products after rigorously testing the durability and solace.

The Bombas pinpointed the need for small things and portrayed its idiosyncratic visualization on social platforms, which speaks of its credibility. Besides this assisting customer services and their helping guides makes a professional impression on the customers.

Bombas Giving Back Strategy

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The driving force to part this webstore is the charity, on every single purchase, it donates a pair to those experiencing homelessness.

According to the survey, by April 2020, it has donated 35 million sets of basic clothing. Bombas initiated the step to donate uncountable pairs of socks and shirts to the homeless community but the business also communicates United States issues. The more you buy the more you contribute to the donation.

Manufacturing of Bombas Socks

The company is so choosy when it comes to brewing the socks. The comfortable socks are manufactured using a variety of materials, including Merino Wool and Staple Cotton.

In harsh snowy and dry weather, I would recommend opting for Smartwool socks to keep you warm. Moreover, on the official website, you can see a full breakdown of material used for each pair of socks in the “Tech and Material” section.

Bombas Socks for Men, Women & Children

The diverse collection includes calf, high-knees, No-show, Ankle, Quarter, knee-high, and many more for women and men. The perfect pairs of socks are categorized based on height and Activity, as follow:

By Height

  • No-show
  • Ankle
  • Quarter
  • Calf
  • Over the Calf

By Activity

  • Casual
  • Athletic
  • Dress

Moreover, for children, they orbit the variety of youth (5 to 11 years), toddlers (1 to 5 years), and Babies (0 to 12 months).

Bombas Socks for Men, Women, and Children – Review

Men’s socks are mostly available in elegant colors: brown, black, black-white, navy blue. However, a few blended colors are also available.

For women, the collection goes beyond the limits when it comes to colors and patterns. Our team tested the pairs of socks from the activity category first and we were so impressed by the durability, comfort, and function.

Bombas Dress Socks

This category emphasizes the calf, over the calf, and ribbed styled socks starting at $15 with an endless combination of colors for both men and women. The patterns consist of floral and stripped, which gives the vibrant look. Bombas dress socks are Y-stitched with an unlined toe to ensure the perfect fit and uninterrupted feeling against the skin. They incorporate supporting Achilles cushions to maximize the softness. Their signature arches strengthen the wearing. To manufacture the fit socks that stay and hold in a position, Bombas prioritize the material’s blend in a definite proportion. The proportion goes like 62% cotton, 3% Nylon, 31% Polyester, 1% spandex, and 3% Rubber to brings the elasticity level high. The maintained careful percentage of cotton and polyester makes the socks soft, well-airy, and sweat-free.

Bombas Running Socks

These socks are available in ankle and quarter length at the basic price of $16. The product is manufactured in a lightweight, keeping the purpose in mind, and flexible to fit perfectly. The moisture-wicking is its top feature that is because of Hex Tech Quality. The aim of manufacturing serves the best cushioning at the strategic contact points, improved ventilation, and improved breathing via airflow design.

Bombas Merino Wool Socks

The variety of cuts goes from no show to knee-high in Merino Wool Category. These pairs are available at a starting rate $14. The manufacturing team uses the amalgamation of fabric to ensure the highly soft wearing, well-suited with any outfit. You can wear these socks all around the year. The Merino wool socks not only enhances foot comfort but also circulate the airflow to reduce dampness. In my case, the Bombas merino wool socks were the reason I came to this store.

Bombas Ankle Socks

The Bombas did an outstanding job by detailing the performances. The ankle socks are mastering the blend of stellar features and solid colors. The delivery of seamless toe and highly supportive arches designs makes it the want. To add more comfort, the Bombas ankles socks are incorporated with a blister tab and cushioning footbed which reduces the discomfort and gives a strengthening feel to the feet. Such pairs of socks serve the best athletic purpose.

Bombas No show Socks

These are the incredible addition to the stick which is supposed to feel like it is not present. The lightly designed pairs, in y-shaped stitching with the unlined toe, don’t weigh the feet. The blend of moisture-wicking material makes them sweat-free and stink-free. These pairs are always on my preference when I’m at home and yes, it serves at the front line. Even you can have that pair in your feet while going outside. When I tested these pairs, I found them high in performance, non-slippery, flimsy, and reliable. The socks cover all the required edges, gripping the heel firmly, and stay subtle.

How to Wash Bombas Socks and Keep Them with Good Care?

Bombas socks are claimed to have durability and longevity features, still, it is required to wash them appropriately.

To retain the firmness and grip of fabric, I would recommend washing these socks in a light amount of detergent using cold water. Non-chlorine bleach is preferred if needed. Moreover, do not dry clean or iron them at all.

If you are using Merino wool socks then any kind of softener is strictly prohibited.

Bombas Socks Size Chart

Bombas presents a very effective size chart guide on their official e-store website. As we all know our sizes perfectly, this chart is more of help to us.

This size chart not only shows sizes but presents detailed measurements for shirts and socks. the guide is informative, yet simple to understand. You can visit the official site to make the right purchasing decision.

Why buy Bombas Socks?

Bombas socks are nationally recognized premium socks with the finest quality, longevity, and various designs.

These pairs are aesthetically humble still vibrant to sit best with the dressing. The thing which makes these socks distinct from others is their manufacturing blending fabric which enhances comfort and durability.

The socks are manufactured with fine and keen linings, which fits perfectly at the strategic contact points and reduces the friction between foot skin and shoes. Additionally, the moist-wicking feature makes it stain-free and keeps the feet safe from any fungal infection. The Y-shaped stitching and seamless toe make it easier to fit perfectly.

Bombas has done an incredible job and manufactured cushioning pad socks to ease their customers.

I usually prefer to buy these socks because they offer an exciting and comfortable experience with delightful colors in a wide range of patterns. The company has many offers yet they guarantee happiness. Their basic price range is $12 to $16 even then it is worth buying.

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You enjoy the bulletproof customer guarantee with them, where they resolve your issue, refund you, and send you a new pair. Besides this, each purchase benefits you, as well as, at the same time contributes to charity.

Bombas Discount Offer

Bombas plays an attractive market strategy and offers 20% off on your first purchase and if you opt for a pack then you get blessed with an additional 5% off. Nowadays they are sending gifts along with your purchased item. Not stopping here, the company propose free shipping on a purchase of 75$ or more.



  • Wide variety of cuts and styled socks which maintains the airflow.
  • Moist-Wicking, Stain-Free, Premium fabric.
  • Durable and Comfortable.
  • Tested socks to eliminate the pinning issues.
  • Simple but aesthetically pleasing colors are available for men, women, and kids.
  • Size chart is available with accurate measurements.
  • Happiness guaranteed.


  • Prices are higher than the average because of quality material.
  • A few patterns are available.
  • Limited T-shirts are available.

How to buy Bombas Socks?

As there isn’t any independent retail store of Bombas yet a limited variety is available at some departmental stores like Nordstrom. However, the full variety is available online at their e-store. Visit their official website to make a purchase. Otherthan this, you can also have a good selection from the amazon store.

Bombas Shipping Policy

  • Bombas ship their product within the United States and internationally and have various options based on the locality, delivery period, and value order.
  • For any purchase of $75 or more, free shipping is available within 4 to 7 working days.
  • Standard shipping rates are $3.95 for any purchase below the value of $75, within 4 to 7 days.
  • Premium shipping turnaround is of 3 to 5 business days at flat $8.
  • FedEx shipping is available at 25$ within 2 business days.
  • Overnight shipping rates depend on drop-off location.
  • For international customers, Canada post is present at a flat 15$ with a deliverytime of 10 working days, whereas, FedEx shipping is available at 45$ within 10 to 14 business days.

Bombas Return Policy

Their Happiness Guarantee policy is basically to assist their customers if they have any issues. They offer free return, including free-shipping but with no set time frame.

Bombas Contact Information

Bombas is a B-corporate certified company that aims to make its customers happy as the top priority. You can contact them through their official website, where they have categorized different options to lessen your worries. Moreover, you can send them an email at the following address

Bombas Customers Reviews

When it comes to ratings and reviews, I have seen customers praising the functionality, performance, price, and quality of the deliverables.

All-time available customer care service adds more to peaceful buying from the online store. However, some customers reported issues with tight-fitting while many appreciated this feature of a firm hold.


Bombas has made it easy to do good with others what we do with ourselves. Well, this is a separate part.

Coming to the purchase review, it is so tough to make the writing sound real when the product is found with very few flaws.

I had an amazing experience with the Bombas Socks, even the reviews around the e-commerce store are shouting the same.

The breathable, comfortable, and supporting pairs are rare to find in retailer stores and hard to get online, as there are scammers all around, yet the Bombas serves the best functionality.

You can have a full variety of socks from knee-high to dress for all men, women, and kids from a single store. If you’re willing to spend a little more to add comfort to your feet, I will recommend investing in Bombas socks. This certified company has successfully maintained a positive impression so you will not get disappointed at all.