Whitecloths.Com Reviews: Is It A Legit Clothing Store?

Whitecloths.Com Reviews

Are you looking for some summer clothes? Do you want something different this time? Do you want some cute Halloween t-shirts? We are all looking for something different every year. It is usually difficult to find new stores and trust them.

There are many stores online that manufacture something new every time. Summer clothes must be airy as well as complement your personality. Furthermore, some find a store where they can also grab clothes for their partner. We bring you one such store. Here are whitecloths.com reviews to explore something new for our readers.

About Whitecloths

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Whitecloths is an online platform that launches for both men and women. You can find a huge range of collections despite the gender difference. They claim to offer some amazing accessories. They become a part of your life. 

The warehouse of Whitecloths is located in the United States. They manufacture themed clothes. You can also get different materials like linen and cotton in many designs. From casual shoes to hoodies and t-shirts, everything is available here. 

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What makes Whitecloths Unique?

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The Forever fall and Halloween collections at Whitecloths are amazing. You can grab hoodies and t-shirts for Halloween and twin with your partner. Even cute Christmas and Thanksgiving-type hoodies are also available on their website. Here are some of the main items you can buy from Whitecloths.

Casual shoes

They have beautiful casual shoes in many designs and colors. You can now get baby pink, checkered red, Halloween orange, and many more colors. 

Queen line

Amazing T-shirts that make you feel like a princess on your own are available. They have perfect animations on these shirts. You can now get them in many different designs.

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Western style

You can now grab printed T-shirts and sweatshirts for yourself and your partner. There are many colors and prints to choose from. 

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Cotton and Linen

This is something very rare to find. This is one of the hot-selling items on the website. You can now get cotton shirts that are summer friendly. You will grab various designs and even some trousers too.

Website details

The website was launched on 18th October 2021. This means it is only a year old. You will find very low traffic on it. The owner of Whitecloths is Landbase Trading Co. He got the website registered a year ago. 

Address details

They have provided the warehouse address on their website. 

581 Yorbita Rd, Los Angeles, CA 91744, USA

Google Maps shows a warehouse store at this location. Thus, it is a possibility that it is a legit location and store.

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Shipping and Refund policy 

You can now get free shipping on orders over $59. They even provide complete tracking information through email. You will receive the parcel within 5-6 working days. Furthermore, the refund policy allows you to return the item within 45 days of purchase. You need to contact customer service for the return.

Discount offers

You can now avail of amazing discount offers on their website. An overall discount is present on most items. Furthermore, you can also avail of the following offers. 

  1. You can buy two and get 5% off.
  2. Buy four and get 10% off.
  3. Buy six and get 12% off.

Isn’t this a steal? As the number of your cart items increases, so does the discount. 

Customer Responses? Are they satisfied?  

Whitecloths.Com Reviews legit or scam

The official website shows no reviews from the buyers. However, Trust Pilot has a very devastating review. It shows a poor rating, and everyone has given a single star. One of the buyers says that there was no 50% off. It did show an off at the time of checkout, but he had to pay the full amount. 

Another client says that the customer service is very poor. The products are not reliable and have bad quality. Another patron has reviewed a single star that they sent the wrong size. It takes weeks for the parcel to be delivered. The return policy is non-existent, and no response is provided from their side. 



  • It has a 45-day return policy.
  • It has a valid HTTPS.
  • The store has a huge range and designs.
  • It gives unbelievable discounts.


  • It has a very low trust score.
  • The scam detector gives a 14.9 rating.
  • It has malware present on the site.
  • Poor reviews by clients on other websites.
  • They have no proper delivery time.

Final thoughts

We bring our customers whitecloths.com reviews to find a legitimate site. The website is well-managed. It has provided an appropriate address, and good discounts are present. However, the client’s responses are the opposite, and they are furious about such poor customer service. It is hard to say if it is trustworthy as there is no single positive response. We will advise our readers to conduct their research before placing an order. We would not suggest you trust websites.

7 Reviews

  1. I ordered an item and was sent another inferior item and even when I contacted them with an email and images of the item and my order they refused to send the correct item or refund or exchange. Scam store- do not order. If I could give no stars I would

  2. I ordered my items a month ago and still hasn’t shown up. I know they ripped me off, but I have already made sure that everyone I know and some that I don’t know what a rip off company this is.

  3. BUYER BEWARE! This is a scam. The shirt I ordered was poor quality. I could not wear it because the sizing was way off on the shirt and I ordered a small.
    When I emailed my complaint and asked for a refund, they offered $5.

  4. I will never order from them again. The delivery was from Spain. I ordered 3 shirts for the month of October breast cancer. The material looked cheap. The website on Facebook and the pictures looked legit but when I received the merchandise it didn’t look like the picture. I did contact them through email to let them know, I wanted a refund so they could send me a return label. They actually said that their products are absolutely up to standard (yeah right). “Sorry for that return or exchange can’t be supported when your order has no quality issues. ” They can barely generate a sentence with correct English. Ridiculous, what legitimate company has no return policy. I would advise not to do business with this company.

  5. I used them for a Christmas Tree shirt. It did take a long time for delivery. I ordered both a M & L to be sure one fit. Neither fit as the sleeves were so long I’d have to remake. The fabric was horrible suppose to be sweatshirt material but more like cheap satin. I asked to return and was told NO. We sent the right size. Never do business with them.

  6. It took a month to receive my two items and the second item was delivered postage due $5.30!

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