Willowtrain.com Reviews: Is It A Reliable Shopping Store?

willowtrain.com reviews

Are you fond of online shopping? Do you love shopping in the comfort of your home? And we know the answer is yes. COVID-19 has made online shopping pretty easy. People like to visit various websites and look for good discounts as well. They even sometimes have good deals to offer that are not available in other outlets.

Many online platforms sell authentic and reliable stuff, including clothes, furniture, jewelry, and other accessories. They have many varieties of colors, designs, and shapes. It even gets difficult sometimes to choose the best one. However, people usually face issues with fraud. Here, we bring you willowtrain.com reviews to find out if it is worth shopping for or not. 

About Willowtrain.com 

Willowtrain.com is an online website that brings you the best quality clothes. They aim to bring the best quality clothes and other items at the most reasonable prices. They are slowly launching every product on the website. Willowtrain most likely has hoodies and some household accessories for the buyers. Soon, they are going to increase their variety. 

A group of talented young teenagers handles willowtrain.com. They started this website to provide affordable and reliable items to customers at good prices.

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What Does Willowtrain.com Offer?

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They have the following items available on the website.

3D Animated Dog Hoodies

We have all heard of 3D animations and have seen them on the big screen. However, getting it on your clothes seems a little unbelievable. But now, willowtrain will make this dream come true. They have some amazing dog animations on hoodies in 3D for all dog lovers. 

These are unisex graphic hoodies in sizes up to 6XL. They come with complete guidelines and a size chart as well. 

Native Accessories

They have a section for nativity where you can find some beautiful sets that depict your native culture. They have beautifully carved sets for Christmas and daily decoration pieces. These wooden pieces are the perfect gift you can give to somebody.

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Website Details

Let us look into the details of the website.

  1. They got the website registered on January 6, 2022.
  2. The website will expire on January 6, 2023. 
  3. The website’s domain will expire soon within a few months.
  4. The website domain is under the name Alibaba Cloud Computing.

This shows that the website is about nine months old.

Available Discounts

Willowtrain has some amazing discounts on its website for customers. You can now get a 50% discount on their hoodies and a 70% discount on the nativity. They claim to provide you with the most reasonable items here in amazing quality.   

Available Offers

You can find some amazing offers and discounts on their graphic clothes. Here are the deals being offered at willowtrain. 

  • Buy two items and save up to 5%
  • Buy three items and save up to 10%
  • And Buy four items and save up to 15%

Isn’t this a great deal? Now, you can grab some trendy gifts for your friends.

World-Wide Shipping

Willowtrain ensures worldwide shipping to its clients. The parcels may be late due to holidays, weekends, or in the case of some bad weather conditions. However, they send the transit number so the customers can keep track of their parcels.

Return Policy

They offer a very good return policy to their customers. They claim to take full responsibility for any damaged or broken articles. You can even request a return for the wrong size and color. However, the items must be shipped back in their original condition. You can drop an email requesting a refund along with the tracking or reference number. 

Willowtrain Comparison with others

We looked on other websites to find something similar that willowtrain is offering. eBay has some cool 3D graphic hoodies. However, they are pretty scary hoodies used mainly for cosplay or similar acts. They do not have such cute hoodies for daily wear. 

Client Reviews: Are they satisfied?

willowtrain.com reviews legit or scam

The official website has not even a single comment or review from any buyer. We also looked at TrustPilot. It also shows zero reviews with no rating. However, we found some reviews on YouTube. It shows that the willowtrain has a trust score of 1/100. It is usually because there is a chance of being a scam. The website isn’t well managed. It has no reviews anywhere from the buyers, even though it is nine months old. This makes it pretty suspicious. 



  • It has a secure IP address and HTTPS protocol as well.
  • It has a valid SSL certification.
  • This website is pretty old.
  • The website has some good discounts for their customers.


  • This website has low traffic, even being an old one.
  • It has no client reviews anywhere.
  • It has no social media account.
  • A Chinese company registered this website.

Final Thoughts

We bring our readers’ willowtrain.com reviews to determine if it is worth shopping for. The website has a few articles to offer. They claim to be launching some more products soon. We could not find any proper comments from the previous buyer. Their unbelievable discounts also make the website pretty suspicious. We recommend you be aware of such websites to save yourself from scams. 

7 Reviews

  1. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!! RIP OFF! Don’t even buy anything from them!! We got out Nativity set which was the size for Barbie and Ken. Came with STICKERS to put together. I even tried Gorilla Glue – nope. PIECE OF CRAP! Horrible that people take your money on such a precious thing as a Nativity. We paid $70 for this paper stuff. Hope you people have a Merry Christmas, I don’t know how you live with yourselves.

  2. I too have been scammed for the Nativity set. There is a special placebin hell for people and companies that prey on others.

  3. Been waiting for over a month for the crib set all I keep getting is “your parcel’s status has changed.” It is apparently in Lincoln having arrived from abroad and not moved for over a week . Why did I not check first?

  4. Ordered a Nativity outside Decor. Was shown as approximately 4 ft X 3 Ft. They sent me a table top version !! Stay away!!

  5. I bought a nativity set through Willowtrain charged $80 USD. tracking number shows my package to be in South Dakota and tracking company says to be patient. Ordered in October and now it is mid December and nothing received. Address was in the UK. I think this is a big scam because there is no way to contact them or track them.

  6. I purchased a large full size white nativity set in October of 2022 on Facebook from Willowtrain.com. It arrived 2 months later and nothing near size displayed in the ad, nor the extra I paid for the larger set. Now there is no where to file a return request. The willowtrain.com website is gone. Definitely another scam.

  7. I do believe this website is a scam. It copies listing from other legit websites and uses these ads as their own.
    I’ve been taken for about $80.00 USD. They are a phony company in China with a phony address in the UK.
    Keep away from willowtrain.com. They are a big scam. Big time crooks. Maybe the FTC can close them down in the USA.

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