Xnasu Clothing Reviews: Is This Clothing Store Really Catering To All Your Fashion Needs?

xnasu reviews

Are you looking for a store that can meet all your fashion needs? Surfing various websites to look for the perfect dress, top to bottom, is a hectic option. Sometimes you find a lovely top in a store but cannot get the right pair of jeans or bottoms. It is a hustle. If you are online shopping, you will need to pay delivery charges for both items as they are from different stores. But xnasu clothing claims that they cater to all your needs. All the beautiful dresses are one click away.

The Xnasu clothing is an online store that deals with ladies’ dresses, jackets, sweaters, tops, two-pieces, and more. You can name it; they have it. But you can not trust any online store by simply viewing their website with lovely images. So, relax. We have covered everything for you.

In this review, you will find his online store’s user feedback, pros, and cons. So, stay tuned to learn more about this clothing store.

How to Buy Clothes Online That Fit?

So, buying clothes from an online site is a trick. Most of you complain about receiving the wrong dress size, which never fits you. Here we will help you in this manner. When buying online, you might have seen the option of a size chart. It is your holy grail. So follow the tips below and the website size chart (from where you buy).

  • First, measure yourself. After that, look for the size charts.
  • Find the best-fitting clothes and then compare them.
  • Try a little augmented reality.
  • Check the store’s return policy.

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Xnasu Clothing Reviews

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The Xnasu Company is the firm’s registered name based in the USA. And it also has its own logistic center situated in Singapore. Indeed, many internet-based clothing store retailers usually locate their logistical areas in North America. But they prefer Singapore. Why is that so? They have mentioned on their website that they prefer global delivery and capacity.

The Xansu Clothing store never exited until 2015. This name has been playing the part of the maker and the supplier. Their factories are in the Philippines and Vietnam, manufacturing clothes for many famous names. However, per the service agreements, they cannot disclose the brand name. Xansu workers and designers have made dresses for millions of women in the past 10 years. 

Xnasu Dresses Review

This store sells a variety of lovely dresses, from long to mid-length, and you can get midi dresses, vacation dresses, winter dresses, and much more. It uses 5% elastane and 65% rayon for casual dresses, 40% elastane, and 60% for sinter dresses. So the primary materials are rayon and elastane. They change the percentage as per the dresses. You can get the same dresses from other online stores, and the rates are almost identical. Currently, these dresses are on sale, and you can get an extra 10 percent off by subscribing. 

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How long does it take to deliver the item?

It takes around one to a week. 

Is there any free shipping?

Yes, you can enjoy free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Are there any discount coupons?

Yes, you can enjoy a discount of around 5% by using the code Save5.

Xnasu Clothing Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

xnasu legit or scam

Customer feedback is a must if you want to mark anything as good or bad. We always advise you to review the user’s feedback before purchasing from an online store.

From their official website, we have not found any feedback or reviews from the buyers. If you were running a store in 2015, you needed to have customer feedback on your official website. But on their Instagram handle, there is one review from the buyers wearing the dresses from Xansu. The customer seems happy and satisfied with the services and quality. We have not found any feedback from the users on their Facebook handles.

We have received a lot of feedback from the users on the Trust pilot. There are about 59 percent good reviews and around 20 percent bad ones. So, let us check it out.

Happy Buyers

One of the users said that it “Fits perfectly.” The fabric is soft and great, and she would purchase from this store again. One of the buyers stated that she was happy with the experience. The shipping and website were seamless. They also kept her in the loop for each step. Another Trust Pilot user gave five stars and stated, “I love the dress, and it is comfy and cool.”

Not-so-happy buyers

But some users had ad experience with this brand. One of the buyers gave it only two stars. The user stated, “What you get is not what you see.” Their shipping was OK, but these were way overpriced for the quality they were offering.

Here is another review from the users, “Good BUT order doubled up and unable to get a refund without too much hassle. Their delivery, prices, and service were OK, but they delivered and billed the same thing twice, which the users didn’t order. She is waiting for the seller’s response.

Another user gave one star because she did not review the exact item she ordered. She is looking for a refund.


There are mixed reviews about the brand, the pricing discounts, and the items that look appealing. Around 79 percent of users are happy with the purchase, 20 percent are not happy, and the rest says it is average. So, we advise you to research and buy from any new online store.