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Aging is something that we all want to avoid in our lives. Everyone wants to look young for as long as possible. All over the internet, we can find brands marketing magic treatments or quick fixes to attain beautiful skin.

Today we will look at the youngerme collagen serum to discover if the claims made about it are legitimate or if it is just another scam offering false promises.

What is the Youngerme Collagen Serum?

As per their website, the Collagen Boost Anti-aging serum is marketed by the brand YoungerMeTM. According to a dermatologist referenced on their website, the serum was created utilizing only the finest quality ingredients and the most sterile processes. See Also: Eelhoe Collagen Boost Reviews

This serum contains compounds such as Argireline, Ceramides, and Matrixyl 3000. When combined, these substances have the effect of both renewing and turning back the clock on your skin.

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What does this product do for your skin?

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This serum, according to the product page on the brand’s official website, will result in a 99.2 percent increase in facial firmness and hydration, as well as a 92.7 percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. 

According to their website, these dramatic outcomes were seen in just 7 weeks in over 2000 individuals. The website also claims that this product is 600% more effective than other similar items at strengthening collagen. According to the website, the products are ideal for all skin types, including oily, combination, and dry.

These are all big claims to make, but are they true?

yougerme legit or scam

What do the customers say about this product?

We can find numerous favorable customer reviews as we scroll down the page for this serum. The females who have tried this serum claim it has transformed their skin in only weeks, displaying dramatic before and after images. Would Like: Dear Brightly Reviews

These pleased customers reported that using the serum gave their skin a dramatically plumped and hydrated appearance, as well as a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The product received 5-star ratings in every review. One client even compared the results to Botox!

These ratings appeared to be almost too fantastic to be real. So we used Google Lens to examine some of these before and after photos. Some of these photographs, it turns out, were stolen from other skincare businesses. This reflects poorly on the product.

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How to use the Youngerme Collagen Serum?

According to the product description, this product is safe to use both day and night. It is formulated without any harsh active ingredients, so you do not have to worry about getting a compromised skin barrier. 

In order to use this product, simply apply the serum onto damp, freshly cleansed skin. The hyaluronic acid present in the serum requires the skin to be damp in order to be effective. 

Following this serum, you may use a moisturizer of your choice. A moisturizer containing ceramides, however, is preferred as it would work jointly with the skin-restoring ceramides present in this serum.

Are there any promotions or discounts offered on the Collagen Boost Anti-Aging serum?

The brand does not offer discounts on single boxes purchased of the youngerme collagen serum. The brand does not give discounts on single boxes of Collagen Boost Anti-Aging serum purchased. On larger orders, however, growing reductions are available. Must Like: Soluble Protein Thread Reviews

A 14% discount would be applied to an order of two boxes. There would be a massive 60 percent discount for 5 boxes. A 70 percent discount is available for 10 boxes, while an 80 percent discount is available for 15 boxes. Overall, the brand appears to be delivering a good deal.



  • Discounts offered on increasing sizes of orders
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Scientifically backed ingredients


  • Some of the images used are fake, and so your results aren’t going to be like the ones shown on their webpage.
  • No customer reviews on other platforms.

Frequently asked questions about youngerme collagen serum

I’d like to alter the products I ordered. How should I proceed?

Amending your order is permitted on or before 11:00 pm (PDT, -7 GMT) on the same day it was placed. To request a modification to your order, you may email them at

How can I modify the quantity of an item in my shopping cart?

First, in the upper-right corner of your computer screen, click on the “Cart” button. This will allow you to see all of the goods in your cart as well as the amounts you have selected for each item. To adjust the quantity of an item in your cart, move your cursor to the “Quantity” field and enter the required quantity. When you do this, the quantity and corresponding dollar amount (if applicable) on the right side of your screen will be immediately adjusted to reflect the correct amount for both the quantity and the cost.

What are their payment options?

 accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards, as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.

Should you buy the Youngerme Collagen Serum?

Overall, we would not advise you to buy this product. First, the lack of customer reviews on other platforms means that there is no guarantee as to whether or not you will have a good experience buying this product. Secondly, the fact that they have plagiarized photos from other websites tells us that this product is not as great as they claim it is. If it was actually a good product, wouldn’t they have real before and after photos to back up their claims?

If you plan on buying this product, go ahead, but if you get disappointed, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

16 Reviews

  1. I bought 4 bottles because the company said it won’t take affect with just two bottles of Younger Me, so I fell for it very disappointed no change what so ever. I used the serum for 9 weeks 4 bottles and no results. I felt foolish for falling for this scam.

    1. I bought 10 bottles and started August 2, 2022. No results, but I’ll continue to use to get my $85 worth of water!!!

  2. I bought this product a while back. Just started really using it at night before bed. I can’t say I have noticed any real difference but it hasn’t irritated my skin at all (I have very sensitive skin which quickly reacts to most products ). It smells really good, goes on very easily, no greasy feel or residue. I will continue to use this product and see.

  3. Getting ready to start my 4th bottle….. no change…skin soft but still dark spots and wrinkles

    1. 3 weeks into it, I have seen no improvement. No fading of dark spots, and I even tried it on my left hand. The models they use are wrinkles prone and hooded eyes in first picture, with no make up. 2nd pictures, professional make up added. At this point, I think it is not a good purchase, but I will continue with my regime and report out later. It reminds me if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

  4. Been waiting 2 months to try this fountain of youth. Well I received it today . Washed my face and applied to damp skin. In as little as an hour my skin is tighter than I’ve seen it in years. I’m 72. Don’t care about the fake photos ! I care about me and what I see and feel. Do I have confidence in this serum? I’ll let you know in a month. I take very good care of my skin to begin with. I do have a few crows feet and lip wrinkles. Fingers crossed.

  5. So far I can’t get any product out of the bottle. The pump doesn’t seem to work. It’s sealed so the whole top doesn’t come off either.

  6. Just started using and the tint crow’s feet wrinkles at eyes definitely smoother.

  7. I received my order a week ago, and I love it so far. No, I don’t look like the after picture on the website, but my skin is smoother, and more supple. I’m looking forward to seeing continued results.

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